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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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- "Everlasting Flames will engulf the world."

Previously on Novus Magus: Adela, Iah, and Hal have all won their matches. Now the fourth match of the first round begins!

"Now it's time for the final match of the first round, " Koukyuu said. "Nyima Taiyang, Zelde Abornazine, please stand up!"

Zelde and Nyima walked over to the center of the arena. The once mountainous field had been turned in an instant into a beach by Koukyuu and Eien's illusions.

Nyima cupped her hands together as if she were getting water out of a drinking hole.

"Gather waves of the deep— Water Dragon!" Nyima chanted. A sphere of water rose several feet above her. It was soon followed by an outpouring of water from her hands. The water congregated around the orb and was shaped into the form of a long bodied dragon without hind legs.

"Raging flames, gather— Flame Dragon!" Zelde chanted. A crimson fire ball manifested in one of Zelde's hands as flames manifested elsewhere. The floating fires gathered around the sphere and were shaped into a six-foot-tall four legged fire dragon with bat like wings spanning twelve feet. "Burn."

The fire dragon flapped its wings, unleashing a fury of flames in all directions. I molded the water under my feet into a shield. The water evaporated as soon as the flames touched it.

Nyima jumped back, avoiding the flames' heat. That wasn't what I had expected at all. Her flames, they were almost as hot as my mother's.

She gathered all of the water around her, including the remains of her water dragon, together to shield herself. Next she reached her hand into the water barrier and grabbed the original water blob that she'd formed. "Manifest, " Nyima chanted.

The water barrier reformed itself into a dragon shape, this time with her at the center of its head. Everything around Nyima looked as if it had been submerged under an aquarium, even though it was she who was underwater.

"Water Prism!" she yelled. Water bullets pierced the fire dragon's wings and scales made out of fire like planned.

Zelde leaped into the air and touched the forehead of the water dragon spell. "Imperial Flames!" Golden flames roared out of Zelde's palms and turned the water into vapor.

Nyima quickly covered herself in a film of cool water to avoid being boiled by the heat as she fell down. Her arms hugged the water bubble as she rolled across the fine white sand.

"What are you doing?" Zelde asked, giving her a puzzled look as she continued to float high in the air.

I have to protect this at all costs. It's the key to my victory after all.

She pushed herself up and spun around. "Reform!" A torrent of water vapor condensed around Zelde, sending her crashing into the beach.

Zelde glanced up and saw as a vaporous dragon flew into the air as its body condensed back into liquid.

"So, she protected the spell's core."

"Finish her off!" the audience yelled.

Nyima smiled and gathered water around her palms.

Zelde touched her left shoulder and winced as several flame-shaped red-markings spread throughout her body. "I got to get to that spell's core." She stopped moving even though she was a few feet away from Nyima. Suddenly her eyes bulged and her hand grasped her chest as if the air were being sucked out of her. "Damn it, not now. I won't allow you to

now charred bodies with curiosity but the adults and older children had pure horror written over their faces.

Wanikiya formed an ice wall around the audience but it was easily melted by the flames as a blast of flames ripped through the barrier. Nyima and Sarah moved quickly and moved the scorching hot water away from the Wahkanian prince the other audience members.

"This heat is insane, " Sarah said.

Xue covered her sword in ice and released a cool breeze over the proctors.

"This is bad!" Yuzuki yelled. "We... can't..." She and the other proctors fell to their knees as blood dripped down their mouths. "Contain her for much..."

Lei— who had been charging electricity in his hands all this time— jumped down. "Yuzuki!"

"Brother, come back!" Yen yelled.

"Let's go help them, " Alto said, jumping after them.

"Yeah!" Nuk said.

Adela meanwhile remained still with her eyes closed, her entire body shook like those of the fleeing audience. Though Nyima couldn't blame her, she too was shaking.

Iah touched her shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong? You can honestly be afraid. Aren' you a fire mage?"

She curled up into a ball and took in a deep breath.

"Everyone back away from there!" Koukyuu screamed.

Adela sat up. "What's going on?"

Nyima and Iah watched as Zelde raised her sword towards the ceiling twenty-feet away from where she was standing. The top of the barrier faded away as metal of the ceiling started dripping down unto the sand that was now glass. Her eyes danced maniacally as she continued to chant, "Die, Kyuu Seishinians, die, die, die!"

All of the first years and the proctors raised their hands and reformed the barrier.

"Nyima, Sarah, Xue. We got to stop Zelde while we still can, " Wanikiya said as he covered himself in ice. His eyes shifted to the glass under Zelde. "This is why I didn't want us to participate in this tournament."

Nyima tilted her head at him. "Huh? What does this have to do with you?" Why is he feeling guilty? She was the one who had made the choice to participate.

He stepped forward. "I'm the same as her. As is Nahimana." He touched his chest. "Within the three of us is a power that can bring ruin to this world."

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