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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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-"The battles rage, but only one shall reign victorious!"

"Now, let's begin the second match, " Koukyuu said. "Eien, if you would please do us the honors."

Prince Eien of Kyuu Seishin stood up with tablet on hand and took his aunt's mic. "The next match is Hal versus Vermeil!"

"Wish me luck, " Vermeil said as she stood up from her seat.

"Good luck, " Hal said, chuckling.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Not you!"

"Hope that both of you enjoy your match, " An said cheerfully.

Vermeil's face flushed. "I'm sure that I will." She turned away and ran to join Hal in the center of the arena. Eien had transformed it into a mountainous area reminiscent of the range between Sera and Xian— forest included.

Hal summoned his needles and grinned impishly. "Again, good luck."

Vermeil formed crystals in her hands. "I don't need your "good luck" to win." Golden crystals struck the barrier. "Crystal Shield." A cube of golden crystal encased her. Needles from above rained down on the crystal at breakneck speeds. She glanced up and saw Hal hanging from the ceiling of the arena's barrier.

He's faster than before, Vermeil thought.

The Hoinian chucked as he jumped down from the ceiling like a ninja. "I was right to reassess this match!"

Vermeil shattered her barrier. Chunks of golden crystal flew in all directions, slicing through the rock, or getting crushed into powder for those misfortunate to be struck head on.

Hal grimaced, touching his foot as he felt a piece of crystal fly past. Warm blood covered his hands. He swallowed back the desire to scream, instead releasing his needles.

She dodged and threw a crystal at him but it somehow ended up missing. Hal hadn't even tried to dodge. Did he figure that I would miss? After all, he had always been good with predictions. Still, it isn't like my aim is the worst in the world. He had to be hiding something.

"Electri, " Vermeil said, raising her hands in front of her. The shards and du

ority of the crowd just cheered while the first years look on in horror.

Vermeil reached her hand out for him, but the rock under her feet gave in too.

Xue jumped after them. Rock came out of the side of the pseudo-mountain to break their fall. "Can you get up Vermeil?"

Vermeil took her hand. "Thanks for saving us, again."

Hal who was only a few inches from fall over the edge, glanced back. The forest was still quite the distance away. "That was a close one. It's a good thing that you decided to jump in."

Xue glanced up. Rock fell down the side of the mountain, threatening to send them over the edge. "Just how deep did your poison go?" She prepared to take out her sword, but the rocks were destroyed before she could do so.

"Are you kids alright, " Ms. Key said, landing on the platform.

"Yeah, " Hal said, smiling at her. "We owe you two, and not just once but twice."

"This really did turn out to be a replica of the Xian-Sera Mountains, " Vermeil said, shaking as Xue lowered them out of the arena.

Eien chuckled as they marched back to their seats.

"You should've stopped your illusion, " Koukyuu said.

"That would've been worse, " Eien said.

She nodded. "True. But at least those falling rocks."

Eien glanced down at the remaining ten. "Now, who shall battle next?"

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