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   Chapter 42 NO.42

Novus Magus [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 1] By ImperialSun Characters: 6367

Updated: 2018-01-15 21:15

-"Sea, Land, and Sky rumble with an unseen force."

Previously on Novus Magus: Adela won the first match of the first round of the Tournament after some struggle against her opponent's temporal powers. Iah was annoyed by her attitude after the match, and now his own match begins... Will he be able to win?

Lei grinned at his triplet sister again. "Good luck!"

Yen laughed as she stood up. "I already told you, I won't need it. I'll see you in the next match."

Lei crossed his arms. "You better, I want to have at us fight in front of this massive audience. If you do happen to fall then I guess I'll avenge you."

Iah snickered as they arrived in the center of the arena. His golden eyes became draconic. "Neither of you will defeat me."

"And Lei won't defeat me, " Nahimana said, snickering.

"Oh yeah?" Lei asked.

Yen took a step forward, a grin on her face. Iah followed after her and faced her.

"Begin!" Eien yelled.

"Sound of the Golden Blade." A pale blue sword materialized in her hands. The next moment her sword vanished completely.

Iah backed away. His eyes darted across the arena. Loud sounds echoed back, and forth, like fireworks coming from multiple directions, being lit in quick succession. What is she planning?

Yen chuckled. Blood splatted her hands. "It's your loss, future king of Mina!" Iah could barely keep track of her movements. The only time that she would slow down was before increasing her speed, and each time she did that a loud popping sound filled the arena like a jet breaking the sound barrier.

Iah kept trying to look for her as he touched his left arm. Blood trickled down the arm, dyeing the sandy field crimson.

"What?" he said before turning around. His eyes widened. Yen was behind him with her back to him. Her hands were positioned as if she were holding on to a sword.

More blood splattered the stones and sand under their


Iah reverted back to normal. "It's helpful for the first round, but now that you know it'll be difficult to hit you with it."

Lei lifted his sister up and gave Iah a smug grin. "I'll avenge my sister in the next match. Once I'm done fighting with Nahimana after all. I'll show you more of what we siblings can do."

Iah chuckled. His golden eyes were filled with excitement. "I look forward to seeing what the brother can do."

Lei carried Yen over to the bleachers.

"Yen, " Hikaru said, walking over her. "Will she be fine?"

"She should be, " Iah said as he sat back down in his seat. "It'll just take some time."

"Here, let me heal her" Adela said, turning toward Yen.

"Alright, give a shot, " Lei said.

Lei and Hikaru watched as the priestess put her hands over Yen's head and moved them around in circles as wisps of emerald green energy poured out. Green and light blue prana flowed out of Yen and spun around in a majestic, otherworldly dance.

"So she is a healer after all. A true red mage, " Hikaru said in awe as Yen opened her eyes.

Lei watched as his sister's prana channels continued to reopen. These wisps, are they prana? No, it seems different. Qi? But how would she know how to use the energy of the dragon peoples?

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