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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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-"The Immortals of the Heavens."

Previously on Novus Magus: The tournament has begun! Hikaru, Lei, Xue, and An came out the elimination round victorious. Now the curtain on the actual first round rises... but two of the remaining sixteen participants are nowhere to be seen.

"We made it!" Yen yelled. She smiled at her friend and patted his back, nearly knocking him to the floor. "Now, let's see which of us will battle next. Perhaps even both of us will fight." Her eyes gleamed with anticipation. Knowing her, she was probably praying that it would be her turn to fight.

Hikaru grabbed a rail, trying to collect his breathe. As well as trying to keep himself from throwing up his lunch. "I need a rest."

She stuck out her tongue at him and nudged him playfully. "It's your fault, you went ahead and ran off without me."

Hikaru glared at her. It's her fault, her training was too spartan for me. He leaned down and touched his stomach. He suppressed the pain and groaned. Yen simply gave him a victorious smile.

His legs ached as he tried to step forward with a face saying, 'Perhaps I really should train my body.'

"Welcome back, " Eien greeted as he floated in the air. He jumped down as if going down invisible stairs and flashed him sadistic grin. "Now we can begin the first match of the first round. Hikaru Mikado versus Adela Xian."

Hikaru glanced at Adela who was seated next to Lei. Since he last saw her, she had changed into a tight fitting hanfu the color of autumn leaves. Along with her loose silk scarf flying elegantly in the air, it made her look almost goddess-like.

Yen's smile vanished. Hikaru would've smiled, if it weren't for the fact that he was the one battling without resting first.

Adela leaped over the barricade and passed through the barrier which only allowed her in as it knew she was the next one to go.

Her eyes grew cold. "Are you ready?"

Hikaru staggered towards the center of the arena as his muscles threatened to give in. He took in a deep breath. The chatter of the arena suddenly slowed to less than a whisper.

"He's using his magic, " Nuk whispered to Nahimana from the seats to Hikaru's left.

Nahimana nodded. "I didn't figure that he would be this weak, he still needs training. It'll be awhile before he will be of any use to us."

Nuk chuckled. It was saddening for him to see the boy that he had once considered a rival barely move. The two of them used to run around and always tried to one up each other. They even used to spar with swords. While the guy never defeated him, he did come close several times. Well, there was that one time that he did beat him...

Hikaru glanced up at the white cloaked people moving while everyone else remained frozen figures in a picture.

Nuk grinned even though Hikaru wouldn't be able to see it.

Hikaru narrowed his eyes. His eyes then widened as he stepped back. He couldn't feel the presence of Nuk's prana. His

nding it." She dusted off her hands and walked over to the stands. She glanced back at him.

A Hoshi...he denies it, but I'm certain he's linked to them somehow. I better monitor this boy, he could be of the four foretold by my ancestor during her covenant with our Goddess.

She chuckled. Hikaru, he truly was an interesting one.

"You're ruthless, " Lei said as Adela sat down next to him.

She crossed her legs. Did I scare him too?

Lei smiled at her. "You've grown up to be a pretty cool girl."

Her face became red. "I'm still the same person I was before."

Lei shook his head in response. He glanced at Hikaru who was being helped by Yen. "Nah, you are much more confident. I almost can't believe that you're that same girl."

"Lei's right, you are ruthless, " Hikaru stated as he and Yen returned. He rubbed his side. "Owww, I think you might've broken something."

Adela stood up. She bowed down several times in apology. "Sorry about that, let me heal those wounds."

Hikaru laughed. "Are you the same girl I just battled?"

A green glow covered Adela's hands. "Don't talk, or laugh, doing so in this state might further injure you."

Iah leered at her and mouthed, 'Two faced fox. You can fool Lei and even Hikaru, but I know better. That face you showed on the battle field is your true side.'

"Iah, " someone called out. The Minan prince glanced up at the second Kyuu Seishinian prince.

"I said that we're beginning the third match, "Eien said. "This time its Yen Lan versus Iah no Mikoto."

Yen grinned. "Seems that I finally got my wish."

"Good luck, " Lei said. "Iah is strong."

His sister scoffed. "I am too, you know?"

Lei leaned forward and chuckled. "True. This will be a good match."

"It sure will, " Nuk said from the other side. "Show us what you got!"

Yen summoned a pair of black gloves and put them on. With a grin, she said, "I will."

**S.N.- What are you expectations for Yen Vs. Iah?**

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