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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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-"Never surrender your faith and values for worldly things"

Iah crossed his arms and snickered as Adela passed him. "Now you know how I felt." His grin was wiped away by the sight of a tear. He reached his hand out toward her but she was too quick. With one hand, he swept his hair back.

"Is she one of your exes?" Nyima whispered as she walked closer to him. "If you'll like, I can check in on her."

"No. That girl is too prideful. Let her be." He stared at his hand, the one which he had used to reach out toward her. What was I doing? Reaching out to her like that? That girl, she's not worth it.

"Adela!" Lei yelled, continuing to run after her.

That boy is him, isn't he? The one she spoke of all those years ago.

The Priestess of Xian came to an abrupt stop. "Ah, sorry. I am just so hungry that I can barely wait."

"You're running past Nahimana, " Lei said, catching up to her. He took deep breathes.

"Brother, " Yen said as Lei crumpled to the floor.

Adela's eyes widened. "Lei!"

"What's wrong with him?" Iah asked as they all gathered around him.

Lei shook his head. "Don't worry." Static crackled around his body. "I'm fine. Guess that I'm just exhausted is all."

Adela helped him up. "You fool. Don't run without your lightning aura"

He smiled weakly. "At least I got you to stop running."

She hugged him tightly. "Why did you go chasing me?"

"I... felt like I made you sad. I'm glad that wasn't the case."

He didn't seriously believe that awful lie, did he? Iah walked over to the two. "Don't hug him too tightly or you'll kill the guy."

Adela let go of Lei. "Ahh. Sorry."

Lei snickered as his breathing returned to normal. "Now, how about we get you feed? I'm starving too."

She chuckled. "Alright."


After dinner Iah, Lei, Nyima, and Adela went rock climbing with Hikaru's group.

"You're good at this, " Nyima said as Iah jumped down. Her blue eyes glanced at the wall with went a dozen meters above where they stood.

The Minan prince snickered. "Want to try it?"

The girl smiled. "Sure."

"Lei, " Adela yelled, drawing the attention of the others. Lei's breathing grew heavier as he climb closer for the top.

"Hey, don't force yourself!" Iah yelled.

"I must get to the top, " Lei said, closing his eyes and reaching for the next rock. His right hand gripped it tightly. "Can't lose to you or anyone else."

Iah sighed. "Even I didn't get to the top without practice. Going back down is nothing to be embarrassed off. What would be embarrassing is if you end up falling down."

"Iah is right, " Adela said, looking at him with concern.

"Brother!" Yen yelled as she caught up to him. "Go back down. The air here is thinner, and you're exhausted."

Lei raised a foot and stepped to the next rock. "No. I must."

"Lei, " Adela said, following after him.

Iah sighed. I should avoid suggesting extreme sports or this guy is going to end up killing himself trying to defeat me.

"Get down now!" Nyima screamed.

"No!" Lei yelled.

"Stop acting like a spoiled child!"

"I said..." Lei's left foot slipped out of the rock and he fell down. He bounced up and down as he laid suspended a few feet from where Iah and Nyima stood.

Nyima walked over to him and helped him get out of the harness.

"Th...thanks, " Lei said as his hands trembled. He hugged Nyima tightly like a frightened child.

"Told you to come down, " Iah said.


"You're not sorry, " Yen yelled as she quickly climbed down the rock wall. "You keep saying that you are, but you never seem to learn anything."

Lei closed his eyes.

Nyima caressed his head as he whimpered. "I don't think that yelling will help him. Though I feel like doing so too."

Yen ran over to her brother and hugged him. "It's alright. You're fine. T

told... instead of coming off as cool I came off as the biggest lame-o ever.

"Where's Yen?" Nuk asked, looking around.

"I left her and the others back at the rock wall. They went ice skating."

"Ice skating?" Sarah said a bit upbeat.

Nuk smiled. "You can go if you'll like. I'm going to go take a shower, I'm drenched."

"Me too, " Lei said. "Then a nice nap before dinner time."

"A shower sounds nice, " Sarah said, smiling. She watched at the two snickered. "Uh, what's so funny?"

"You're making a strange face, " Nuk responded.

Her face flushed. "I... I am?"

"Yeah, " Lei said. "Reminds me of the face that we make when it comes to honey foods.

"You must love taking showers, " Nuk said.

"I... well, that's correct. I do." She covered her face with both hands. "I'm going to go join the others at the skating ring."

Nuk grabbed her by the arm. "It'll be best if you don't go on your own. Those two might've being feigning. Stay with me. You can stay outside of my room while I shower, then we can both head over to join Yen and the others."

Sarah put a hand on her hips. "I can take care of myself, thank you."

He narrowed his eyes. "You were about to surrender to them."

"Just go with Nuk, " Lei said. "He knows how to deal with bullies."

"Bullies?" Sarah said, staring at him as if he were a child. "These are not simple bullies. Plus, like I previously said, none of us except for the adults on this ship are a match against those two."

Nuk nudged her forward. "True, but I can at least buy you some time to escape shall anything happen."

She grunted. "Alright fine. You're as bad as my brother!"

"Well, he is a big brother, " Lei said, chuckling.

"Shut it, " Nuk said.

Lei clasped both hands over his mouth. "Hehe, sorry."

"You know this guy's family? Do they all wear masks?"

"Nope. Some of them aren't afraid of showing their faces."

She eyed Nuk. "Ah. I see. You must be insecure."

Nuk nudged her forward again. "I'm not. It's just that I'm too handsome for words. I'm afraid that showing my face will cause too much trouble. I do not desire hordes of women and men chasing me."

Lei chuckled. He should be fine. Neither Yen nor I have hordes coming after us. A smile darted his face. Though it seems that Kun is a little too close to this girl to be simple friends. I should tell Yen about this. Our little Kun has crush!

Kun turned around and gave him a 'I know what you're thinking look.'

Scary... alright, maybe I shouldn't tell. Nah, I definitely am!

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