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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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-"There are things that mustn't be said and others that require to be. Knowing the difference is the key."

"That was unexpected, " Lei said as they walked out of the elevator, returning to the main floor of the ship. Crowds of people passed by them, rushing off to enjoy the rest that the cruise ship had to offer.

"So, what is there to do on here?" Nyima asked as she looked at him and her other teammates.

Iah glanced at Adela. "There's a lot. But right now I'm going to go do some research on my opponent. The next matches will begin soon."

"You mean research me?" Yen asked, raising an eyebrow.

Lei glanced back and forth between the two. "No way, you're both facing each other off?"

"I'm going to go do some on mine too, " Nuk said before either one could answer. He ran on ahead like the wind.

Nyima sighed. "Don't run or you'll bump into..." She narrowed her eyes as Nuk crashed into Sarah, sending both of them tumbling to the ground. "Someone."

"Oww, " Nuk said as he reached for his mask. He stopped, realizing what he was going to do.

Sarah stood up and glared at him. "Look where you are going next time."

Lei laughed watching the two. Reminds me of Nyima and I.

"Don't laugh, " Nyima said, glaring.

Yikes, she's still mad. I really got to make it up to her one day.

Nyima walked on ahead of them.

"Where are you going?" Iah asked as he ran after her.

"To go have some fun and then do my own research."

Iah snickered. "You sound so serious saying that." He crossed his arms and ran after her. "If you want to have fun then let me accompany you. I mean, no offense, but you don't seem like the kind of person who knows how to spend her leisure time without working."

Nyima's face flushed. "I do too! Hmp. On second thought, I'm going to study my opponent first." She glanced at Zelde who followed close behind. Suddenly she jumped back as someone popped up in front of her.

"Hello everyone! This here is Hal! I overheard that several of you are looking for data on your opponents. Well, this kind young salesman has the thing." He summoned several translucent cards. "Here is all the data that I've got on the various participants. Though, my collection isn't complete."

"Ohh, " Hikaru said, running up to him. "I want one. My opponent is Adela."

Hal nodded and raised a card from his deck. "It'll be twenty ci

t we use this time to bond?"

Iah shook his head. "No thanks. Only one I'll like to bond with among you three is Nyima."

"I rather not bond with you either, " Nyima said. "At least you two guys."

Lei frowned. "I see."

Adela grabbed his hand. "I don't mind bonding with you three."

He beamed her a smile. "At least another one of us is on board."

Iah rolled his eyes. "I actually doubt that she is."

Adela flashed him a smile. "Why not? Prince Iah? This will be a good chance to get to know each other better. We are both going to rule our respective nations."

Lei nodded. "Yeah, just see this as a diplomatic mission."

The prince of Mina sighed. "And why do you wish to have us bond?"

"We're a team, so we'll likely be seeing each other a lot during these next three years."

Iah grumbled. "Right... okay, fine. Let's have some quality group time."

Adela let go of Lei's hand and Iah and the others. "You just want to make new friends, isn't that right?"

Lei's face flushed. So she saw through me. "How did you guess?"

"Because, you did the same thing when we met."

"Oh yeah, and you were just like them. More so like Nyima."

She laughed. "Yeah. But I'm... glad that you didn't give up on making me your friend."

He looked away. "Me too. I am glad to have been reunited with you after so long."

"Hey!" Iah yelled. "Are you two lovebirds done?"

"Love... lovebirds?" Lei said, his face completely red. "We're not... we're friends. I have someone else."

Adela sped up as her smile faded.

"Hey!" Lei yelled, running after her.

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