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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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-"A weapon is more than what meets the eye. So much more..."

A red-haired young man in a white hoodie sighed and began removing his jacket. He placed it where he was once sitting, between his best friends. Slowly, he descended the stairs while Xue jumped and landed on top of the stone cliff.

"Good luck!" Hal said as he flashed in with Sarah out of nowhere, causing Ulissis to jump.

"Don't pop up like that, " Ulissis said, taking a deep breath. as he slowly descended the chrome steps.

Hal snickered. "Sorry."

This guy is like a ninja.

"Why did you return?" Ulissis asked.

"We wanted to cheer you on from here, " Hal said with a grin.

The red-head grinned. "Thanks."

"Try your best, " Alto exclaimed with a smile as he waved at his friend from the bleachers.

Ulissis glanced up at his blue-haired friend and gave him a nervous grin.

"Don't give in, " Arima said, also grinning.

He turned away and rolled his eyes before running off to meet his opponent. That's easy for you two to say, you can both use your magic at your bidding.

"Begin!" Koukyuu yelled from the stands opposite of Alto and company.

Ulissis lip quivered as he stared at the white-haired girl with pearly pink eyes glaring at him. She kept her hand on her sword's hilt as she closed her eyes. "Aren't you going to attack me?" she asked him.

Ulissis chuckled. I might lack magic, but I don't lack a brain. He stepped side to side, circling her while keeping his distance. He finally stopped once he was behind her. A fist struck the ground a few feet away from where Xue stood.

His opponent opened her eyes and somersaulted into the air before the ground under her cracked completely. She glanced down at the two-foot crater that had formed where she once stood. She smiled softly as she twirled in the air like a majestic dancer.

Ulissis grinned back. She's not using her magic. This is my chance to win. He looked down at his scarred hands. Thank you, Father. He leaped into the air, and side kicked Xue, who blocked his attack with the side of her sword.

He cussed under his breath as he moved back, trying to get some distance between

lot about my first round opponent. Instead, I should do some research on Arima and Alto for the second round.

Vermeil walked past him and scoffed. "I know what you're thinking. But know that you aren't the only one of us who knows the other well."

Hal turned his hand and snickered. "Whatever are you talking about?"

The blonde girl sighed. "You know what I mean. You're thinking that you can defeat me simply because you know about my spells. But you must know, I have a few secrets even you aren't aware of."

He clenched the black tablet in his hands and narrowed his eyes. "Oh? Well, it's the same with me. Feel free to research Alto and Arima if you wish, though. One of us will face one of the two next round."

"And that'll be me, " Vermeil said as the door to the elevator above opened. She glanced up at the grinning Hal. "You'll regret underestimating me."

"Someone sure is fired up, " Alto said as he stood up and followed after her.

Hal jumped to his feet. "Going to check up on your friend?"

Alto nodded. "Yeah. I would like to have done some training before my match with Arima. But first comes my friends."

"You are a good kid, " Hal said, patting his shoulder. "Well, I guess that I should do some research on Vermeil after all."

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