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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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-"Time flows unevenly. For some it goes slow, while for others it moves at the blink of an eye."

Lei watched as Nahimana helped Wanikiya return to his seat. That was an awesome fight. Wanikiya really tried, more so than I expected him to.

"Nice job out there, " Lei said, giving his friend a toothy smile.

The prince kept his eyes down and tried his hardest to return the smile. "Thanks."

Lei patted Wanikiya's shoulder. "Cheer up. Losing is part of the path to victory." Though, do I have a right to say that? Losing hurts... It really does.

"The next battle will be Lei versus Orion, " Koukyuu announced.

Wanikiya sat up straight and grinned genuinely. "Seems that it's your turn to go."

The lightning-wind mage snickered as he stood up. "I got this."

Orion scoffed. "Don't underestimate me. I might've lost to your team, but in a one on one I am more dangerous."

"Really?" Ayawamat said, staring at him skeptically.

"I usually don't agree with this guy, but are you sure that you aren't stronger in a group?" Lei asked.

Orion stood up. "I'll show you!"

"Play nice you two, " Yuzuki said, watching both of them closely.

"Alright, " Lei said, putting his hands behind his head. Orion and he walked down to the now defrosted field.

Eien raised his hands out and instantly the field turned into an indoor beach.

"Woah, " Lei said, glancing around. A gentle breeze blew within the barrier and even the smell itself was like that of his home country.

"Begin!" Koukyuu yelled.

Suddenly time slowed. Before Lei knew it, a wave send him crashing into the pristine sand. Lei tried to get up as another wave came at him, but his body was too slow.

"Az...ure... Spa...rk, " Lei chanted. Azure and yellow electricity

oided his furious glance and remained speechless.

Orion stopped and turned around. "I know that you mean well, but I can protect myself. Also, you have no idea what Ayawamat has been through."

The bully glanced up at the time-mage for a bit before looking at the now empty stadium. "I don't need protecting either. Especially not from the likes of you."

"Seems that some people here have some drama going on, " Eien said with a wide grin as he watched them from the bleacher above. "Ahh, this sure will prove to fun."

"Eien, " Koukyuu said, leering at her nephew. "Don't toy with the emotions of others."

"Aww, and why not?"

"Just don't."

The Kyuu Seishinian prince sighed. "I like it better when you don't act so adult like."

The woman narrowed her eyes. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

He laughed nervously. "Oh, nothing. We better begin the second match." He snapped his fingers, causing the indoor beach to transform into an indoor cliff. "Now, next up are Xue and Ulissis!"

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