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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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-"Time marches on, albeit slowly"

Once they had settled into their rooms the twelve of them returned to the elevator. They rode it to the lowest floor available. When they walked out of the elevator they saw a battle arena as big as a football stadium. Though the seats of the spectators were like those of a movie theater.

"Wow, this place is huge, " Wanikiya said, gawking.

The center of the arena was surrounded by light blue tinted shields made of highly concentrated non-elemental prana. The prana making up the barrier was probably the equivalent of casting a hundred Ventus Draco, a feat that would require a person having a Level 2 Magicae Organum Wanikiya estimated. In order to train a Magicae Organum beyond Level 1, one needed access to several low ranking herbs.

The herbs were easy to come by, but in addition, one needed to use a special flame generated by an Altair stone to turn those common herbs into a highly potent elixir. The Altair stone was found only in the highest peaks on the continent, a dangerous feat to anyone, but the most experienced hikers.

Lei and Adela nodded in agreement, too awestruck to speak. The ship already looked massive from the outside, but somehow it managed to be even bigger on the inside than either of them had imagined.

"This arena is nothing compared to our school's gym, " someone said from above them. A fifteen-year-old boy wearing a black yukata descended the steps, giving them a forced grin. He had the hair color of a red fox's fur and icy blue eyes that seemed like they could look into one's soul, and rip out their most tightly held secrets.

Iah scowled at the sight of the boy. He had seen the boy in pictures before, in a magazine one of his ex-girlfriends had shown him. The boy was a prince, and not just any prince either. "Why is the second prince of Kyuu Seishin here?"

"Eien, " Adela said, with a hint of bitterness.

"I'm just here to check out the new talent is all, " Eien said cheerfully, as he glanced over at the barrier. "I sure hope you give me a good show down there."

Lei scoffed as if Eien's comment had been a stupid question. "It will be the best tournament you've seen up to this point in your life."

He covered his grin with his sleeve just like how Koukyuu had done before. "I sure hope so." He stared at Wanikiya, and his eyes grew colder. "How about you, are you entering?"

"I am, but I'm not sure if I'll last long, " the prince responded

Eien covered his entire face this time as he chuckled. "Dude, your self-esteem is awful." He removed his sleeves from his face, revealing eyes devoid of sympathy. "Have some guts."

Wanikiya felt fists wanting to form, but he held his fingers away from one another. He had managed to get rid of Ayawamat somehow, yet here in front of him was someone was bad as him. "So, who are fighting in the first match?" Wanikiya asked, trying to change the subject.

Eien's grin returned. "I think that at least one match should be boy vs. boy, and another girl vs. girl. The other two can be mixed."

"Sounds good to me, " Adela said.

"No matter who we battle this should give us

Hikaru rushed at the frozen sphere and punched with his gauntlet, causing the ice to shatter into multiple pieces.

"You fell for it!" Wanikiya yelled as the shattered ice encased Hikaru's feet and arms. "Freezing Wave!"

Hikaru eyes widened as the ice climbed up his legs and neck. He took a deep breath. The movement of the ice slowed.

"If only I were allowed to freeze time completely, " Hikaru said, sighing as he melted the ice by covering his body in a brilliant golden light. He smiled at the prince before punching him in the gut. "I win, Wani."

Wanikiya laughed as he stared at the gauntlet-less fist. Ice quickly enveloped Hikaru's body once more. "You're mocking me? That fist lacks strength."

The hazel eyed boy smiled cockily as he fell to the ground. "I'm not the one finishing you off."

The prince spun around. Flying in front of him was the metal angel with its sword and several metallic feathers a few centimeters from his neck. "Damn... it's... over."

"The winner of the match is Hikaru Mikado!" Koukyuu yelled as she raised a flag into the air.

The metal angel disintegrated before Wanikiya's eyes. He turned and saw Hikaru with his eyes closed, grinning.

Wanikiya smiled back. "Nice job," He glanced up at the others. His friends had bitter-sweet grins. An unavoidable outcome of two friends fighting. But Ayawamat on the other hand had a wide smile.

"Lost against that wimp, eh? Prince Wanikiya?" Ayawamat taunted as Wanikiya glanced down.

The prince kept his eyes down and made his way toward his victorious friend.

Yen jumped over the rail and ran to fetch Hikaru. "I'll take it from here. You go and rest."

"Thanks, " the prince said as he swayed back and forth like a drunkard.

"Got ya, " Nahimana said. She warped over and held him tightly in her arms. She felt something wet against her blouse. Her long fingers ran through his white hair. "You did well, my prince. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

**Solar Question: What did you think of the battle between Hikaru and Wanikiya? Were you shocked by the outcome?**

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