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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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-"The Cold Starry Sky"

[Caelum Port]

Lei and Nyima arrived at the main port of the city five minutes late. They would've been more late if not for Serein telling them of another shortcut.

Their teammates and Yen's group awaited them. Docked behind them was a large white cruise liner among standing out from the rusty trade, and fishing ships that were spread across the rest of the dock.

The eight of them followed Koukyuu inside of the cruise liner. The inside was pretty fancy, even by high-end cruise liner standards. The walls were mostly decorated with gold leaf, with the edges having silver leaf. The rugs were from Tora, the number one country in the continent of Hoshi Tozan in terms of rug makers.

They stopped in front of a black, and blue colored elevator where a woman wearing a red uniform with the insignia of a white fox with its eyes closed stood. "Tickets." The eight of them showed her their tickets, which she handed back to them. "Keep those safe as they'll also your key to your rooms."

"Before you go. Will all of you be entering the tournament?" Koukyuu asked as we entered the elevator.

Lei, Nyima, Iah, Adela, Yen, and Zelde all nodded.

Koukyuu glanced at Hikaru and Wanikiya with a quizzing look. "How about you two?"

Wanikiya looked down at the soft red Toran rugs. Their color was deeper than any red he had ever seen before.

The prince tried to raise his head, but a lump formed in his throat. Coward. "My prana control is awful, " he finally managed to muster out. "I have to work on it before I can participate in a tournament." He raised his head completely. "I don't want to turn others into that target."

"I'm surprised you even made it, I was certain that Sakw or Aban would be the twentieth person, " Koukyuu said. "What about you, Mikado boy?"

Hikaru glanced at his teammate. "I guess I'll stay out of the tournament to make it an even number, " he responded.

Wanikiya adverted his eyes. Hikaru and the rest of his friends knew why he wasn't participating, it wasn't only because he couldn't utilize his powers. Rather it was the reason for why he struggled to use those powers.

He thought back to what Nahimana had said... What did she do to 'help' me? Had she done something wrong? He shook his head, trying to get those thoughts of his lifelong friend doing something bad out of his head. Still, whatever it was, he owed her. She had always encouraged him to try his best, as had Zelde.

He glanced up at Zelde, who gave him a stern look. He flinched, trying to escape those wild looking red eyes of her. "I...I'll...think about it."

Koukyuu closed her eyes and grinned as she turned around to open the elevator. "Alright. Then we'll wait for your response. See you in a bit."

"Hey. You made it!" Hal said, waving.

"Ah good timing kid! Could you help Iah and Adela here show the Wahkanians around?"

Hal grumbled. "Why must I do it?"

Lady Zettai covered a smug grin with the long sleeves of her white kimono. "See you later."

"Hey!" the poison mage yelled. He went after her, but something blue came flying out of


Hikaru raised a hand. "Hold it! You barely did anything? Yen and you froze Hal with your combined spell. Now, if anyone did nothing, that would be me." He lowered his head. "The only reason I passed was likely because of the elimination and shooting sections."

"Wait, you must've done good on the written part too."

The hazel eyes boy leaned back and smiled. "Right, that too. I'm lucky that some of Eri's knowledge rubbed off on me."

"There you go! Meanwhile, I likely failed that too... I'm just not good with history. Not even with that of my own clan..."

Hikaru sat up. "I can help you. For the time when it comes up again. I might not be Eri, but I am not too shabby at it either."

The prince smiled at his friend. "Thanks, Hika."

The boy leered at him and threw the silk pillow at him. "Don't call me that!"

Wanikiya blocked the pillow. He couldn't help but grin. "Sorry, Hika."

The hazel eyes boy leaped out of his bed and tackled the prince. "Now you're just doing it on purpose! You jerk!"

He continued to laugh. "You're so fun to tease!"

Hikaru backed away from him. "Stupid Eri. I told him to stop calling me that... Even Yen teases me about it..." He sighed. "Wani!"


"If you're going to insist on calling me Hika then I'll call you Wani, Wani."

The prince busted out in laughter. "Ah. Okay!"

Hika rolled his eyes. "Anyway. You better join the tournament! I plan on defeating you!"


He nodded. "Yes. And if I win then you stop calling me by that awful nickname!"

The prince nodded. "Got it." A sly smile curved on his lips. "But if I win?"

"You... can continue to call me that..."

"Hmm... You sure you wish to fight me?" His smile vanished. "You do know that I don't have control over my..."

Hikaru put a hand on his shoulder and gave him an assuring stare. "I don't have much of a grasp on mine, so we're even."

Wanikiya nodded. "Right."

"Let's hurry and put our stuff away so that we can meet up with Nahimana and the others, " Hikaru said, walking back to his suitcase.

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