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- "Fly out young crow."

"Aban!" Alto yelled, chasing after his friend.

Aban turned around and flashed him a smile. "Go. This is what you wanted."

"Yeah, but... I wanted you to come with us four."

Aban laughed. "I'm not strong enough. Not yet. I..."

Arima ran over and hugged him. "You are strong."

"Then maybe I'm too dumb. I wasted your time. Those lessons you gave me on the way here." Tears rained down to the ground. "I wanted to go with you. To go to Nine Petal. To make something of myself."

Arima backed away and yelled, "You're not dumb! You're actually intelligent when you focus on learning."

"Aban, " Ulissis said as he grimaced. "You... deserve to go more than me. I'm going to go and talk to them about letting you go."

"Everyone, gather around!" Koukyuu called out as she made her way for the gate.

"Go, " Aban said, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his t-shirt. "You made it, Ulissis. You can live out your dream and cultivate whatever strange power you have. I'll return to that cesspool we call home. I'll make sure that my brother and the other kids don't fall to the same fate as me." He walked away until he was swallowed in the sea of disappointed teens.

"You four, " Ms. Key said. She nudged them forward. "Go and get what you need. I'll talk to Aban for you."

"Okay, " Alto said, keeping his head down as he and the others made their way to Koukyuu.


"Here you go, " Koukyuu said. She handed the twenty newly admitted Nine Petal Academy students golden tickets. "You'll need those to board the ship. You have two hours to say your goodbyes and bring whatever luggage you will be bringing."

Lei and Yen took their tickets, and ran out of the school gates.

"Don't run, " Nyima yelled, chasing after them. "You're going to bump into someone, again!"

Iah laughed. "The ride to Kyuu Seishin will be more fun with these folks."

"Sir, " someone called out in a low voice.

Iah glanced over the gate, and saw Nahimana. He grinned. "Ah, I see, you must've become an admirer of mine after seeing how strong I am.."

She stuck out her tongue at him. "I was talking to Lord Wanikiya, not you, you playboy."

Iah's smile faded, quickly becoming replaced by a scowl. "How rude..."

"Seems that we both passed, " the Wahkanian prince said as he walked out of the gate.

She twirled around. "I'm glad to see that my plan worked out fine. I didn't think that he would have accepted it."

Wanikiya leered at her. "What do you mean?"

She put her left index finger against her lips. "That's a secret sir. Go and enjoy your time at Nine Petals Academy. Now, if you excuse me. I got a few things to fetch." She vanished in a cloud of smoke.

He reached a hand out towards her. "Nahimana, come back. Tell me what you did!" His hand trembled as he lowered it. What had she done?

"Is something wrong?" Zelde said.

"Nahimana...never mind, " Wanikiya said, shaking his head. "Let's go. The tournament will begin soon so you better get going."

"Are you joining?" she asked.

He shook his head. "No, I won't, seeing as I still can't control it."

"You aren't entering?" Lei asked. He had slowed down, waiting for them his friends to catch up.

"Hey, what did he mean by 'it'?" Nyima asked as she looked at Wanikiya icy blue eyes.

"I rather not talk about it, " responded Wanikiya as he looked on ahead. He walked off like a lonely child.

Lei raced after him and grabbed his arm. "Don't run away, just because you can't control it now doesn't mean that you won't be able to later. After all, you're the next king."

Wanikiya slowly turned back to look at his friend. He smiled faintly. "You're right, I should try to confront it. Though, I don't want to risk hurting anyone... so until I can control this 'thing' I won't battle you, but I'm sure that by our next tournament I will."

Lei laughed. "That's the spirit!"

"Hurry up, " Koukyuu called out. "You still have to go get your stuff."

"Right, I'm going!" Lei responded. He stopped and smiled at his friend. "Hey, come see us battle, alright?"

Wanikiya smiled back at him. "Of course."


Zelde and Wanikiya left together, while Lei, Hikaru, and Yen walked back toward the sea cliff where Lei had met Serein.

Nyima followed after them.

"Are you lost?" Lei asked, grinning.

Nyima blushed. "Of course not! I'm just going to my grandparent's house. I had decided to spend the night there to avoid a repeat of two days ago."

"Where do you live?" Yen asked.

"I'm from west Caelum, " Nyima responded.

"That's about a half hour drive from here, right?" Lei asked for reassurance.

"Actually an hour and twenty minutes, " Hikaru corrected. "Thanks to the construction on the western bridge


"Wait, " Yuzuki said. She hugged her brother from behind and messed up his hair. "Ah, my cute little brother is going to be in the same school as me once more!"

Hikaru slapped her hands away. "Stop teasing me, " he exclaimed. He darted off to the stairs, and as soon as he felt no one was watching him, his frown turned into a grin.

Lei and Yen grabbed their stuff from Hikaru's room and headed out to join Yuzuki and Eri.

"Brother?" Yen asked as Lei stared at the distance. "Aren't you coming?"

"Nyima's not here yet."

"Well, we're going to be late if we don't go now, " Hikaru said as he exited the house.

"Go on without me, " Lei said, waving them off. "I'll catch up. You already know how fast I can be."

"Oh, alright, " Yuzuki said, frowning. Hikaru put his stuff in the trunk of his brother's sea blue car and entered it.

"Bye, " Eri said. "Try not to be too late."

Lei smiled. "You all worry too much about me. I'm a big kid now. Besides, I want you to buy guys to buy me some extra time."

"Don't go and imitate Raul now, " Hikaru said, chuckling.

"I'm not!"

"Don't worry. We'll buy you two as much time as we can!" Yuzuki said, waving at him. The car drove off rapidly in the distance

Lei sighed and walked over to the edge of the small cliff in front of the houses. He took in the smell of the sea breeze.

"It's nice, " Serein as he sat down next to his cousin.

Lei smiled. "Yeah... I'm going to miss it..."

The kid closed his eyes. "I will too, one day."


"Sorry, I took so long, " Nyima yelled. She rushed toward them. She dragged a fifty pound red suitcase through the lawn of the house. "I didn't even tell you that I was leaving."

"It's fine, we also took our time, " Lei said, maintaining his calm face. "I'll miss this smell."

Nyima sat down next to him. "I thought that we were in a rush."

He watched the clock. He still had a little time to actually to take in the scenery. "Let me just take in this view and smell a little longer." He closed his eyes and recalled a faint memory. The image of a blue haired girl putting a flower on his head flashed before his eyes.

He glanced behind him, at the house next to Serein's, the same house Nyima had gone to. "Hey, Nyima. Had we met prior to two days ago?"

She slightly crooked her head to the left, trying to recall any boys with lightning powers that might've bumped into her. "I don't think we have. At least no one who ran into me the way you did."

Lei grinned. "Haha, I guess not." He pushed himself off the ground. "Let's go!"

Serein waved at the two. A small tear ran down the side of his face. "Bye bye!"

Lei stopped and ruffled his hair. "Don't cry. We'll be back."

The kid beamed as if he were the light incarnate. "Yeah!"

**Solar Note: Do you think that Nyima and Lei share a past? Or is the girl in Lei's memory someone else?

Well, this marks the end of the Exam Arc and the start of Road to Nine Petal Academy Arc! What did you think of the Road to Wahkan and Exam Arcs? Leave your comments in the comment section below, and don't forget to click on that star if you enjoyed this chapter ^_^!**

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