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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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- "The skies shake the earth as lightning and thunder appear to battle in the heavens"

Lei spun around— slicing the air with his right hand. The razor wind created gashes in the nearby boulders. "Tsk. Still not enough, " he said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Brother, " Yen said, leaping down from the cliff and landing next to him. Accompanying her—like always— was Hikaru. "You've been at it for hours now. Look around you. It's already night. Mom's worried about you."

Her brother shook his head. "I'm going to stay a bit longer. Tell mother that I'll be fine."

She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed deeply. "Why are you training this hard? The exam's over."

Lei lit the darkness around them with azure sparks. "Yeah. But my true goal ain't to pass the exam. It's to become Magus Maximus." He punched the rock, causing lightning to flow out of his fist. "Besides, I'm not even sure if I passed. Just because you likely did, it didn't mean that I did."

He kicked the boulder, shattering into tiny, electrified bits.

"I have to become stronger until no one can look down on me..." His hands grasped his chest as his breathing grew irregular.

"Here, " Yen said, rushing over to him with an inhaler.

He slapped it away, causing it to fall into the soft sand. "I... don't... need..." He fell to one knee. "Damn..." He closed his eyes tightly and took out the inhaler in his pants pocket. Reluctantly, he pressed it against his lips and took a deep breath. Relief spread throughout his body.

"You shouldn't push yourself!"

Lei gave his sister a thin smile. "Pushing one's limits is a part of being a mage. The strong don't gain strength by simply repeating the same exact thing."

She curled her hands into fists and back away from him. "I see..." She turned her back to him. "That's true. But those who go to far find their lives ruined, or worse."

The younger triplet stared at his bleeding hands. "I won't..."

"What makes you think that you're different from others?" she snapped, walking back over to him. She grabbed him by the shirt. "Do you have a death wish? Eh? Well I won't allow you to join him just yet!"

Lei's adverted her gaze and didn't speak another word.

Yen let out a frustrated grunt. She unhanded her brother, causing him to fall on the sand. Hikaru ran over and offered Lei a helping hand.

"Leave the kid alone, " Yen said, walking away.


"You two arguing?" a familiar voice called out. The three glanced up at the hill and saw none other than Nuk sitting on the edge of the cliff.

"Mind your own business, " Lei and Yen snapped.

Hikaru narrowed his eyes. "What do you want?"

The strange young man snickered. "Just trying to have a friendly chat is all." He jumped down, and glanced at them with his glowing tourqoise eyes as wind danced around him. "Lei. Don't push yourself too hard or you'll be exhausted when the time for our proper match comes."

Lei smirked. "So you think that we'll battle on the boat?"

Nuk summoned his wand. "Perhaps. I would gladly settle for fighting any of you three to be honest."

e. I'll just find a new one."

She stared at his forced grin. Her long fingers caressed the face of the youngest triplet. "Your mask is thicker than Kun's. But I can see through yours even better than I could see through his."

Kun nodded. "Yeah, she's right."

Lei quickly turned away. "What mask?"

Yen and Kun turned away. We worry for you, brother.


Lei and the others anxiously waited in their seats.

"This is killing me, " Hikaru said, taking deep breaths.

"Chill dude, " Lei said. "You'll be fine."

Yen stared at her brother curiously. "If you're so relaxed about Hikaru then why are you worried about your own?"

The brother pouted. "I'm not worried! Not anymore!"

She snickered. "Ah, such bravado."

Lei grinned confidently and nodded.

"It's time to announce the results, " Koukyuu Kasai no Ki said, causing nearly everyone to jump. Including Lei. She glanced down a list of names. "The following twenty are to be admitted into this year's freshman class. They are:

Yen Lan, Zelda Abornazine, Nyima Taiyang, Iah Wudi, Adela Xian, Nuk Ozm. Nahimana Blackraven, An Yao, Hal Cantarella, Alto Opus, Ulissis Amadeus, Sarah Shui, Xue Yueliang..."

"Hey, that weirdo got in. And all of our opponent's group thus far, " Hikaru said.

"That's true. Well, they were strong, " Yen said, leaning back on her seat.

Lei smiled at his sister. "At least you got in."

"Yeah... but..." She glanced back at Koukyuu. "Hey, quiet down. They're down to the last few names!"

The honey-brunette duo sat upright, listening closely for Lei's name.

"Orion Hoshi, Ayawamat Zihna, Lei Lan, Hikaru Mikado..."

"Yes!" all four recently announced students yelled from their respective seats.

"Nice job, " Adela said, grinning at Lei.

"Thanks, " Lei said, flashing her a bright smile.

The pink-head flushed bright red.

Koukyuu snickered at their reactions. "And the last one is... Wanikiya Kohana."

**Solar Note: Next Episode will mark the formal end of the second arc :D! Hope that you look forward to it and what's to follow ;)**

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