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-"The Lonely Crow of the Night glides against the wind, trying to find its path."

Ayawamat and Muna went into a tiny convenience store to buy themselves each a ham sandwich. After finishing their meal outside of the convenience store they returned to the elementary school and saw two injured seven year olds.

"Bro, what happened to you? Did you get hit by big kid too?" Serein asked.

Raul glared at an orange-haired kid with ripped clothes walking besides him who also had bandages. "I got into a fight with this guy!"

Yen shook her head at them. "First Shǎndiàn, and now Raul? Serein seems to be the most docile one in this family."

"Obviously you're counting yourselves there, " Ayawamat said, snickering.

Yen smiled slightly. "Yeah, thanks to you always picking on my brother. If only we could've finished our battle."

"You bullied big Shǎndiàn?" Muna asked, her pink eyes as wide as golf balls.

"Uh..." Ayawamat's eyes shifted toward his younger brother. "Hey, Reain, come here! We got to get those wounds covered up before our parents return. Oh right..." He took out a sandwich out of his school bag. "This is for you. Eat it on the way home."

Reain took the sandwich and grinned happily. "Thanks, big brother!" He quickly unwrapped it and bit it with gusto. "Hmm."

"Bye Serein and Shǎndiàn!" Muna said, waving. She held Reian and Awayamat's hands tightly and sung a happy tune she had learned in class.


It took the three of them an hour to arrive at their apartment. The building was a dull grey color and had few windows. In most of the places where there were supposed to be windows there was plywood instead. A relic from the tropical storm that had blasted through the island three-years prior.

Ayawamat let go of his sister's hand, reached into his right pants' pocket, and took out a rusted key. He had to push against the door in order for it to open it completely. "We should really get that fixed."

Muna's smile vanished. She hugged her big brother's leg as she looked at the grey walls, and the eerie darkness due to the lack of windows. "This place is so gloomy compared to my school."

It sure is...

"It's not, " he said.

She continued to hug him. "Brother...don't go to that school...I'll be lonely without you."

He kneeled down and softly patted her head. "You can ask Dad or Mom to let you stay at Shǎndiàn's place if you'll like."

She looked at him with tearful eyes. "You're the only one here... to make this home happy."

He hugged his sister tightly. Tears rolled down his face. I had always wanted to leave this place... escape from the solitude of the place I called 'home'. But...what's this feeling? Now that my dream is so close, why am I crying?

"What about me?" Reain said, glaring at them. His mouth was covered in bread crumbs.

Muna let go of Ayawamat, running to embrace her other brother. "I feel better with both of you."

Reain smiled, ruffling her hair as she embraced him. His precarious eyes glanced up at his elder brother. "Go to Nine Petals Academy. I'll make sure to take care of Muna. I'll even try my best at cooking."

Ayawamat wiped away his tears. Feeling a sense of pride from seeing his younger brother taking the du

orn with this stupid type of magic... Why couldn't I have had lightning, wind, sound, or ice? Why bug?

Knocking sounds threw Ayawamat out of his self-pity party. Was it his father?

He opened the door and saw Muna. Of course, his father never apologized to him. After all, it was from him that Houta, Reian, and he learned to be so proud.

"Brother, " Muna said. In her hands she held her bowl of oatmeal. "Can I eat here? Our parents are fighting again."

"Can I come in too?" Reain said, poking his head inside the room. He held a plate of eggs and a bowl of oatmeal.

"Why are you such a failure? You couldn't raise those two to be better kids, " Ayawamat heard her dad yell at his mom.

"What about you? You aren't much of a success either. You're not good in anything you do, you're not even good at-"

Ayawamat covered his sister's ears. Those two were at it again...every single time he did something to upset either one, they would start fighting. At this point most of their fights were random, and illogical to some degree. If he leaves then would the fighting stop?

He finished eating the eggs that Reain brought for him, and sat the dish down on the left drawer of his bed. "Thanks a lot for bringing me my food."

Muna leaned her head against her brother. "I'm glad you're feeling better." She got up. "See you tomorrow brother...I'm going to go to bed..." She yawned.

Reain took their glasses and Ayawamat's plate. "I'll put these in the sink. Good night, big brother." He looked down. Tiny droplets of tears were forming in his eyes. "I'll...make you proud when you return by studying magic."

Ayawamat smiled. "I'm counting on you to do so, don't become a failure of a son like Houta and me."

"You two ar-" Reain looked down and quickly wiped away his tears with the sleeve of his torn shirt. "Bye." He stomped off to the kitchen.

Ayawamat set his head down on his pillow, and closed his eyes. Hopefully I'll finally get to leave this place...

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