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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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-"Everyone desires acceptance. So much that people are even willing to do the cruelest of things to get it..."

Ayawamat arrived at the ceremony wearing ripped jeans and a black shirt with torn sleeves. He glanced around at the various white plastic chairs littering the verdant grass in front of the school. A crimson carpet divided the sea of chairs into two groups.

"Hey cousin, " Tahoma said, waving at him. "The ceremony is about to begin."

Yuzuki emerged from a spiraling starry vortex. Her golden eyes instantly darted toward Yen. Next to her was an empty seat. "Is Lei not here yet?"

"Made it!" Lei yelled, drawing everyone's attention, and Yuzuki's smile.

The turquoise-eyed mage's face flushed as thousands of eyes continued to focus on him. "Uh... I mean..."

Koukyuu snickered all the way from the raised podium. "Well good thing you did. Unfortunately I've been informed that we won't be able to share with you the results. It seems that there was some tampering. We're currently investigating what happened."

"Tampering?" Yen asked, mouth agape.

"Wow, " Hikaru said, crossing his arms. "Someone must have wanted to get in badly. Wonder what'll happen when they catch them."

Ayawamat stared at Wanikiya who was giving Nahimana a concerned look

What was the issue with that weak prince the other day? That's the most pissed I'd ever seen him.

"We'll announce the results as soon as we can. Sorry for wasting your time. We'll inform you on the outcome as soon as we can!"

The bully sighed. Oh well. Should only be a delay. This gives me some more time to spend with my little brother and sister.

"Darn, " Lei said, leaning against the silver-rod fence. "I was dying to know the results."

The blue-eyed young man snickered as he turned around. "Like you would make it, " he said, leering at him. "All this does is keep your hopes up."

Lei curled his hands into fists. Azure sparks flew around, causing the nearby people's phones and tablets to start to act up. "If it's a fight you want then I'll give it to you!"

He twisted around and caught the electrically charged fist. The force of the punch barely managed to send him back a few inches. "Try harder."

The lightning mage went for a strike on his chin but the blue-eyed young man ducked. With a straight punch he hit Lei square in the stomach, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Learn your place already. Wimp."

Lei spat out wads of saliva and glanced up at his enemy. His turquoise eyes were filled with hatred and remorse. "Curse you... I'll show you one day..."

"Lei, " Yen said, coming to his aid. "Why must you always pick fights?"

Ayawamat shrugged as he snickered. "He's a child. That's why."

She shot the raven-blue-haired young man daggers. "And you?" She stepped toward him and poked him in the chest with her index finger. "Don't you tire of picking on him? And if you see him as a child then don't go bullying him. Bully someone of your own level."

Lei narrowed his eyes at his sister. "And what's that supposed to mean?

Ayawamat slipped his hands into his ripped jeans and grinned impishly. "True. He's kind of gotten boring lately. Crushing the same person gets old after some time. Maybe I should pick on Hikaru..."

Yen backed away and raised her arms which were curled into fists "Stop bullying my brother and friends!" She struck him in the chin, sending him flying back.

Ayawamat stood up quickly and grinned. "You were always the triplet which interested me the most."

"Please don't say that in such a tone, " Yen said, shivering. "I'm not into bullies. And my brothers aren't into..."

He shot webs at her. "I get your point. I'll watch my tone next time. Jeez. I'm not into you like that. I have no intere

allow her to play with her new friends.

"Alright, but first we should contact their family." Shǎndiàn, you have a sister called Yen right?"

"Yeah, and two-" He paused. His eyes became moist as he recalled what happened two years ago. "I mean, I have a brother too, he's called Lei."

Ayawamat sighed. I guess I do have to go see those two again, and so soon too, what a bother.

"Shǎndiàn!" a familiar voice called out.

Shǎndiàn ran over to the voices. "Brother, sister! Did you get accepted?"

Is this kid really five? He seems mature for his age, far more than either of his childish brothers, or his sister.

"Ayawamat, " Yen said. "What are you doing here?"

He held his little sister's hand. "I came to pick up my sister. It seems that our siblings became friends..." Something we were never able to do.

"Serein?" Lei said. "You're Shǎndiàn's classmate?"

"Oh, cousin!" Serein said. "Eh, Shǎndiàn's your bro? Then that means he cousins with me too!"

Lei snickered. "Yeah, pretty much."

"Lei, your brother got hurt defending that kid, " Ayawamat said. "I advise you to treat the wound as soon as you can. It could get worse."

Lei noticed the swollen arm. "Who did this to you?"

"A big kid did it, " Serein said.

"Which one, " Lei said as his eyes became cold. "Tell me their name!"

Yen tapped her brother's shoulder. "Calm down, getting angry at a child is useless." She kneeled down next to her youngest brother. "Good job defending your friend, but you should get the teacher next time instead of getting into fights." She glanced at Lei and Ayawamat. "Right you two?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, " Ayawamat said. He lifted his sister into his shoulders. "Let's go get us something to eat while we wait for Reain to get out."

"Oh right, I need to wait for big bro, " Serein said.

"Want one of us to wait with you?" Yen said.

"What about Shǎndiàn?" Serein said.

"I'll take him to the nurse's office and see if they can heal him there. Lei stay here, and don't fight with Ayawamat, you'll set a bad example for Serein."

Ayawamat snickered. "Hold on tightly Muna."

"Bye, " Muna said, waving bye to the Rios cousins. "We'll play tomorrow. Uh, wait. Serein. Want to come with us?"

"I'll wait here, " Serein said. He looked down at his feet. "It's my fault that Shǎndiàn's hurt in the first place."

This boy, he's a lot like Lei...sticking by his friends until he knows they're better. Muna's lucky to have a friend like him...

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