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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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- "The Savior of the worlds shall be anointed."

"Mom!" Lei yelled, rushing down stairs. He found her helping Shǎndiàn put on his backpack.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Are Dad, Yen, and Nuk still here?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No. They left without you to the ceremony. But if you..."

Lei rushed out the door.

"Goddess. That child is so impatient, " she said, sighing. "The ceremony doesn't start for a good amount of time. Your father should be back in time to take him."

Shǎndiàn nodded. "He sure is. But Yen is too for hurrying daddy up to leave. They should've listened to... Kun."

His mother snickered. "Yeah." Her smiled faded. "Your big brother Kun was the most patient out of the three."

The kid smiled slightly. "Yeah, he is... I mean, was."


Lei kept walking across a nearby beach until he came across a pair of blue-haired siblings. The two of them were watching the sea from the edge of the sea-cliff outside of their house. The youngest one looked a lot like his aunt Ocarina's husband, Eri. He had the same messy spiky hair, and even the same face. The biggest difference was that he had gotten Ocarina's sapphire-blue eyes.

"Come on Serein, it's almost time for us to get ready for school, " the older brother said. He sighed. "I can't believe we got to go to this much trouble for a couple hours of class." He got up from the edge of the cliff and ran towards their sky blue two story house, the same house where Lei once lived from birth up to when he was the age of the older brother, seven.

Serein leapt up to chase his brother but stopped as soon as he noticed Lei. He stepped away from him until he compared his appearance to that of his older brother's. He might've been four, but he knew that the big kid before his eyes was in some way related to them.

"You two are up early, " Lei said as he jumped over the low-lying cliff. He smiled warmly. "Say hello to my aunt for me."

Raul snickered. His light blue eyes had an impish glow to them."We're not up early at all. What about you, shouldn't you be heading to the ceremony?" He grinned. "Don't tell me you lost hope?"

"Shut up Raul!" Lei said, pouting. "I make it in time!" He looked down at his green wristwatch and smiled. "Ha! Seems that I still got plenty of time."

"In case you run out of time you can use the shortcut, " said Serein in a singsong voice.

Raul looked at his younger brother as if he were crazy. "He can?"

Lei grinned. "Thanks for the encouragement kid..." His smile vanished, replaced with a look of doubt. "But can I really?"

Serein pointed to where they had been sitting a few seconds earlier, the same spot where Lei had jumped f

s hands.

It was then that the necklace glowed faintly. She rubbed one of her eyes with her free hand. What was that light? Or an illusion?

"I wish I was old enough to go to Nine Petals Academy already. I hope uncle Hikaru shows cousin Lei a thing or two about magic when they fight in the tournament, " Raul said.

Yuzuki patted her oldest nephew's head. "Did he defeat you again?"

Raul pouted and walked back inside the house. "I'm going to go get ready for school. I don't want to be like Lei."

Yuzuki held Serein's small chubby hand. "Come, let's go get you ready too."

Serein grabbed her tightly. "I not go go. Me stay here. I can go to aunt Yuzuki and cousin Lei's school."

Yuzuki kneeled down and patted her nephew's fuzzy head. "Come on, you know you can't do that."

He shook his head vehemently. "I stay then."

Raul poked his head out of the house. He already had his backpack on. "I think he's scared of being alone with strangers."

"Didn't he manage to talk to Lei even though he barely knows him?" Yuzuki said. She recalled her father, he also had a similar issue with going to school, but he was much older. She was also the same way when she was in middle school.

"Me go to school with aunty. Me don't want aunty to leave again tomorrow."

Yuzuki smiled. "I will come back on the weekends, if I can. Meanwhile, can you please go to school and make some friends until I return?"

Serein nodded slightly. "I'll try."

She grinned. "Alright then, run along and get your backpack. Raul, help your brother get ready."

"Alright, "Raul said, grabbing his brother's hand. "Come Serein, I'll show you what you will need for kindergarten."

**Solar Questions: Think that Lei will make it on time? Also, what do you think about the Rios siblings?**

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