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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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"The Butterflies are like the souls of the departed"

[Several hours Later- Southern Wahkan beach]

Lei sighed as he glanced out at the ebbing waves pounding against the beach in front of their house. "I hope that Wanikiya is alright."

"I'm sure that he will be, " Yen said as she leaned back on the rock they were sitting on. It was in the shape of a throne, a memento from their brother.

"He'll be fine!" yelled Nuk as he flew over them. He descended and landing between the two. "He has Zelde and Nahimana to care for him after all."

The two siblings stood up. "What are you doing here?" the asked in unison.

Nuk chuckled. "I'm here to ask you a favor... could I stay with you?"

"Stay with us?" Yen asked.

Lei narrowed his eyes. "Why?"

The masked boy crossed his arms. "Bad planning. They didn't reserve the right number of rooms. So Nahimana, Zelde, Orion, and I need a place to stay at. Orion will be staying at Hikaru and Yuzuki's place. While Zelde and Nahimana will most likely stay with Wanikiya. So I guess that it's only be me."

"I can see why you can't stay with Hikaru, having lived at his place before. But why not stay with Wanikiya?"

Nuk laughed. "Nahimana told me not to. Seems like she's afraid that I'll be a third wheel."

The siblings stared at him suspiciously before turning toward one another.

"Call Zelde or Nahimana if you doubt my words, " Nuk said as he crossed his arms and leaned back on the stone throne.

"Fine, we will, " Yen said, taking out a cyan phone. "Call Zelde."

"Ask about Wanikiya too, " Lei whispered.


A hologram of a bear with a pot of honey popped up. "Yes mistress, Yen."

"Cute bear, " Nuk said, shiny eyed.

Yen laughed. "Thanks"

"Hello?" Zelde said as the bear vanished.

"Zelde! Is it true that they're out of rooms?"

"Yeah, " she responded. "They were off by four. They told us to ask some of the students native to this town. I was already staying at Wanikiya's place anyway, so I didn't have to worry. Nahimana is staying with us too."

"I see. Is Nuk one of those four?"

"Yeah. He went off on his own. Seems that he didn't want to stay with us for whatever reason."

Yen laughed. "I can guess why."

"More like you know why, " Nuk and Lei whispered.

Lei stared at the boy in awe. That was odd... it almost felt as if my bi

d. Like serious, Nuk? That's just Kun upside down." He took the mask from Shandian and put it on. "Hello, I'm Iel. No I'm not Lei."

"Give me that!" Yen said. "Hello, I'm Ney."

Kun's face flushed. "Stop it you two. Now I'm starting to wonder as to why I missed you..." His eyes shifted to Shandian who took the mask back.

"And I'm Naidnahs."

"Alright, your name sounds odd when reverse, " Kun said, taking his back. "Listen you three. I don't want any of you to tell our parents or anyone else that I'm alive. Especially not Hikaru."

"Why not Hikaru?" Yen asked.

"Because... it'll just reopen old wounds for him if he knew that I was still alive..."

"Alright, " Lei said, holding out his pinkie. "Won't tell."

Yen held hers out too. Kun cross his pinkies with both of theirs. "Thanks you two." He smiled at Shandian. "And what about you, little trickster?"

The youngest sibling looked down. "I'll try. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep the promise, though."

"Fine, " Kun said. "Also. Keep calling me Nuk. Even in private."

"Okay, " Lei said, leaning back on their bed. "Oh. But you got to tell us, why did you fake your death?"

Kun glanced down at the mask. "Who said that I faked it?" He allowed himself to fall on the bed and closed his eyes.

Lei and Yen stared at each other. If he didn't fake it then... how can he be alive?

"Hey, brother, " Lei started.

Kun snickered. "Just kidding!" He closed his eyes and drifted off into the realm of sleep.

**Solar Note: What did you think about the revelation at the end?**

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