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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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-"Hopeless despair can lead to regret"

Lei and co. were led into a room filled with wooden benches and desks with the aura of an old university lecture room.

"Come on Zelde, " Wanikiya said, staring back at the opened mahogany door.

"She'll come, " Lei said, giving him an assuring grin. As if on cue a red-haired girl in a white-deer-skin dress walked into the room. Adorning her neck were various necklaces made out of glass ornamental beads. "Ah! I was right!"

"Sorry for worrying you, " the tall girl said as she sat down next to Wanikiya.

The prince smiled. "At least you made it."

A light blush stroked across her dark brown skin. "Same."

Lei glanced away, giving his two friends some space.

Tahoma broke their reunion by clearing his throat. "Alright. Time's up. I hope that you enjoyed your first half of the exam as well as your lunch break. The true challenge begins now." He snapped his fingers causing sealed paper exams to appear in front of everyone. "You got two hours to answer everything. Don't cheat."

Lei rapidly removed the shrink wrap from the exam and wrote down his name in the front of the packet in case he should forget.

The questions about prana were pretty easy. He knew that Water, lightning, and wind magic flowed the fastest. On the other hand metal, earth, and ice magic without water as an accompanying element flowed the slowest.

Also, he knew that lightning prana took a long time to restore compared to wood magic. Methods of restoring prana quicker relied on absorbing or digesting something related to the element of the prana. For example, wood, and water pranas could be restored quicker by drinking a glass of water or even by taking a shower.

The history part was the most difficult section. Lei had forgotten the name of the second Magus Maximus of the 'Universal Empire', an entity which oversaw the individual national governments. At least in theory. In reality, the empire was basically an entity in name only by his time. During the time of Ventus, the previous Magus Maximus, the empire had far more power.

Lei closed his exam booklet with twenty minutes to spare. He turned the exam over to Mr. Ogre. He glanced at the others. Nearly everyone was doing fine, only Wanikiya was struggling with the final part.

Ayawamat, on the other hand, had stood up to turn in his exam. Lei glared at him as he passed him.

"Hey, did you hear?" Lei overheard someone say outside of the classroom. "It seems that only six students will be accepted."

"No way, only six? Then I wasted four hours of my life on this. There's no way I can be on the top six. I didn't even know that Aqua Rios was the one who unified the world, creating the third Universal Empire!"

"You're an idiot, everyone knows that, " the guy's friend snapped.

"Idiots, " Ayawamat muttered as he stepped out of the room. "Good thing

himana asked.

He glanced up at her. "Not officially, but even if I manage to pass it, I most likely won't get into the school. I overheard Lady Kasai no Ki, Mayu, and Yuzuki talking about the top nine. Those nine will be the ones going to Kyuu-Hanabira High along with eleven others. The rest of us won't be accepted."

She held her skirt against her skin and sat down next to him. She reached her hand out toward him but stopped herself. It was unbecoming of a Royal Guardian to be too close to her masters. Even though Wanikiya wasn't the kind of person to care about such things. "Hmm, you should've skipped the exam."

He gave her a skeptical look. "What do you mean?"

She gave him a knowing grin. "I got an idea. Don't worry, Lord Wanikiya. I'm sure that you'll pass."

Wanikiya forced a smile as the elevator came to a stop. "I sure hope so." He got up. "Thanks for cheering me up, Nahimana."

She returned a genuine smile. Don't worry my lord, tomorrow you'll be smiling for real.

He exited the elevator and looked out of a window at the sea in the distance. I'll do it, I'll go to Kyuu Seishin's Nine Petals Academy. I'll cast away this weak self.

"So, here you are, " a voice called out. Zelde walked out of the other elevator. "I was wondering where you were."

Wanikiya lowered his head. "Sister."

She glared at him. "I told you not to call me that. We aren't siblings. Why did you run off like that?"

He squatted, giving himself a better view of the city around them. "I overheard...that you're in the top nine in the early results, but I'm not."

She lightly touched his head. "You're such a worrywart. You will make it, I just know you will. You might be a bit of a coward, but you're smart."

Wanikiya face became red. He covered his face with one hand as he stood up. "I'll be going now. I better find Hakori. I owe him a game of tetherball!" He ran off with a slight grin.

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