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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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-"Seeking power for power's sake will only lead to a circular cycle"

Arrows of light and knives of lightning emerged from the ruined barrier, nearly cutting Iah's face.

"That. Was close, " Iah said, sighing. "Lei, warn us next time about spells being flung back."

"Pretty boy doesn't want to get his face scarred?" Lei's team glanced at the sea. Ayawamat rode on a giant water spider.

"Nyima, Adela. Take care of the gadfly!" Iah yelled.

"I'm busy with Lei, " Adela said as she help her friend stabilize his breathing.

"This guy just won't give up, " Nyima said, shaking her head. She took a step forward and glanced at the cloudless sky. "Light pour down from the heavens. Light pillars! Water that shrouds. Water veil!"

Seven pillars of light descended from the heavens, crushing the spider. Ayawamat leaped from the dying spider and had it vanish. "Thanks for the help, Mini. Rest now." His eyes shifted toward his struggling wasp. "You too, Makhá."

"So the guy at least cares for his insects and bugs, " Nyima said as the water around Ayawamat danced erratically.

"Don't be fooled, " Lei whispered, eyes filled with distaste. "He just sees them as precious pawns. He can't afford to lose them... having cultivated their strength for years now. The guy is all about strength."

"Really? I don't think that was it, " she said.

Lei looked away. "Ask Nahimana, and my other friends if you don't believe me."

"And what's wrong with seeking strength? Isn't that why you're here? To become stronger and gain the power to achieve that stupid dream of yours?" Ayawamat yelled as he struggled to move away from the water. "Damn... so this is what the spell is."

'His dream?' Nyima wondered as she glanced at her loud teammate. She shook her head. Now wasn't the time to ask about that.

Suddenly pillars of earth shook the entire miniature island, splitting it into several parts.

Iah and Nuk clashed in midair, sending boulder sized chunks of earth flying into the sea. One of them nearly hit Ayawamat.

"Look where you're sending those things!" the bug-insect mage barked as the resulting wave drenched him further.

"Sorry, " Iah said with a whimsical grin. "That one was

him on the way here. He did strike me as strong, even if he might not look like it. He appears to have a lot of Prana."

Yen nodded. "Yeah, he does. And also a strange power."

"Hey, where is Zelde?" Yuzuki asked, scanning the area.

"She fainted as soon as we returned, " Wanikiya responded. "It appears that she ran out of prana. Not even the seal could restore enough to keep her from collapsing."

"Hope that she's fine before the test begins, " Yen said, furrowing her brow.

"The paper test will start in ten minutes. We'll be moving to different rooms for it. Follow your closest proctor."

Yuzuki stood up. "Come, I'll show you to the room... Hopefully Zelde will awaken before the ten minutes are up."

"They're giving the girl one of our strongest prana potions available, " said the red-eyed proctor from Yen's test. He had long dark blue hair like Ayawamat's and even a similar body build.

Lei glanced at his rude middle school acquaintance who was sitting behind Yuzuki. His three teammates were nowhere to be seen. "Hey. Are you two related? I mean, I thought that you only had one older brother."

"I do, " Ayawamat responded.

"I'm Tahoma, " the guy said. "I'm this guy's cousin. Now, enough buying time. We won't be extending the time anymore."

"Darn, " Lei whispered as he followed Yuzuki and Tahoma out of the gymnasium.

**Solar Question- What do you think Nuk meant by 'another', and just what is his own connection to Lei?**

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