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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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-"Go on and cease your future."

[Mt. Wakan]

"I can't shake him off!" Yen yelled as she sent sound waves at the purple haired young man dressed in leather armor. 'How can he be so fast while not dying of heat with those clothes?'

"Telekinetic Blast!" the man yelled, sending her crashing into the mountain side.

She quickly stood up and whipped blood away from her mouth.

"Yen!" Wanikiya yelled as he ran to her aid. Swords of ice danced around him.

"Wait, what are you doing here by yourself? Where's Zelde?"

"She's busy fending off the other three."

Her turquoise eyes grew to the size of large grapes. "By herself? Is she insane? One of them is a water mage." She slapped her face and shook her head. "That girl isn't normal."

The Wahkanian prince snickered. "Nope!"

"Psychic Chains!" the purple haired boy screams as he floats over the two. Violet aura covered silver chains struck the ground under Yen and the prince's feet before closing in.

Wanikiya unleashed his icy blades on the chains but they didn't shatter even as the ice spread throughout the otherworldly chains. They constricted around the two, keeping them from making any sudden movements.

"Damn it!" Yen screamed, thrashing around. "Wind Scythe!" She slashed the frozen chains, freeing herself and the prince. She rushed at the psychic who was gripping his chest. She slowed down. "Hey. What's wrong? Are you having an asthma attack?"

He shook his head. "Just chest pains. Nothing more than a... side effect."

She slowly approached him. Watching as the purple aura that had once encased his body subsided. Beating up people who couldn't move wasn't he thing. But nor was underestimating one's opponents.

Suddenly several needles flew between the two, causing her to leap back.

"Who is there? Show yourself!" Wanikiya yelled, forming arrows out of ice.

A boy with light brown hair jumped out of the ten foot high tree. "Nice job, An. I'll take it from here, " he said as he raised a hand. In between his fingers were needles laced in some kind of liquid.

"T...thanks, Hal, " An said, smiling as he closed his eyes.

Hal grinned at his two opponents. "A sound and ice mage. Sound might be a tad hard to deal with. But ice isn't!" He threw his needles at the prince. The arrows struck the thin weapons with great precision but the needles easily passed through, leaving tiny holes within their tips and shafts.

"Acid!" Wanikiya yelled, hitting the ground.

"Aww, almost had ya, " Hal said, chuckling.

using it to ripple. "Seems that my water spells can hit it."

"Nyima, Iah, " Lei said between breaths. "Use as much spells... as you can."

"Uh, alright, " Nyima said, scratching her head as to why. The water mage closed her eyes. "From the brilliant heavens, come forth; Arrows of Divine Light!"

A dozen glowing arrows descended from the sky. The cocoon shook violently as some of the arrows pierced through while others were absorbed.

"What... why?"

Lei watched as the last arrow was absorbed. "Energy... her spell absorbs."

Nyima glanced back at him. "So that's the trick. In that case I'm limited here. Wait, could they be doing this on purpose?"

The wind mage rested his head against the warm sand. So it seemed that they figured it out. Even if they might not win, as long as they can show off as much magic as they can, they'd achieve higher scores. Perhaps even more than they.

"I'll break it, " Iah said, rushing at the cocoon. "Ancient Blood, draw forth. Creature of the center, he who is immortal. Fill me up with your power!" Yellow scales manifested on his hands as claws replaced his nails.

"Go get them, deer boy, " Nyima said, pushing him forth.

"Deer boy?" Iah scoffed. "That's so rude. You totally owe me a date now!" He grinned as he leaped into the air and with ease tore down the cocoon.

"I owe you no such thing!" The water mage unleashed her water on Nuk and Nahimana as the cocoon collapsed around the pair.

**Solar Note: This chapter was a fusion of a short chapter with a part that was meant for 11. Luckily both parts focused on Wanikiya and Lei so that allowed those two to be the focus of this one alongside Yen ^^.**

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