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-"To depend on others means to give something up. To depend on only oneself also means to surrender something."

"Why are we being separated into teams?" Lei asked, leaning forward on his seat. His eyes beamed with curiosity.

"We separate all of our students into groups of four for magical missions, " Koukyuu responded. "If you pass this next step depends on how well your group scores."

A wide smile appeared on his face. "Ah, like in that ninja manga!" Lei recalled his favorite manga as a kid, Onratu.

"Stop being such a nerd, " Yen said, crossing her arms and scoffing. "You spent half an hour talking to Yuzuki about that show the other day!"

Lei blushed. "Why this team? Is it based on our powers?" he asked in a serious tone, trying to sound more mature. He flashed a smile at Nyima, Adela, and Iah. "We must balance each other out if so."

Iah's eyes dug into Adela. His hands curled into fists. "I can't be in a group with her."

Koukyuu raised an eyebrow and gave him a quizzing look. "Oh, why not?"

"I—never mind." The Minan prince slowly undid his fists. He couldn't let them know what had happened in the past, no one outside of their families needed to know. They mustn't know the way in which Adela had hurt his pride during his younger years. "It's...fine."

Adela grinned sweetly at him. "I guessed as much."

He sent her daggers with his eyes.

"You're to proceed with your teammates. We're about to begin the next part." She snapped her fingers, causing the various equipment to disappear.

"What spell is this?" Lei asked.

"It's a materialize spell, a sort of space magic, " Yuzuki responded. "You use one when you summon and unsummon your wand. Lady Kasai no Ki is one of the best materializers around. You'll learn more about it at school."

"If he passes, " Yen pointed out.

Yuzuki eyed Lei and gave him an encouraging grin. "He'll pass." Her eyes darted toward Iah and Adela. "So long as his teammates work together."

"Damn, why do I have to be grouped with that flirt and you?" Nyima asked.

Lei jumped up. "Come on! It'll be fun!"

She grumbled, standing up. "Just don't mess up."

"Lady Kasai, we have finalized the battle arrangements, " said the boy who served as Nyima's proctor.

"Thanks Yuuta, " she said, taking a tablet from his hands. The boy vanished away like he had before. As soon as he left, she turned to look back at them. "We will now be analyzing your skills through a series of battles. You will be warped into a different landscape where you will meet your opponent. We proctors will be watching closely for things such as skill and talent. So give your all."

She pressed something on the tablet, causing magical circles to appear on the spots where the cubicles once were.

With his team, Lei stepped into one.

"Before we send you away. You should think of how you'll take on your opponents. One on one, teaming up against one of the four. All of these are viable strategies. Also, a warning." She folded her arms over her ample chest. "There appear to be time mages among this year's applicants. So be wary."

"Time?" Adela said.

Nyima scoffed. "Don't worry. Time magic is nothing against me."

"Why do..." Lei started to say. A brilliant light cuts Lei off, warping them to a small islands with a few trees but mostly white sandy beaches.

He glanced to the north and saw the main islands in the foggy distance. "We seem to be several miles south of Caelum."

"You can see Caelum?" asked Nyima, giving him a puzzled look.

With a prideful smile, he nodded. "These here eyes might be beautiful, but they're also very strong."

She rolled her eyes. "Right... You're probably making stuff up."

"I really can see it."

"As do I, " called out a familiar voice. The four turned to the left and saw a young man dressed in a white cloak, fac

dark violet shadows. "Fulgur!" He grabbed Nyima's arm, keeping her close to him as he side stepped out of the way.

The water mage stared at Nahimana's attack divided the nearby waters in half. "Uh... thanks, " she said. She looked up, noticing how close she was to him. Pushing him away, she gathered water around her. "Now go and finish your own match. I'll be fine."

"You sure? I mean, Nahimana is incredibly fast. I know her better than..."

"I'm certain, " she responded, taking a step into the sea. Her eyes shifted toward the east. "Seems that he's back."

Nuk slammed his sword on the ground, causing the entire island and the nearby area to shake violently. Waves of both water and earth rose and ebbed, sending chunks of the island crashing into the sea.

Iah rapidly swatted a bee away and slammed both hands on the ground, stabilizing it. "Adela. You may switch in and take care of bug boy."

Adela stepped forward and calmed down all of the blue haired youth's bees with some sort of aroma.

"Tsk, " Awayamat said, recalling some of the affected bees.

"Those two work well, " Lei said.

"They do, " Nyima said as she continued to watch Nahimana closely.

"Regroup, " Nahimana commanded as she made her way toward Nuk.

Ayawamat dodged one of Adela's metal swords. "Listen to me! Attack her with all you've got!" the guy yelled at his insects. The bees rushed at the pink-haired girl, but she dodged with the grace of a ballet dancer. "You two regroup if you want to. I'm busy here!"

Nahimana encased her lance in shadows once more and rushed at Adela. "Then allow me to help you out!"

The Xianian spun around and sent a jian flying at the shadow mage's right shoulder, causing her to drop the lance.

The shadow mage pulled the sword out. Blood dyed the white sand deep crimson. "Damn. This girl truly must be her... Xian's..."

"B... Nahimana!" Nuk yelled, warping next to her. He grabbed her and warped her back to where Orion rested. "Ayawamat! Keep them at bay until I'm done!"

"I'm trying!" he snapped as he tried to sneak up behind Adela to land a punch on her.

The metal mage ducked and spin-kicked the bug-insect mage into the ground.

"That was... awesome!" Lei said, mouth still agape.

Adela snickered. "Thanks, " she said, turning her attention back to Ayawamat. Now, where were we? Oh right. I was about to finish this!"

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