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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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-"The weak shall become the strong and rule the world"

"Wanikiya, " Lei said with a smile upon seeing the white-haired young man.

Ayawamat glared at Lei's friend. He recalled his bees and calmly took a step away from the target section. "You weaklings stick together, eh?" His smug grin returned as he tapped Wanikiya's shoulder. "If you weren't the son of the Head Chief of this country, then I wouldn't be leaving without a fight."

Wanikiya watched as Ayawamat left to ask one of the other proctors to record him as he took the sensor section part of the exam. "Damn that guy. Why is he always trying to cause trouble for us?"

Lei nodded. Ever since elementary that jerk had always been a thorn on his side. Especially during middle school.

The white-haired proctor touched the tube. "Bullying is done by those who are missing something in life. Usually, that something is paternal love or friendship."

Missing something? That's right, I remember hearing that Ayawamat could do whatever he wanted as his parents were never home. Was the lack of restraint related to the way he treats us?

No, that can't be it. I grew up similarly. Mother always allowed my siblings and me to play around, and Father was rarely home during the day. Then the reason wouldn't be the freedom of not having his parents around to enforce the rules, but the lack of something else... Then it must be as the proctor said, the lack of paternal love.

Is Ayawamat really that sentimental of a guy? No, that can't be it, the guy has a heart made out of cold iron.

How odd, Ayawamat had never shown any interest in magic in middle school. Despite having the ability to control it. It was something which only a small percentage of Wahkan's citizen's now had. To my knowledge he was the only mage in his family, so his chances at entering Nine Petal Academy were awfully small.

"Hey, proctor, " Lei called out.

"Please call me Koukyuu."

"Koukyuu. That guy just now. Do you know his scores?"

A glimmer appeared in her eyes. She summoned a gray tablet "I'm not the one watching over him, but I can pull up his info here if you give me his name."

"It's Ayawamat Zihna."

With a few swipes of the tablet, multiple screens popped up. "Let us see..." Her hairs stood up as she remembered the bees that had emerged from his cloak. She sighed as if glad that she had chosen me to overlook instead of that bully. "After elemental adjustments to the scores... he is tied with you, Lei. You both got the fourth highest score."

Lei grinned slightly. So he didn't surpass me after all. Though the thought of being tied with the guy isn't exactly very pleasing either.

"What are the surrounding scores?" Lei asked, wanting to know who the rest of his competition was.

She glanced at her tablet. "Hmm, third place is a boy called Hikaru Mikado."

"Hikaru?" I asked. "That's great!"

"You know him?" Koukyuu asked.

Lei nodded. "He's a longtime friend of my family." His turquoise eyes scanned the gym. "Where is Hika?"

"He's with your sister, " Wanikiya responded, chuckling.

"Honestly. I still don't get how they can always be together when they argue as much as they do." He shifted his eyes bac

d him. "Who was that girl you were talking to? I noticed that you were sitting with her during breakfast too."

"Nyima, " he responded. "I met her on the way here... sort of by accident." He stared at his childhood friend's eyes. A memory of flames flashed before his eyes. "I meant to ask you this earlier, but didn't get the chance. Why are you here? I thought that you hated Kyuu Seishin."

She stepped back, hugging her shoulders. "I do. It might be like entering a wolf's den, but I want to learn what they wanted from me. That, and there's someone whom I wanted to see."

Lei face flushed at the last part. "You mean... me? Why?"

"Because, I owe you for what you did all those years ago." Her eyes shifted toward the bleachers which gradually were filling back up.

"The next part is about to begin soon, " Yuzuki shouted from behind them. She leered at both of them.

Adela smiled. "I get it, Yuzu." She grabbed Lei's hand. "Come. Let's not make her angry."

Lei followed her back, leaving behind a grumbling Yuzuki. "That girl... Since when were we on close terms for her to call me 'Yuzu'?" she snapped, warping over to the bleachers.


"Wah, " Lei said, leaping as Yuzuki appeared before them. "D... don't warp in front of me without warning me first!"

Adela and her both snickered. "You're still so easily frightened, " Adela said, covering her grin.

Grumbling, he took a seat next to Nyima who was also laughing.

"Uh sorry, " Nyima said, hiding her smile with the collar of her brown leather coat.

Great, now I'm a laughing stock!

"Everyone has wrapped up the first part. Now we shall start the next stage. But before that. We shall split you up into groups based on your various kinds of magic. Several of you were already split up, but some of you weren't given teams, " the white-haired woman from earlier said. "So to fix that and to remind those who might've forgotten already..." She snapped her fingers, causing tiny slips of paper to appear in everyone's hands.

Lei quickly unwrapped his. "Team VITA- Lei, Iah, Nyima, and..."

"Adela, " said Iah, dropping his slip on the floor.

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