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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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- "The Road ahead is filled with unknowns, but turning back is also filled with them"

Yuzuki escorted Lei and his cohort into a gym with various kinds of equipment spread throughout it. In one of the corners were cubicles the size of bathroom stalls. On another corner were targets with transparent tubes suspended over them, levitating thanks to the use of prana crystals made to mimic the magic of psychic mages.

"Welcome, " said a girl with snake-like eyes and hair the color of the finest jade any of them had ever seen. A dark-green and golden snake bracelet tangled around her left arm. "My name is Mayu. I am one of the third year representatives. First, we'll be testing your magical amplitude. Our school only desires the strongest mages. Afterwards, you'll be made to fight several of the other examinees to test out your skills in battle. The rest of us representatives plus teachers from Nine Petals Academy will be serving as your proctors. Please take this seriously."

Several others warped to the gym floor, including Yuzuki who now wore a dark pink cloak with stars that reminded Lei of a nebula.

"Please come down, " Mayu said.

Lei jumped from his seat, rushing to one of the nearest cubicles.

"You're awfully excited for a kid taking a test, " a white haired girl said, chuckling as she took something out from one the sleeves of her cloak. She handed me a transparent sticker. "Put this on, it'll allow us to tell what your elements are."

Lei put on the sticker, and as soon as he did the color changed from completely transparent to being half lime green, and half lemon yellow. Meanwhile, the edge of it had a faint hint of violet.

The proctor pulled the sticker out of my hand with little warning, causing me to wince in pain. Her eyes lingered over the violet circle.

"Hmm. According to this, your prana has at least two elements it can convert into. Wind and Lightning. Well then, let's start by testing your prana flow. Please, let your prana flow out as a separate element. This will allow us to see your control over each. I'll be looking at the results from out here, you will be able to see them too. The instructions for how to use the machine are there in case you need them." She walked over to the right side of the cubicle which had a flat screen touch screen computer displaying an empty graph.

Lei slid the door open and allowed it to close itself. In the middle was a machine consisting of a single blue ball and some wir

boy. The boy directed his blue eyes on a target and had a single bee destroy it. The insect spell wasn't as fast as Lei's lightning or wind spells. However, there was the elemental adjustment that was to be applied to our scores. Such a curve would give the guy a higher score than the one Lei had gotten.

"Ayawamat, " Lei said grinding his teeth. Why is this guy here? "Don't tell me that you want to go to Nine Petal Academy too?"

Ayawamat grinned like a cat as he continued to make his way toward him. He pushed Lei out of the way as if he were some door. It took some good footwork for Lei to avoid slamming into the tubes.

"I should be the one asking that question, " he said, turning around. His smug grin became even crueler. "What does a wimp like you want to do in Nine Petal Academy? That place is only for the strong bodied. A weakling like you would never make it."

Wimp? Wind danced around Lei which drew the attention of several of his fellow test takers and the proctors? "Oh? You really think so?" he asked, taking a step back and raising an arm into the air. "Want to see how weak I truly am?"

Ayawamat chuckled as several bees emerged from under his black cloak. "I would be happy to crush you again."

Suddenly Lei felt someone's hand push down his raised arm. "Being bullied again?"

A dark-skinned, white-haired young man wearing a cloak made out of black horse fur stepped in between Ayawamat and Lei.

The new arrival narrowed his eyes at the insect mage. "How many times must I tell you not to bother Lei?"

**Character Section**

Koukyuu Kasai no Ki (aka 'white-haired proctor')- Age:? Birthday: May 25th

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