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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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- "The past isn't something that can be fled from. One must confront it in order to move on."

"Hey!" Yen called out. Seated on a bench next to her was Hikaru. In Hikaru's hands was a glass of some strange-looking red liquid.

"Ah, you made it, " someone voice echoed. Lei turned to the right, seeing Yuzuki approaching with several bottles of the liquid that Hikaru was drinking. "Take these, they should restore your prana."

Iah smiled at her as he took one. "Thanks. Uh, what's your name?"

"Yuzuki, " she said, grinning.

Nyima shot him a dirty look. "So he is willing to flirt with any pretty girl who comes across him."

"He's the worst, isn't he?" Yen said, crossing her arms. "He did the same when I entered through the gate."

Iah chuckled. "Don't be jealous. Plus, you two refused me."

Yuzuki's face flushed. "Sorry, but there's someone I already like."

Lei's eyes darted toward the gooey liquid in the bottle she'd given him. "Really?" Lei asked. He shook his head. He didn't have the time to worry about who she liked, he needed to focus on the rest of the test. Though, perhaps stressing out about the exam wouldn't help either...

His friend snickered as she turned around. "Well, enjoy your break. In thirty minutes your real test begins. I encourage you to go to the cafeteria to get some real nourishment."

"Where are you going?" Hikaru asked.

"To help the proctors set up the next part of the test. Of the over twenty-thousand who applied, only two-hundred have passed." Yuzuki gave her brother a worried smile. "You should take care to not overexert yourself until then. You know how much prana time magic takes up."

Hikaru nodded. "I should be fine. What would I even use it for outside of the test? I'm not like Lei- always getting into little squabbles."

Lei laughed. "Oh really?" Lightning covered his fists. "How about we throw down, eh? I'll be good practice for what's to come."

His friend narrowed his eyes. "You're saying that on purpose, aren't you?"

"Maybe, " Lei said as he raised his nose. Suddenly he bolted off. "I smell honey chicken this way! Come on!"

"Honey chicken?" Yen asked, bolting out of her seat. The twins rushed off into the distance, leaving behind a trail of dust.

"Those two must really love honey chicken, " Nyima said, chuckling.

"That's an understatement, " the Mikado sibling pair said, trying not to laugh at the Lan siblings.

"Well, I'm off, " Yuzuki s

it flying at her. The pebble exploded into dust before it could even touch her. The young man took a step back and curled his hands into fists. 'Has she really surpassed me, again?'

Adela stopped smiling. "This is not the place to fight. Nor is it the time. Also, we already settled our old dispute... You won, remember?"

He placed the napkin on the table. "These are our orders."

"Iah, you can't run from the past!" Adela grabbed the napkin and returned to helping the Kyuu Seishinians turn honey chicken.

Iah found Nyima, Lei, and the others talking about what the next round of the exam could possibly be about. Hopefully unaware of the exchange between him and the princess of Xiān.

"That was fast, " Nyima said. "Did you just give the clerk the napkin? Which reminds me." She took out six Ciel. "Here you go, it's for my meal."

"That's fine, " Iah said, taking a seat. "The meals here are free." He placed his head on the table and covered it up with his arms. 'Why did she have to come here too?' He closed his eyes, trying to tune out those around him.

"Hey our food is here!" Lei yelled. His eyes widened as soon as he saw who had brought the food. He had seen the girl someplace before... in a place that seemed like a land of fairy-tales more than reality. "Adela?"

Iah sat up straight. His mouth opened to say something as Adela stood before them with their tray of food. But nothing emerged from his mouth. His eyes darted toward Lei. How does he know her?

**Solar Question: What do you think Adela's connection to Iah and Lei is?**

*Character Section*

Adela Xian- Age: 15 Birthday: April 14th,

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