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"A mystical beast shall herald the arrival of a new ruler and an era of peace"

Lei looked around. They were just outside of heavily forested hill."

"That was rude, " Yen said, crossing her arms.

Hikaru stepped forward. "He was. But I think that this is our destination."

"Yes!" Lei yelled. He covered his feet in lightning and ran off into the distance.

"Wait up!" his sister screamed. She glance back at the exhausted Hikaru. Sighing, she walked over to him. "Let's go."

"Sorry, for being a burden, " he said, closing his eyes.

"You're no burden, " she said, leaping into the trees. I do hope that my trouble maker of a brother will be fine on his own.


[A few minutes earlier | Caelum's Northwestern Eastbound-Bridge.]

"Why isn't traffic moving, it's as if time has stopped, " an ocean-blue-haired girl yelled.

Her mother chuckled as she pulled her cherry-red hair into a ponytail. "That's because it has. Didn't think that there would be a time mage here."

The girl gave her mother a shocked expression. "What? Why didn't you tell me?" She opened the door of the car and ran toward the edge of the bridge.

"Take care, Nyima!" the mother yelled.

"Don't worry about me, " Nyima said, before jumping into the river a eleven-feet below the bridge. "Water Dance." Her cerulean eyes glowed light cyan as water gathered around her, forming a bubble. The bubble struck the river, creating ripples which froze in time as soon as they were a few feet away from her. She used the water to propel herself northward, toward Mahpiya high where the test to enter Nine Petals Academy was to take place in a few minutes.

She cut down the distance significantly before time renewed again, and the current of the river pushed her back. Swinging her hands back, she pushed the bubble upstream. However, she stopped once again as she noticed a creature glistering like a brilliant yellow jewel. The unknown being walked in the middle of the river as if the current were nonexistent.

Before she knew it, the current vanished as time stopped anew. "What is that?" she asked, pushing herself toward the mysterious creature. The beast stopped, turning to look at her. The creature had the body of and antlers of a deer with the scales, and wings of a dragon.

Nyima dispersed the bubble, using her powers to walk on the water herself. Her hand ran through the beast's soft fur which was softer than any deer hide she had ever touched. The creature rubbed its neck against her, stomping the river with glee.

"Stop that, " Nyima said, chuckling as water splashed around them. Her eyes darted toward the distance. "I got to get going. I'm not sure what you are, but I feel like meeting you is a good omen."

The creature ran ahead of her and lowered itself. Nyima stared at the creature's back and smiled. "Do you want me to ride you?"

The odd chimera-like being simply nodded. With a grin, she jumped onto its back and grabbed tightly onto its long neck. The beast dashed across the temporally frozen water faster than a speed boat, leaving a trail of water suspended in animation behind them. The girl chuckled as the wind ran across her long hair.

The creature stopped before she knew it, taking her to the western bank of the river. Her fingers slowly uncurled from the soft neck of the creature. "I guess this is as far as you'll take me, huh?" She glanced up the hill and saw Mahpiya high. "How did you figure that I wanted to come here?"

"You better run, " a voice called out. It was a young man's, but she couldn't see any.

"Did you finally decide to talk?" she asked the animal as she jumped off. "I'm Nyima, what's your..." The sound of roa

hat could make nearly every girl swoon. He wore his long blond hair in a modern samurai bun style, a style unusual to Wahkan.

The young man raised his palm out and the baseball sized stone flung out of the gate and into his hands.

"Phew, barely made it." He walked over to the two of them, looking straight at Lei with stern eyes. "You should be more careful next time. You almost got yourself killed, not to mention you almost took this beautiful woman with you." He smiled at me before winking. "Nice to meet you, I'm Iah Wǔdì."

Nyima's turned her flushing face away from him, instead she crossed her arms over her chest. "Sorry to say this, but I don't fall for corny pickup lines like that. Though, thanks for saving us. This idiot here is Lei and I'm..."

"Nyima, " he finished, flashing a pearly smile at her.

Her eyes widened. "Have we met?"

The guy chuckled, putting a hand on his gorgeous neck. "Don't you recall meeting me a few moments ago? Honestly, give a girl a ride and she suddenly forgets you." He shook his head, faking a whimper. "Tragic."

She gasped, stepping back. "Wait, you mean to say that you're that strange creature?"

He removed his hand from his neck and chuckled. "Yeah!"

She bowed slightly. "Then I'm indebted to you twice."

Iah smiled mischievously as he leaned in, his face inches from hers. "Then how about you go on a date with me and we'll call it even?"

"No, " Nyima stated flatly.

He turned around, smile still on his face despite having been rejected without a second thought. "That's fine. I don't mind. By the way, you have a very pretty name."

Nyima couldn't hide her blush any longer. Damn this guy. Ugh, my face is probably as red as my mother's hair right now.

"What were you doing out here?" Lei spoke up. His eyes were directed at the pebbles littering the brick trail to the school.

"I was studying the newcomers, " Iah responded. He gave him an impish grin. "Let's go. The real test hasn't even begun yet."

Lei hurried off ahead of them, jumping around like a child. "This is it, " he said as he grasped the handles of the red gate into the school. "This is yet another step toward my true goal!"

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Nyima Taiyang- Age: 15 Birthday: July 11th, Iah Wudi- Age: 14 Birthday: December

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