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"Azure lightning flashes across the sea."

The car came to a halt as traffic took hold of the city. One of the two lanes on the only bridge east bound was blocked.

"No!" Lei yelled, pulling strands of hair out. "I can't believe it! We're going to be late." He hit his head against the dashboard. "This is all my fault."

"No, it's mine, " his father said, sighing. "I forgot that there was going to be construction on the bridge today."

"Why did they have to do it today of all days?" Yen cried, shaking her head. She glanced at her phone. They only had fifteen minutes to go, luckily she had told Lei the wrong time on purpose to get him to wake up faster. But normally ten of those would be spent in traffic, the normal rush that is.

"Wait, we can still make it, " Hikaru said, grinning at them. He took a deep breath, causing the cars to come to a halt. Normally that would be the opposite of helpful, except in this case, the time stopped ticking away. He opened the door, making his way to the bike lane on the right side of the bridge. He signaled frantically for them to follow.

"Wait, can't we have Yuzuki teleport us?" Yen asked, glancing at his sister.

Yuzuki smiled and warped to one of the iron beams on top of them. "Sorry, but you got to make it there on your own. As soon as you stepped here, your test began." A swirl of black with tiny golden spots manifested behind her as she turned around. "Good luck." The portal closed behind her.

"I knew she had something to do with it!" Lei yelled. He opened the door, rushing out. "Bye Dad, take care."

His father sighed. "Why didn't Yuzuki tell me of this? I would've had you walk there instead." He stretched his arms, touching the hood of the car. "At least I got some free time to catch up on some reading. Go and pass this test."

The twins nodded, rushing off to catch up to Hikaru. It didn't take them long to do so, Hikaru wasn't exactly the fastest among them. It also didn't help that he had to keep his breath in for the spell to work.

"Take a breather every now and then, " Lei advised, slapping his friend on the back. Hikaru released the air.

"Yeah. We still got fifteen, right? If I take a minute break then we should make it there on time."

"Won't you run out of prana?" Yen asked, frowning. "Your time magic consumes a lot more of it than your light magic does."

He scoffed, walking on ahead of her. "I'll be fine. You worry too much about me."

Her face flushed. "I do not!"

Lei snickered, this was his chance. "You're afraid of him or something?" he retorted.

She kicked him in the leg. "Shut up, who asked you to open your mouth?"

Her brother just grinned as he rubbed his injured leg. 'Wait, this gives me an idea, ' Lei thought. He took a deep breath to clear his nerves. 'I know what to do'.

"Energy Surge!" he shouted into the heavens. Sky-blue and yellow sparks appeared around Lei's legs and feet, making a crackling sound similar to that of static. He let go of his leg, kept his face toward and ran for his life. He vanished into the di

g bat-like wings, sending bullets and giant slabs of earth flying at him.

Lei stared at the frozen people below who were in the path of the debris. He couldn't dodge by going down. He had to go up.

The mysterious boy peered at the cars. He let out a light-hearted chuckle. "I see. This isn't the right place to fight."

"Lei!" two distressed voices yelled. Suddenly the cars below started to move again. The drivers looked up at them. Some in awe, others in anger for using magic in such a crowded place.

Hikaru gazed at the cloaked boy. His hazel eyes grew as large as golf balls as soon as he noticed the twin swords. "You... why do you have those?" he yelled at the top of his lungs, alarming those around them.

The stranger vanished, only to reappear behind him. "What's wrong, you look almost as if you've seen a ghost, " the boy taunted, grinning mischievously.

Hikaru spun around, swinging a fist at the boy. The stranger blocked his attack with ease. "We shouldn't battle here any longer." The earth dragon in the air dissolved as Lei descended.

"Do you know this guy?" Lei asked.

His friend glared at the boy. "No. But those swords he wields, they're familiar enough. Tell me, where did you get them?"

The boy sighed. "You sure are uptight." He warped back to the top of the roof where Lei had first spotted him. "You're running out of time. Save your energy."

Lei leapt into the air but his sister stopped him from going any higher. "Who in the world are you?" she asked.

"Me? I'm an enigma. You can call me, Nuk." He pointed his twin swords at the twins. "I'll be the next Magus Maximus, trust me, " he said, turning his back to them. "Oh, while you didn't defeat me. I do have a reward for your troubles, Lei." He snapped his fingers, causing pillars of light to fall from the sky. "Bye now."

Lei, Yen, and Hikaru tried to dodge the light but it moved too quickly. Before they knew it, the trio was consumed by the unfathomable light.

**Character Section**

Nuk- Age: 15 Birthday: September 29th

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