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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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"The Breeze Carries the Seeds Away"

[Day of the Test- Caelum Wahkan]

Yen walked into her room and let out a groan as soon as she found her brother still asleep in his side of the bed. They would be late if he didn't wake up soon.

She stomped over to him and shook his shoulders. "Wake up! We're going to be late! Come on Lei. I don't have your time. If you're going to sleep in, then I'll just go ahead of you."

"Just nine more minutes, " the sleepy boy murmured.

His sister put a hand under his back, lifting him up. Next, she wrapped her arm around the boy's neck, effectively grabbing him in a choke-hold.

"Gah!" The boy's turquoise eyes snapped open. "Fine, I'm awake. Now please don't wrestle me awake, again."

The girl smiled victoriously. "Good. Now hurry and get cleaned up. I'll be waiting for you downstairs."

The boy moved his long honey-brown bangs away from his eyes. "I need a hair cut, " he noted into the notebook next to his nightstand. Putting it back down, he rushed into the bathroom.

He entered the bathroom. As soon as he did, he felt something wet under his feet. Squatting, he picked up a a towel from the blue-tiled floor.

'That Yen, ' he thought. At school she might've had an image of a good and neat student, but in reality she was a slob.

Sighing, he threw it into the laundry basket along with his clothes and entered the shower.

He turned the shower on and hoped for warm water. Instead he got struck by a blast of cold liquid.

"Again? I got a test to go to!" the young man yelled at the thing. "Come on you stupid thing, I don't have the time to be dealing with you!"

Lei curled his hands into fists but he knew hitting it would've made things worse. He turned the knobs on and off again until he finally got something closer to what he had wanted.

That's more like it!

The water singed his light-brown skin as the room was quickly enveloped in a cloud of steam. The boy closed his eyes and drew the hot vapor deep into his lungs, allowing the patter of the hot water to drown out his anxiety.

The warm water. It always made his lungs feel better as if he could run around and participate in sports like the rest of the kids...

He shook his head and berated himself for allowing his thoughts to take some of his valuable time. He had to make it to the test on time.

Lei turned off the shower and wrapped a green towel around his body. He exiting the bathroom in a rush that left a trail of water drops behind him.

Despite feeling refreshed, the shower had done little to quell his nerves. He couldn't afford to fail the entrance exam into Kyuu Seishin's Nine Petals Academy. That school was the first step toward his goal of becoming Magus Maximus, the strongest mage in the world.

Opening the closet, Lei's eyes s

yes darted back to the car. A scrawny, black haired boy with hazel eyes waved at him. Sitting next to him was a red haired girl with eyes reminiscent of stars.

He avoided looking into the girl's radiant eyes, feeling his face redden. "Why is his sister here?"

Yen snickered. "Come on, don't tell me that you're afraid of her?"

"I'm not!" he whispered, kicking sand into the air. He marched on to the car without her, taking the front seat.

"Hey! That's mine, " his sister yelled.

Lei rolled down the window, sticking his tongue out. "You should've said something."

"Don't start arguing, " the blond haired man seated in the driver's seat said. Energy radiated from his electric blue eyes, causing them to halt their bickering. He leaned his head back against the black velvet seat, smiling. "I thought so."

Yen pouted as she sat down next to Hikaru who was seated in the middle-back.

"Well then, let's get you to that test!"

Lei snuck a glance at the girl, Yuzuki. She noticed this and flashed him a pearly smile, causing his face to redden. "Uh... why are you here?" he managed to get out.

"You'd see soon enough, " she said with a wink.

He faced forward, curious as to what she could possibly mean. What would a sophomore already admitted to Nine Petals Academy be doing at the entrance exam?

*Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed seeing Lei once more :3. With the next chapter is the start of the second arc! The Nine Petal Exam Arc!**

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