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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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-"Push yourself if you must in order to achieve your goals, but do not hurt yourself in the process"

[Day of the Test | Caelum Train Station- Hidden Terminal]

Orion stepped out of the bullet train alongside thousands of others. They were dropped off in a special part of the station set aside for the test. All around them were proctors.

"Let's begin!" a guy with long blue hair and red eyes said.

"Tahoma?" Orion asked, approaching the long-haired proctor. "What are you doing here?"

Tahoma crossed his arms and smiled a little. "Do I know you?"

His lavender eyes looked away. "Maybe not well. I'm Orion Hoshi. I was a classmate of your cousin, Ayawamat before he moved to this town."

The proctor scoffed. "You should focus on the test at hand. You only got an hour to reach the school. Those who fail to do so will not be allowed to take the exam."

Orion turned away and ran for it. However, he found himself low on breath. Darn. Yuzuki was right. I should work out more.

"You alright?" another blue-haired young man asked. This one shorter hair and eyes that seemed to radiate lightning.

Orion opened his mouth, but no sound emerged. Instead only wheezing did.

"This guys is weaker than Ulissis, " a blue-haired girl with ocean-blue eyes said.

"Not's not nice to say, " a red-head boy yelled at her. "Honestly, where do you get so much energy? Weren't you raised indoors?"

The girl scoffed. "My brother tried. But I would not allow myself to mature into a dainty girl. I much rather preferred to be a strong young woman."

Orion somehow managed to keep up with them. Mostly because they couldn't run past the crowd ahead.

The blue-head boy emitted a small amount of electricity from his entire body. "As soon as we're outside, I'm going to zoom past them. Ulissis, what are you going to do?"

"I'm just going to go full sprint, " Ulissis said as he shoved away those behind him who wanted to run past. "Seems that we lost Arima and the others."

"How annoying, " the blond haired-young man said as he created a wall out of earth to block part of the stampede.

"Thanks, Iah, " a blond-haired girl said, jumping down from the top of the wall. Alongside her were five others. Two girls and three boys.

"Vermeil!" Alto yelled.

"Missed us?" she said as she and the others ran alongside them.

"Aban, copy Iah!" Alto yelled. "The less make it, the less the competition."

Orion kept close to the group. Perhaps he would be able to make it to the school with their help.

The white-haired young man grinned and

do much, " Adela said, putting a hand on the shoulders of An and Sarah. "These two were the ones who helped."

"Hmp. I see. And here I was hoping that you could be a strong rival."

Orion lowered his head.

His old friend glared at him. "Stop making that face. You remind me of a certain pest."

"Pest?" Adela said as if she had been the one spoken of.

The cold boy walked on ahead of them. "Yeah. An annoying honey loving pest who just won't give up. The guy is worse than a cockroach."

She rubbed her chin.

"Well, we're off, " Sarah said, running off. "I trust that you will make it on your own?"

Orion nodded.

"Yeah." He waved at Sarah and An before turning his attention back to Adela and Ayawamat. "Do you know the person he's talking about."

"I only know two boys like that. Lei and Kun." Her ruby red eyes glared at the rude guy. "Either way, I'm not liking this guy."

Ayawamat scoffed. "Like I care what you think of me. And the guy is Lei. Kun is dead."

Adela's jaw dropped. She stepped forward, her hands shaking. "What? That... can't be."

The rude boy chuckled. "Well it is. Now, if you excuse me. I got two people to defeat to the finish line."

"Hey! Wait up!" she screamed. A tear streamed down her face as her hands curled over her mouth. "Poor Lei... "

"Kun and Lei, " Orion said, gazing at the rushing river. Lei. That's the name of the boy that Yuzuki kept mentioning the other day. Even Ayawamat seems to see something special in him, if he sees him as a rival. His mouth curled into a grin. Now I'm looking even more forward to meeting this guy.

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