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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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-"Forsake oneself for the good of all"

[Few hours before the test- Unknown Location]

"Ry, " a purple-haired girl called out. She tapped the shoulder of a boy whose blue eyes were set only on his handheld console.

"What is it, Boss?" he asked as he pressed the buttons rapidly. He rose up slightly from his bed as he sped up his button smashing of the handheld console. "Wait, hold it for a moment. I am almost done defeating this stupid boss."

Sighing, she shook her head. Why did I chose these two boys to accompany me again? Both of them are a bunch of blockheads. Don't they realize that we have to leave soon?

The young woman turned around and walked out of the two-bed guest room. She made her way down a long hall which was decorated with various ornaments made out of different kinds of animal skins and feathers, regalia from her tribe. She came to an abrupt stop upon seeing a tall man with black braided hair heading my way.

The man's lips creased toward his bright purple eyes as soon as he saw her "There's my favorite little girl! Your mother was wondering if..."

She held up a hand, shutting him up. "Father, have you seen Nuk?" she asked, looking straight into his purple eyes.

He tilted his head as he tried to recall. "Hmm, he said that he was going to go out to buy something to eat but that was over an hour ago." He gave her a sad smile. "You're leaving already? I thought that you were going to spend the night and head to the capital with the other examinees."

The girl smiled sadly as she nodded. "I've finally gotten a clue as to where the person we're looking for is. We might stay for the night, but head out early. Nuk and I have to pass that exam."

"And Ry?"

"He'll sneak into the island. He knows his mission."

The father sighed. "I see. I still don't agree that you should allow the child to study and live his own life. Same with Nuk and the others. You too. Why must you hide your real ident

e leader is somewhere in that country. Most likely at our destination, Nine Petal Academy."

He grinned.

What a coincidence. Seems that we might be able to save some valuable time. Plus I can attended the academy alongside the others...

He lowered his head. Sadly, they won't even know who I am. Plus my dream to become Magus Maximus is a dream now lost to me, a dream that hopefully one of my siblings or friends will fulfill in my place. Or at least it is for now.

Boss tapped his shoulder. "Maybe one of these days you'll be able to fulfill your dream. Once we find our destined leader, we will be able to live a little more freely."

He raised his free arm back toward the starry mosaic, this time to look at the golden chain bracelet on his arm.

Chained by fate until one finds the destined ruler, will one be able to feel a sense of freedom.

Once they've found him or her, he would finally be able to return to my true goal. Hopefully no one else would beat him to it.

**Solar Note: Those of you who read the old version of Novus Magus that I had up prior to April 30th, 2017 (the start of my first rewrite) would recognize this as the original prologue. I decided to recycle that material this way :). Anyway, I hope that you've enjoyed it. If so then click on that star!**

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