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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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-"There are memories that flee easily, then there are those that are with you for as long as you live. Aim for those."

The day quickly wound down. Sarah sat down on her bed and sighed. "I can't believe that I'm on the same team as that pervert and the clown. At least my third teammate is the quiet Xue instead of Vermeil."

A grumbling sound echoed from outside, drawing her attention to the window. She peered down and saw Aban raising rocks all around him. Sweat drenched his white t-shirt, making it transparent.

Sarah closed the navy blue lace curtains and smiled. It seems like the guy isn't going to go into the test without at least trying.

"He needs to work on his technique." Sarah jumped back. Xue stood by the window. "Sorry. Did I scare you?"

The princess of Sera took in a deep breath. "Only a little." She turned around. "I'm going to go out and do some training of my own." I need to defeat An.

"Me too, " the mysterious girl said, touching the sword on her belt. "My swings can still be improved."


Aban wiped the sweat from his forehead as he lowered the cobble stones back down.

"So this is where you were, " Arima said, stepping out of the four-star hotel like dorm to his right.

The guy took out a box of cigarettes from his ripped jeans as well as a lighter. "Want one?"

Arima stomped over to him and snatched the box and lighter. "Are you dumb? Do you know what this can do to your lungs?"

He reached for them but she vanished, reappearing behind him like a ghost. "Come on. Give those back. I need to relieve some stress."

"Relieve stress?" she asked, holding the cigarettes and lighter behind her so that he couldn't take them while they talked. "Are you worried about the test."

He sighed and kicked up a stone. "Yeah. I... I'm not as strong as either Alto or you. I'm not book smart like Ulissis, either. Now give those back!" He lurched for the cigars but she jumped to his right, avoiding him.

She crushed the box of cigars in her hands. "You should avoid this. Aren't you aware that it isn't easy to heal the internal organs with magic?"

Aban crossed his arms. "It is?"

"Well, if the cause is magic, then it becomes easier to heal. But damaged caused by a non-magical sourc

I do miss the cute and innocent Aban."

"And here I thought that An was bad." The two turned around and saw Sarah standing under a tree with tendrils of water around her.

"Were you standing there all this time?" Arima asked.

The Seran princess glared at Aban. "Not all the time. I came out while you two were fighting over cigars. I cannot fathom as to why a mage would use that stuff. Well, anyone actually."

"I'll be quitting, " Aban said, glancing over at Arima. "I might need some encouragement, though."

His childhood friend pushed him into the dorm. "Don't say stuff with that tone."

He closed his eyes and marched back to his room which he shared with Alto and Orion.


"Done, " Aban said as he stared into the mirror. His teeth were badly stained still, but they managed to regain more of their whiteness than he had expected. This toothpaste she gave me works wonders. I bet that it was made using some special herbs. Hopefully the combination of me quitting and brushing will allow me to get them at least a little whiter. Then, maybe I can..

He put the toothbrush and paste into his bag. What are you thinking? She's your friend. Doing that will make things awkward... though I sort of did by making up that fake rumor and flirting. Though her reaction to that rumor—does she really have a thing for one of us three? Is it Alto? Ulissis? Or me?

**Solar Note: What did you think of Aban and Arima's interaction? Any theories as to who it is who Arima likes?**

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