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"Lights glimmer in the pitch black sky, lighting it so that it may no longer be as dark."

[One Day until the test begins | Caelum Train Station]

A girl panted as she made her way to the train station. She didn't even take the time to move the long red bangs from her eyes for fear of being further late. She had to make it to Lux on time to help with the various students coming from abroad to take the upcoming test. It was her duty as one of the second year representatives.

She figured that it had to be bad karma for always making fun of Lei's tardiness.

The inside of the train was full with morning commuters going to university or work.

Yuzuki passed one of the terminals and scanned her card to open it. Thankfully the train was still there. Maneuvering across the crowd, she made sure not to bump into anyone, especially the kids which were harder to see.

After what felt like an eternity, she made it inside the train going to Stella, and even managed to find myself a seat by the doors. Sighing, she took the seat as the doors closed behind her.

The train she was in was designed to move rapidly to accommodate those without magic powers, or those with insufficient knowledge of magic, and those who lacked access to prana for whatever reason. The train itself was made out of materials with high prana concentrations mixed with a more mundane elements like aluminum and copper.

The second-year representative glanced back, watching in awe as things outside became a complete blur. She assumed that Hikaru had a similar sensation when speeding up time.

Fifteen minutes later the train arrived in one of the first stops in Stella city, a port town in the eastern side of the big island. It also happened to be the biggest city in all of Wahkan.

"Excuse me, can I sit here?" someone called out. She turned away from the window. Before her stood a handsome white-haired boy with grayish lavender eyes. She recognized his face, but his skipped her.

"Sure, " she responded nonchalantly. Yuzuki put her stuff on her lap, allowing him to sit down.

"Thanks, " he said. He sat down, and opened up a big book.

Yuzuki had no idea why he would take the time to read a book when we'll arrive in Lux city in under ten minutes. Not to mention a cook book.

The boy lowered his book, and smiled nervously. "Is something wrong?" the boy asked, as the train neared Lux city.

"Huh?" she asked, raising her head.

"You've been staring at me read for a while now. Do you want to read this?"

The representative laughed, embarrassed. I hoped he didn't think I was weird, or anything. "Ah sorry. I was just wondering what was so interesting about a cook book.

"I'm trying to memorize some recipes, " he said. "I have to take care of myself from now on." He moved on to the next page. He touched his stomach. It rumbled, so he quickly closed the book, his face flushed. "Perhaps I shouldn't read this while I'm on an empty stomach."

The train came to a sudden stop causing the boy's book to go flying toward the crowd of passengers who had to stand up due to lack of seats. Yuzuki warped it back to him with her spatial magic. "Here you go."

He stared at the girl, awestruck. His eyes shone like those of a child. "You're... a Hoshi, aren't you?" he whispered.

The Hoshi... her brother had cautioned her against speaking of the Hoshi.

"I don't know what you're talking about, " she responded, gathering her stuff to ge

om the phone's camera.

Orion's eyes shone like a child's yet again. This guy was turning out to be more of a kid in heart than Lei was. "Wow, what's that? Is it a familiar?"

Yuzuki let out a frustrated sigh. "No. Now stop asking questions. Just tell it the number."

He told it the number and back away, looking around, as if expecting something to appear. "Alright...there you go. Now what?" The little wizard vanished.

"Hello?" a person with an androgynous voice said.

I handed the phone back to Orion.

Orion grinned widely. "Hey bro, I have arrived. Tell sister that when she returns from work. I don't want her to be worried sick..." His face brightened up even more, as if that was even possible. "I see, sure I can talk to her...Hello, Astra. How have you been? Have you been nice to your papa? That's a good girl. Tell your mama I'm fine, and to tell your grandparents that too. I'll bring you all something when I go back for the break, alright? Bye."

"Did you just call your brother in law 'brother'?"

"Yup, he's like a big brother to me." He smiled. "My sister and he make the best couple I've ever seen. I'll like a relationship like the one they have... One in which I support my wife and she supports me in both the good and the bad. I'll also like a cute kid like my niece. Her name is Astra. She's five, she'll turn six this upcoming winter."

She couldn't help but giggle. "So, she's Serein's age then."

"Serein is who?"

Yuzuki snickered. "He's a little kid I have to babysit for my older brother, and his wife. My nephew can be a hassle to take care of, but the kid is a nice person. He is quite open to people once he gets to know them, even though initially he's terrified by strangers."

"My niece is similar except she is more shy than scared around strangers." He gave out a joyful laugh. "She's so cute though."

She felt as if she was seeing a little of Lei in Orion, and not only because of his childish nature. She laced her fingers around his hand. "Come, we're going to end up like Lei."

Orion leered at her as he tried to catch up, so that Yuzuki wouldn't end up dragging him up the hill. "Who's Lei?"

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