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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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-"The Lights shall rise to the occasion and render the darkness null."

[Deck of the S.S. Yuko]

A silver-haired young man in a white cloak leaned against the rail. "The name of this ship. Why is it familiar?"

'Nuk', " a young woman called out.

Nuk was staring at the various passengers as the sea glistened around them under the light of the sun. Some of the adults played with their children, throwing beach balls around as if they themselves were children. Meanwhile others were seated in chairs, tanning under the warmth of the sun. Others were busy reading books under the protection of giant multicolored parasols.

The white cloaked boy leaned his head back and looked up at the woman wearing a white cloak with golden trim, her face covered by a white mask. "Hey Boss, " Nuk said, grinning.

She shook her head at him. "What are you doing now? Thinking of your family again?"

He closed his turquoise eyes, the only part of his face others could see beyond the white mask. "I'm fine. Also, stop calling me 'Nuk'. I have a real name you know, " he said, pouting behind the mask.

The young woman pouted as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Stop acting like a child. Also, it's best that we use your alias while we're on this boat."

His ears, hidden by his white hood, twitched. "Why? Is there an enemy here? Wait, that can't be, our enemies aren't people, they would obviously stand out."

She scoffed. "People can turn out to be our enemies, not only those creatures from that other world are our enemies." Her white gloved hands curled around the silver rail. "Luckily they're not people I would label as enemies."

He let go of the rail, curiosity on the brink of overflowing. "Then who are they? Because, we're obviously talking about a person, right?"

She nodded. "Your old acquaintances might be here, on this very boat."

His own white-gloved fingers curled around his mask, slowly pulling his mask off. A hand slapped the hand pulling off the mask. It wasn't his boss' but his own.

It wasn't time, he couldn't talk to anyone who used to know him. The old him. He wasn't allowed to show himself to his friends and family until their mission was complete. "Who's here?"

"Priestess of our Almighty one."

"Adela is here? Is she one of us?" His boss, he, and a few others were traveling the world, in search for people with a 'brilliant light'. One of those was said to be become their leader.

"No. I checked, not she, nor the others on this boat are the 'Goddess Shards', with one exception. But I think that it's too early to approach him. However, I get the impression, from being near the priestess, that she'll be important to us, somehow. I can't quite figure it out."

Nuk lowered his head. They were still a long ways from collecti

e to let you sleep. Said something about how your happiness relied on peace and quiet."

Yeah right. Those two did it to annoy me. I am so going to punish them as soon as I get the chance.

"Follow me. I know the way to the school grounds. Well, more like a friend of mine does."

"Uh, alright, " she said.

He held his arm out. "Allow me to escort you, my lady."

She smiled and took his arm. "You might be a little strange, but you seem trustworthy enough."

He snickered. "A guy who hides his face behind a mask? You're the odd one here, Princess."

"Do not refer to me by my title. I do not want it getting out that I am the princess of Shui." She let go of his arm as they exited the bus. Beyond the concrete parking spot was a set of stone stairs that cut into a forest and lead to some un-see-able place. "How did you know who I was?"

His eyes sparkled. "I just guessed. I did hear the rumors of how the princess ran away. I figured it was you. Lucky that I was right. It would've been so embarrassing if I were off."

Her smile returned. "True."

"Sarah!" An called out, running down the stone stairs.

"Felt regret for having listened to those fools?" Sarah asked, glaring at him. "I rather that one of them came here personally instead of you."

Nuk grinned at Sarah as he jumped on top of a tree. "Seems like you're well taken care of, princess. Looking forward to seeing you again. Good luck with your test."

She looked away, her face flushed. "What an odd fellow. Like I would ever want to see him again." Her ocean-blue eyes shifted toward An. "Do not stand there. We are going to be late."

An stared at the trees. "Who was that guy?"

Sarah crossed her arms and peered back at the spot where the boy stood. "I wonder the same thing."

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