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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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-"Dance eternally, like the moons of this world."

[One day before the test- Xiao Port, Mina]

"Finally, Xiao Port" a pinked haired girl dressed in red robes said as she walked toward the city below the hill she stood on. Her robes swayed with each step she took, like the waters of a stream.

A smile dotted her face as her ruby eyes surveyed the white tiled roofs common in the western part of Mina. I'll finally be able to see him again. The boy who changed my life.

"This is where we part, Adela, " the black haired young man accompanying her said, smiling at her.

Adela grinned back. "Thanks, big brother. Take good care of Elliot." She glanced back at the city. "I'm afraid that he'll get in trouble." She raised her hands and lifted herself into the air. The combination of flight and her flowing robes made her seem almost divine. It helped that she radiated a strong aura.

The young man folded his arms and frowned. "Alright. But I also worry about you."

She stopped floating toward the city and glanced back. "What do you mean?"

"Your nightmares. They've become more persistent as every day passes. I fear that something bad might happen to you. The dreams of the Head Priestess aren't ever simple. Mother was the same way."

The red-eyed girl closed her eyes and recalled the last vision she had. One in which she was consumed by darkness. "I'll be fine. I won't allow the darkness to consume the world. Even if I must sacrifice myself, I shall stop it just like those who came before us did."

Her brother furrowed his brow. "Please don't go that far."

She placed a hand on her chest and looked into his eyes. "I will if I must. Our ancestors including our parents sacrificed their lives for the fate of the universe. If that is to be my own fate, then so

ch other again!"

How in the world did I end up dating such a spoiled girl? I mustn't have been thinking right when I accepted her confession. I am such an idiot. Though I'm sure that uncle Huang will be able to deal with whatever issues her father will cause for the kingdom. Also doubt that the man would be so dumb to waste the political power that took him years to obtain for his daughter's temper tantrum.

Suddenly he stopped as he saw a pinked haired girl pass quickly past him. He stared at her in awe. "Adela?" No... It can't be here. Why would she be boarding the boat for the exam to Nine Petal Academy? The girl hates Kyuu Seishin even more than I do.

He rubbed his eyes. I must be imagining things.


Adela briefly glanced around. I didn't expect to see the crowned prince of Mina here. How long has it been since I last saw him? Five years? Four? She gazed at the azure sky. It was as blue as the lightning of the boy from her childhood. If only the one here were you, Lei.

She shook her head. I don't need to hope. It'll become a reality, soon.

The High Priestess of the Xian followed the crowd into the boat, ready for whatever the future held for her.

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