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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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- "The Awakening of the soul is like the blooming of the lotus."

[Two days prior to the Test- Northwestern Xian]

"Where is everyone?" a purple haired young man asked. The boy, An, jumped on top of the highest rock he could find in the forest clearing. He closed his grey-violet eyes. "Psyche Draco." A pink, long bodied, legless dragon manifested from the center of his forehead. The dragon moved over what seemed like a sea of green with white peaks occasionally poking out of it.

The dragon descended, allowing it to make out the details of the trees. It flew a mile further north before finally catching the glimpse of a camp site.

"Alright, seems like I've found them, " An said. He opened his eyes and grinned. "Now to teleport." A swirl of purple prana enveloped his entire body.

He had warped to a small lake. "This doesn't seem like the right place." He jumped as something flew past him, only a few inches from having hit his face. "W... what was that?"

Looking in-front of him, he saw water blades directed at his neck. A blue haired girl holding a towel over her body glared at him. Her eyes dug into him as if they were blades themselves.

An's face became bright red. "Uh, this isn't." He looked around. "My dragon, where is it?" Water gripped his feet.

The girl narrowed her eyes. "You have ten seconds to leave, or I'll drown you. You damn pervert!"

"Sorry, sorry." He bowed multiple times, sweat rolling down his face. "I didn't mean to teleport here."

The girl side-eyed the western corner of the lake. There were several fallen trees as if something had crashed nearby. "You said something about a dragon. A psychic spell was flying over here." She tightened the grip of the water tendrils. "You dirty little-"

An held out his hands in defeat. "It was an accident. I swear!"

"Sarah, what's taking you so long, " a familiar voice called out.

An turned around and saw a blond haired girl. "This isn't what it looks like."

Vermeil splashed water everywhere, running to hug him.

An's face became bright red. "Do I know you?"

She chuckled as she slowly let go of him.

Sarah leered at the two. "Is this your friend? If he is, if so then I suggest that you start picking better friends."

The blonde scoffed. "You're my friend too."

Sarah formed a wall of water between them. "You're no friend of mine, Amber."

"Ah, don't call me by my last name now." Vermeil snicker

ve another spell?" He ran away as the third wave homed in on him.

A blue seal appeared under An's feet as he got close to Sarah. Blades of water flew up and rained back down as the water petals came from behind.

"Manifestation of the mind; Psyche Draco." A pink dragon emerged from the sword. The dragon devoured the water petals with its mouth while he blocked and repelled the blades of water with his sword.

Sarah raised her water rapier and calmly walked toward him.

"Damn, " An said. He blocked her sword as she flashed in front of him. The force of her attack sent him flying against the barrier.

A grin formed as a fourth wave of petals formed. "You're done!"

An warped onto the top of his dragon's head. The dragon slammed Sarah with its tail. The princess stood up, blood rolling down her forehead. "How could I have forgotten about that spell? It's time to go all out."

"Too late, " An said, his ivory sword against her neck. He hit her back with the palm of his left hand. Sarah winced as a pain spread through her body. An removed his sword away from her neck, and caught her. "Did I hurt you too much?"

Sarah's eyelids nearly closed completely. "No..."

An grinned. "Good." He put away his sword, and carried her out of the square.

This man, he battles like his people, but his personality... it's atypical of them. She shifted her barely opened eyes toward Xue. She on the other hand... She chuckled. Stop stereotyping, Sarah. You're starting to sound like the Kyuu Hyakuians of Kyuu Seishin.

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