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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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-"The clouds gather and the sky shakes as the forces of nature clash"

[Three days prior to the Test]

"Why did the narrowest part of the mountain range between Sera and Uan have to take us on a detour to Xian? How much longer until we get out of this mountain range?" Ulissis grumbled, wiping cold sweat from his brow. He had unzipped his sweater to allow him to cool down quicker.

As they descended to the western side of the mountain, the air started to become warmer. More species of plants— other than the yellow daffodils they had seen on their way— filled the terrain. On the way down, Arima and Hal had collected several of those yellow flowers. Supposedly the flowers were good for cultivating the Magicae Organum. The organ which allows one to use prana, the essence of all magic.

"Only a little further, " Sarah said nonchalantly. "Also, this detour is better than braving the mountains on my country's border with Uan. At this time of the year the snow pack there is at its highest."

Alto narrowed his eyes. Isn't she a princess, why isn't she affected by this hike? He side glanced Vermeil. She isn't either, despite being a noble. "Can we take a break?"

Hal patted him on the back and chuckled. "Tired aren't ya? We're almost over the mountain range." He pointed at the great expanse of forest below the rocky path they were on. There were small patches in the density of the forest. "It should only take a few more minutes before we make it past Xian, and into Uan's territory."

"Xian, " Vermeil said. She narrowed her eyes which were directed on one of the patches within the forest. "The people who are said to be one with nature?"

Hal played around with his tablet. "Yeah, sadly there's no one to pick up here. The priestess apparently has gone on ahead of us to Mina. That's where we'll board the ship to go to Wahkan."

"Priestess?" Arima asked, surprised. "She's our age?"

Hal nodded. "Yeah, her name is Adela Xian Mu according to my information."

"Are there other nobles who'll be taking the exam?" Arima asked.

Hal nodded. "The princes of Mina, and Wahkan are rumored to be. The rest appear to be a bunch of nobodies like us."

Arima ground her teeth. "Don't say that. Not even about yourself."

Hal shrugged nonchalantly. "It's the truth. We aren't famous, yet." His grey eyes gleamed. "I'll be making a name for myself eventually, but I don't know about all of you."

She crossed her arms. Right, he wants to become the Poison Master. What is that I want to become? A nurse maybe? I should really give more thought to this, luckily I got four years to think.

Alto ruffled his friend's hair. "Don't think about it, " he said with a grin.

She gently slapped his hand away. "Did you read my mind?" She backed away, her face slightly red. "Also, don't give me that dorky smile."

Alto grumbled and pouted. "It's not dorky. You're just like my dad."

"Teach, did you also tell them about the tournament?" Hal asked, jumping down a ledge.

"She did, " Arima said, jumping after him. They landed on a lingering pile of snow shielded from the sun by the shadows. "There'll be an tournament for those who are admitted into the school among the foreigners."

"A magic battle, " Ulissis murmured. His face became deathly pale.

"Hey, are you alright?" Alto asked, his voice filled with concern. He took out an extra water bottle from his bag. "Here, drink this. You must be dehydrated."

Ulissis pushed the water bottle away. "It's not that." He stared at his friend's eyes. "You know why I can't battle."

Alto sighed. "Yeah. But maybe you'll awaken your powers during the exam."

He kicked some snow into the air. "If I pass."

"A tournament, huh? That sounds like a great idea, " a voice called out. Climbing up the

mountain side. The lance had damaged one of her metallic wings, sending her spinning to her doom.

"We're going to die!" Ulisiss yelled as he kept his eyes closed. "I knew that I shouldn't have taken this journey!"

"Stop cowering!" Xue yelled as him as she pulled boulders of earth from the side out of the mountain to form a floating platform for them.

"We got to save her, " Alto said, staring at Sonata as she head straight toward them. He gathered electricity in his hands and jumped toward the top of the barrier. Luckily it only kept things out, not in. He held his arms out wide and struck the damaged wing. The electricity took the shape of the damaged part of the wing.

The white-haired woman opened her eyes and used her wings to land safely on top of the barrier. Her breathing remained heavy as the water drenched her completely. "Thanks. Now let's head inside." She pulled them back inside of the barrier."

"Nice!" Aban exclaimed as he helped Xue maneuver the floating rock.

"You two, get us down into the Xianian forest. It shouldn't take long for those knights to figure out that we're still alive. But the Xianian forest is thick enough that finding us would be a hassle, even for an elite group of knights."

"Are you an elite?" Sarah asked, leering at the woman.

"Sort of, " she responded. She crossed her arms and stared down the princess. "Though I should be the one asking the questions here. Explain to me as to why you left without your brother's permission."

"I will oblige." And thus she began to tell them what had happened the other day.


[Shui Castle, Sefa]

"Sir, " a soldier said, entering the glistening sapphire chamber. He knelt on the blue velvet carpet in front of the king and held out a blue sphere. "We've received word that your sister managed to evade some of our knights."

The Sefan king stared at the sphere and sighed. "Continue to pursue her. I will not allow her to escape so easily! She must be returned, it is for her own well-being."

"Father, " a child sitting to his left said. He was buried in fine, fluffy robes. "I think that it would be best to allow my aunt to attend that school."

He glared at his son. "What do you know, Ecelaph? You're only five. Everything that I have accomplished up until now has been for the benefit of my family. That includes your aunt and you. Do not start to believe her foolish words. What I am doing is the best way to keep our family and country safe. Safe from execution and true dictatorship."

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