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-"The Lotus will bloom, and life shall breathe yet anew."

Sarah and Hal followed Fan into a concrete building that seemed in better condition compared to some of the other buildings further down the road— who were starting to crumble from disrepair and abandonment.

"Sarah, " the kids said once they were inside the building. Several of them pulled her forward. "Let's play!"

"Kids, " Fan said, sighing. "You have to sleep. And so do Sarah and her friend here."

"Acquaintance, " Sarah corrected her.

"Oh. I thought that he was your boyfriend, " one of the girls murmured.

Sarah's face flushed. "He's no! I would never date a guy with his personality!"

Hal snickered. "Nor would I date a girl like her. I prefer derederes and kuuderes over tsunderes."

She glared at him. "I am not a tsundere!"

He crossed his arms and grinned. "Uh, huh. Like I would believe that." He stretched his arms and glanced around the small living room. "Well, I'm exhausted. I'm off to sleep! Mind showing me to my room?"

"How rude. You are a guest, act the part, " Sarah said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Ah, where are my manners? May I be shown to my room?" Hal asked.

Fan snickered and said, "Certainly, I'll show you to the guest room then." She glanced at me. "But it's the room usually reserved for the princess."

The princess walked on ahead of them. "I guess that's fine. Hal can just sleep on the floor. I'll take the bed."

"Mean!" Hal cried like a child. He ran after her while she snickered at his reaction.

"Aww, going to bed so soon?" one of the kids whimpered. It was a little girl with short hair. She seemed to be on the verge of sobbing.

Sarah turned around and made her way to the little girl. She crouched down to her level and wiped the forming tears away. "You wish to play, huh? I suppose that I can slumber later."

"Oh good, then I'll take the bed, " Hal said, grinning.

She rose to her full height and took in a deep breath. "You can do that. I'll be staying her with Pai and the others."

Hal raised an eyebrow. "Not going to threaten me?"

She scrunched her nose at him. "You truly are a maso."

"No, it's just unusual is all, " Hal said, adverting his gaze.

"Yeah right..."

"What's a Maso?" Pai asked, staring at Sarah with her beady eyes.

Sarah, Hal, and Fan all snickered.

"It's when someone loves it when pain is inflicted on them, " Hal said. "You could say that it's a kind of k..." He winced as I hand hit him upside the head. "Ouch! Why did you do that for?"

"Shut up you pervert. Go to your room now!" Sarah said.

Hal rolled his eyes. "You aren't my mom you know."

"I feel sorry for her, having a child like you."

"Gosh, now you're just being lethal. You hit harder than my poisons do, " Hal said, putting his hands on his chest as if he were having a heart attack.

"Stop toying around, " Sarah said, stomping over to him. "It's getting old, fast."

Hal lowered his hands. "Okay, okay, Ms. Sourpuss. Enjoy your play time with the kiddos, I am off to rest for our big journey!"

"Journey?" one of the kids asked.

Sarah turned around and smiled at him. "It's nothing for you to worry about right now. How about you show me those drawings you were all working on last time I was here?"


[Six Days prior to the Test]

The fragrant smell of wanton and dumplings greeted Sarah as she opened her eyes.

"Hey, princess, " Hal said, holding a plate out to her. Surrounding him were the kiddos. "We made you this."

"He's a surprisingly good cook, " one of the kids said.

"I expected his cooking to be poisonous, " another said.

Sarah narrowed her eyes at the food and glanced up at the gray-eyed boy. "Did any of you taste it?"

"Yeah, we all did, " Fan said, grinning.

Hal extended the plate toward her. "Go on, dig in. We got to go back to the palace."

I sat up. "What? Why?"

"That's where the bus will be picking us up, " he said, waving an index finger at her like some

nds, his smile returning. "Correct, and yes. I do know how hard it'll be." He leaned his head back. "Nothing in this world is easy you know. Goals are meant to be made and striven toward." He walked on ahead, passing the giant water fountain. "Hurry up, I'm dying to meet the princess."

"Princess?" Ulissis asked, shock evident in his eyes. "Then this palace isn't any old place?"

Hal snapped his fingers. "Yup, just as you're thinking. This is the home of the leader of the Shui, King of Sera, none other than Qing-Yuan Shui. Mr. Shui is the older brother of Sarah." He summoned a tablet out of thin air and skimmed through its contents.

"How did you do that?" Ulissis asked, staring at the tablet with sheer-awe.

Hal shrugged. "What? You're surprised by this? One would think that you have never seen magic. I summoned this from a special location back home." He glanced down at his tablet, his eyes focused on the page that he had opened up. "Anyways, rumor has it that the king doesn't want Princess Sarah to travel." He chuckled. "Talk about an overprotective brother."

"My brother won't stop me, " a voice called out. A blue haired girl in casual spring wear walked over to them. For some odd reason she carried an empty bowl. "You folks are the ones here to pick me up, right?" She glanced back as if making sure that no guard was following her.

Ms. Key smiled, and held out her hand to her. Sarah smiled back and took her hand. "Nice to meet you, Sarah Shui."

"Likewise, Ms. Key, " Sarah said before glancing back at the mansion. "Now, let's depart from here, the guards won't stay down for long."

Hal put an arm around her neck. "Hey there future teammate."

She narrowed her eyes. "What?" She removed his arm from around her neck. She ran over to Ms. Key. "Is this buffoon really my teammate?"

Hal snickered. "Ahhh, come on. That hurts." He grinned and put his arm around her again. "We're childhood friends after all!"

She handed over the bowl to him. "You little troll. I keep repeating to you; you aren't my friend. No, wait, that's mean to trolls."

He touched his heart with his freehand and shook his head in feigned dismay. "Ouch, you really know how to hurt me." A hearty laugh escaped his lips as he warped the bowl away to wherever they had gotten it from.

"Hal, stop trying to be the class clown, " Vermeil scolded as she boarded the bus.

Letting go of Sarah, he pouted. "Alright, alright. Tough crowd."

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