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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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-"To create change, one must have the courage to stand up and challenge the status quo."

[Shui Clan Palace, Sera]

A beautiful cyan-haired young woman stood up from her velvet bed. She made her way toward the window and peered below. Greeting her was a majestic garden which spanned on for a mile until reaching a white stone wall. Flowers of various colors and species elated her aquatic-blue eyes.

The garden was one of the few things that she enjoyed in the prison she was caged in. The prison called her room. A cell without bars, but with guards nonetheless.

The other day she had told her older brother, Qing-Yuan, that she wanted to go to Nine Petal Academy. Yet, the man wouldn't have any of it. Sarah was to stay in Shui. He told her about how going to Kyuu Seishin was too dangerous for a princess like her.

How could going to an ally nation for school be dangerous?

He should've considered it one of the safest alternatives. In fact, she saw more risk in staying in Sera. Especially with the shadow masters ruling the country behind the scenes.

"Stupid big brother, " the young woman said, sighing. She placed a lace gloved hand against the crystal glass and felt prana flowing through it. A charm had been put in place to prevent her from fleeing in that direction. Her eyes glanced at the white door behind her. She figured that standing by were at least two guards, ensuring that she would get caught if she tried to take that path. That was it, there was no where else to go.

Breaking the charm on the window was her best bet for freedom. Yet, she knew that doing so was unwise. For breaking it would alert the guards—both outside her door and those roaming the garden she so dearly loved. She knew that fighting the guards would be foolish, for they were professionals with some of the highest rankings in all of Sera.

Is there really no escape?

"Hey, Sarah!" a voice called out. She jumped forward, almost banging the back of her head against the window itself. She spun around and saw a young man with light brown hair and greyish eyes standing before her.

"You!" Sarah said, staring back over at the garden. "How did you get in? How did you get past the guards? What are you even doing here?"

The boy held his hands up. "Woah, woah! Starting with the questions already? A simple 'hello' would be nice, ya know?"

"Hal!" she whispered as her eyes narrowed.

He scratched his forehead and smiled. "You see, I was on my way to Wahkan for the test. I wanted to come see my dear friend."

The cyan-head narrowed her eyes further and raised a finger at him. "Listen closely. I have no idea what your true intentions are. But no matter that. I require of your assistance. Do you pledge to assist me?"

He nodded. "That's why I'm here." He grabbed her by the waist and jumped into the air.

The next thing Sarah knew, a cold wind struck her body. She shook her head and glanced around. They were in a driveway, outside of the silver gates on the other side of the garden. "What specimen of magic was that?" Sarah asked.

"Please talk normal, " Hal said, letting go of her.

She rolled her eyes. "This is the

denly the two were snapped out of their conversation by the shuffling of footsteps.

"Sarah?" asked an old woman. Accompanying her were several children. Few of which seemed to share a genetic bond.

"Fan!" Sarah yelled with joy upon seeing a gentle face. She ran over to her.

"Why is the princess here?" Fan asked in a low voice to avoid waking up the neighbors. "I thought that the King was holding you hostage after not seeing you for a week."

"I am heading toward Wahkan. And as for why I haven't come every day for the past week— Well you're sort of right about my brother holding me captive. Our arrogant king didn't want me to go to Wahkan." Her blue eyes shifted toward Hal. "Think that you could assist my friend?"

The kind old woman nodded. "Of course. We owe you a large debt for all that you've done for us."

"Yay! Nice job, Sarah!" Hal said, clapping his hands with a silly grin.

She rolled her eyes. "Maybe I should leave you out to dry."

"No!" he screamed grabbing her by her lacy skirt.

She kicked him in the face. "Where do you think you're touching? Pervert."

Hal rubbed his face. "Ouch. No need for violence. Huh, I didn't even realize it until now."

"Realize what?"

"Your butt is barely existent."

She gathered water around her. "What was that? You dare speak so vulgarly when around children? Even without them, such words are improper. You will never find a bride with such a foul tongue."

He scoffed. "As if I'm looking for one. I like the bachelor life, thank you very much."

Fan snickered. "Both of you should reserve your energy for the long trip ahead."

"Right, " Hal said, trying to stand up.

Sarah sighed and held out her hand toward him. "Here."

The gray-eyed boy smiled. "Thanks, buddy."

She rolled her eyes once more. She swore to get as far away from the guy as soon as she could. Being around him for too long would cause her eyes to fall off.

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