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-"There are things that have to be left behind, but there are also those that mustn't be abandoned."

[Seven days prior to the test]

"Bye mom, dad, " Alto said. He ruffled his short blue hair as he made his way toward the white door on the other side of their small apartment. "I'm off to Kyuu Seishin now!"

"Be careful, Alto, " his mom said. Her son smiled as he waved goodbye. "I'll be fine. I'm traveling with Arima, and Ulissis after all."

"Wait, " a man called out. Alto stopped, turning his attention towards the red haired man in a wheel chair. He looked at his son with stern eyes "Take this."

Alto reached his hand out for the wand, but stopped. "Father...this wand. I can't take it."

His father closed his eyes. "Please child. Take it. It serves little purpose here other than to gather dust."

Alto took it. He raised it up towards the dull light coming from the old light bulbs. "Father, thanks for giving this to me." He held the wand tightly. "I'll be sure to return it once I'm done with my magic studies."

His father's stern red eyes lightened up. "You don't have to do that. Now, go on and get going. Your friends are waiting."

Alto stored the wand in his black duffle bag. Tiny tears threatened to trickle down the sides of his eyes. "Bye, I'll write you letters once I've arrived."

His father chuckled. "Please work on your writing first son. It's atrocious."

The young man rolled his eyes. Way to ruin the moment, dad.

A girl, and a boy waited for Alto at the bottom floor of the old apartment complex he called home.

"Finally, what took you so long?" Arima asked, her hands on her hips. She had dark silver hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Sorry, my parents were a tad bit over-sentimental."

"At least you got to say goodbye to your parents, " Ulissis said. His brown eyes gazed up at the old cement complex.

Arima lifted up her friend's white hood. "Come on, we've got to hit the road today if we hope to make it on time for the ceremony.

Ulissis put back on his hood. "Alright."

The three of them walked to the nearest coffee shop a mile away from their apartment complex. The aroma of coffee brewing mixed with an old dusty smell struck them as soon as they entered. Sitting in a counter near the window were a woman who seemed to be in her late teens, and a girl around their age.

The woman grinned upon seeing the three enter. "You three must be Alto, Arima, and Ulissis, right?" She took out three cards from her blue coat. "I'm Sonata Key. I'm going to be your homeroom teacher in Kyuu Seishin, as well as your travel companion." She side glanced at the girl. "This is Vermeil Amber, she's from Harun."

Alto stared at the woman, shocked. It was the same white-haired girl who he had met two nights ago!

The blond girl stood up and bowed slightly. She patted the ruffles of her white spring dress down. "Nice to meet you."

"She's so pretty, " Arima said. She glanced around at the old coffee shop. The wooden floor was losing its maroon paint, revealing its original light brown color. The ceiling tiles were coming off due to age. Not to mention the smell of the place mixing with that of the coffee. "We should've met at a nicer place."

The elegantly dressed Vermeil chuckled. "Don't worry. This place is fine. Everyone one is friendly."

Ms. Key smiled. "I choose a spot where I knew the clients." Her smile faded. "Other spots of this town are pretty dangerous for someone dressed as nicely as you. At best you'll face harassment."

Vermeil formed silver crystals. "I can handle myself if it comes down to a fight."

Ms. Key stood up. "Well then, now that you three are here we can hit the road again." She glanced up at a small white bus parked in front of the shop. "Right on time, our ride is here."

The four of them followed Ms. Key into the bus. Sitting in the driver's seat was a handsome young man. The young man eyed them, as if trying to see if they are who they claim to be, as they took their seat.

"Thanks Haroun, " Ms. Key said. "I'll take over from here."

Haroun gave up his seat to her, and sat down next to Vermeil.

"So, where are we heading now, brother?" she asked the boy.

Haroun took out a map from the back of the seat in front of him. "We're heading to Sera to pick up Sarah Shui."

Vermeil chuckled. "I can't wait to meet up with my old friend." Her smile faded as she looked out at the old buildings. Sefa had a lot in common with Sera apart from the similar spelling.

Haroun poked her in the face. "Hey, are you alright?"

Vermeil rubbed her eyes. "Yes. Why do you ask?"

He opened a bag of chips. "You seemed upset. Were you recalling the past?"

She touched the window as

boy from Sefa. That was until a series of shadow-like beings suddenly appeared at the games, causing everyone to flee for their lives.

She had gotten ahead of her parents and fled to the forest. That was when she came across a strange stone that teleported her into a completely unknown location. A denser forest than the one she had originally fled to. She wasn't even sure if she was even still in Kyuu Seishin.

"Are you lost?" a voice called. Vermeil looked up and saw a smiling eight year old boy extending a hand out to her. "If you're lost I can help you find your way back to the village."

Vermeil wiped off her tears. She hated people seeing her cry. Especially strangers. "Who are you?" she asked. Was he one of the forest creatures she had heard in fairy tales? If so, was he a nice one, or an evil one?

The boy continued to hold his hand out toward her. "I'm An, and you are?"

"I'm Vermeil." She stared at the boy's purple hair. "Are you from this region?"

He nodded. "This is my home country." He grabbed her hand. It was warm. "Let's go find your family."

Vermeil blushed. "Did you overhear me?"

The boy glanced back at her obliviously. "Overheard what?"

"Thinking of your childhood crush?" Haroun asked, a teasing grin on his face.

She narrowed her eyes. How was it that he always knew what she was thinking? "Yes, I am." She grinned. "This will be the first time we meet in six years."

Haroun leaned his head back. "You know, he might already have a girlfriend. What will you do if he does?"

She snickered. "Easy. I'll just show him how much better I am than she is."

Her brother swept his medium-long, white hair back and his shook his head in disbelief. "You're incredible. You know that?"

She gave him a fake smile. "Thanks."

Suddenly the bus was jolted by something landing on top.

Haroun stood up even as Ms. Key stopped the bus suddenly, causing him to fall back into his seat.

"What was that?" Vermeil asked, gazing out of the window. A blue-haired boy jumped down, accompanied by a white-haired young man. "Alto..." She snickered. "He actually made it. But who is that with him?"

"Aban, " both Ulissis and Arima whispered.

Ms. Key opened the bus and stared the two boys down. "What were you two thinking? You could've gotten—

"You're that girl who save me!" Aban said, startled. He took a step back. "Seems that I made a mistake." He took another step back but Alto pushed him, forcing him to go up the stairs.

"No you didn't, now march!"

Vermeil snickered. "What's with this?"

"That's what I'll like to know, " Arima said, watching Alto curiously.

The blue-haired boy pushed the white-haired boy into the closest seat and sat down next to him, preventing his escape. "There! Now let's go!"

Ms. Key chuckled and closed the door of the bus as cars honked at her. "Good idea." She revved up the bus and drove off toward the highway, ready to get their trip on the road.

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