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- "To protect means to shield, to shield requires acceptance of having to suffer for others. To Grow up means to leave parts of one's old self behind"

[Nine days prior to the test | The Republic of Sefa]

A muscular, dark-blue haired young man leaned against a concrete rail and stared at the night sky. He could make out various constellations, despite being in the middle of a giant city.

"Are you alright, Alto?" Alto turned around and saw a tall young woman with the build of a track and field runner. Accompanying her was a lanky, pale young man with deep red hair.

Alto's eyes shifted back toward the sky. He sighed as he thought about what to do. His best friends had decided to go to Kyuu Seishin's Nine Petal Academy. Normally he would've followed them, especially as it had been his dream to attend that school; to follow in his brother's footsteps.

Yet... there was something holding him back.

"I'm just thinking of how to break it to them, " he responded, his eyes glittering as they reflected the radiance of the stars.

"I'm sure that they will understand, eventually, " said the pale skinned boy.

The young man smiled. "Yeah, eventually is the keyword."

He lowered his head, now staring at the near darkness below. Only a few street lamps lit the empty streets. Though even their light wasn't permanent, going on and off at every three second interval.

He stared at his best friends; Arima and Ulissis. "I'm going to go for a walk. I need some time to think"

"At this time?" Arima asked, grabbing him by the arm. "It's dangerous."

Alto gave her a smug grin. "I'll be fine. I have magic to protect me."

Her eyes darted around. "Yeah. But..."

He placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring grin. "Trust me. When have I ever lost a street brawl?"

She flinched. "Never, but—"

He freed himself from her weakened grip and shrugged. "See? You're worrying for nothing. You two should worry about yourselves.

Arima's turned away. Her grey eyes gazed at the stars. "I hope that you're right."


Alto walked across the barren streets, feeling the cool afternoon breeze against his face and arms. He covered his hands with dark blue electricity, lighting up the dim streets. Doing so was a double edged sword. It allowed him to see with ease and scared away those without magic. But on the other hand it proved to be a magnet for those who had magic. Or who weren't frightened at the possibility of fighting someone with it.

"What should I do?" Alto asked as he came across a park. The place was covered in weeds with only the areas under the abandoned equipment avoiding said fate. The place hadn't been in use since his father was a child, which was scores ago.

Calmly, he made his way toward a rusted swing and kicked it. The thing still swung as if new, though with a decent amount of rust and a notable creaking sound.

Alto shrugged. He sat down and slowly swung back and forth, allowing the wind to flow across his wavy hair. "Perhaps I should stay and try to rebuild this place for the kiddos, " he said to himself. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine the children and their parents enjoying a day out at the park. The smiles on their faces at having a wide and safe place to play at or for their loved ones to do so. Parents talking about their kids, competing against one another by pointing out how good their son or daughter was at swinging across the monkey bars.


The dream shattered. In front of him was reality. A cruel reality. A white-haired young man his age gave him a yellow smile. "Hey, if it isn't Alto Opus! Long time no see. What's Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes doing out here at this time?"

He grimaced at the smell of smoke being blown his direction by the young man.

"Aban. You should really quit that stuff."

Aban chuckled and raised his arms. At that moment several other guys closed in on the lightning mage.

The young man stood up from his swing and smiled at Aban and his friends. "Quite the meeting. What brings all of you to this here park?" He crossed his arms. "Ah. Let me guess, you fools are selling that nasty stuff."

Aban belly laughed. "And you?"

Alto shrugged as sparks crackled through his hands. "I was on a walk and decided to rest." He walked toward the yellow toothed young man, causing the others to draw closer. He smiled smugly. "Really guys? What's with that reaction?"

The white haired young man nodded. "Right. Do you shitheads really think that I'll lose to this bastard?" He smiled at Alto again. "Besides, we're not going to fight. Right, Opus?"

Alto walked past him. "No." He stopped and turned around. "Though I do ask that you find another place to do your stuff. This here is my turf, got it?"

Aban laughed once more. "I see that you still haven't lost that sense of humor."

The dark-blue-head leaned his head back and grinned. "Who says that I'm joking?" He took one step forward and lit up the darkness with two brilliant dark blue spheres of raw energy. "Now get out!"

The white-haired young man glared at him. "So t

his is what it comes down to. I wanted you to join us, Opus. You could've been my right-hand man."

"Tsk. Like I would want to work for a shitty bastard like you, " Alto said, grinning as he removed his shoes. He closed his eyes and focused his attention on the grass and dirt below his feet.

"What the heck are you doing?" his old acquittance asked.

Alto stepped forward and opened his eyes. They were deep cyan and gave off a strong electrical pulse. He punched the air, unleashing several weak volts worth of lightning. All of Aban's gang collapsed to their knees in seconds. All... but Aban himself.

The white-haired gangster moved his neck left and right as he took a step toward the bare-footed lightning mage. "What was that?"

He smiled at the gangster. "I should've known that you weren't going to go down with a little jolt."

Alban raised a meaty arm into the air and punched the ground, sending rocks flying at Alto. "Don't mess with me shithead!"

Alto jumped into the air, dodging the wave of earth. He watched as it buried the rusted equipment. "Tsk. I planned on recycling that!" He kicked the air, unleashing a curved wave of energy.

Aban ducked the wave and watched it cut through the grass and destroyed the swings behind him. He snickered watching at the now unrecognizable melted equipment. "What were you saying?"

"Damn it!" he yelled, partially at himself. He descended from the air and put both hands together. He held the middle and index fingers out like a child playing cowboys and robbers. Blue and white energy circled around the 'barrel' of the 'gun'. "Quit this fight while you're still ahead."

Aban let out a snicker as a wall of earth formed around the blue-head.

A blast of blue lightning destroyed the thick rock of earth and lit up the entire neighborhood as it barreled its way toward Aban.

Alto smiled as he walked out of the crumbling earthen structure. "Looks like I—" Holding his bullet of lightning was a white-haired, dark-skinned young woman with golden eyes.

Aban was on the ground, whimpering as he stared at the bullet of densely packed energy. As soon as he saw Alto emerge— he stood up and turned tail, leaving his unconscious gangsters behind.

"Tsk. Coward, " Alto barked, spitting at the burned grass. He glared at the white-haired woman. "Who are you anyway? Are you in league with these bastards?"

"You need to control your power, " she said, staring at the bullet she held. Curling the fingers of her right-hand, she extinguished the bullet in the palm of her hand as if it were a candle being blown out.

He eyed the charred swings which now looked like some sort of post-modern artwork than swings. "I'll get it under control one day. I just need more practice."

The lady starred at her right hand, it was bleeding slightly, but beyond that showed no signs of damage. "What school will you attend?"

"Zinnah high school."

She continued to stare at her hand as if puzzled. "A mundane school? Someone with your power and control should attend a magic academy. I recommend Kyuu Seishin's Nine Petals Academy. In nine days' time, they'll be hosting their annual exam at Mahpiya high in Caelum, Wahkan."

Alto turned around, his face serious.

Nine Petal Academy, eh?

"I better get going. My family must be worried."

She put a hand on her hip. "Alright. Just don't try to fry any more gangsters, huh?"

Alto turned back and watched at the white-haired woman put a hand on top of one of the unconscious gangsters. "What are you doing?"

"I'm healing them, " she responded as a light ethereal glow emitted from her hands. "I'll be herding them over to the police station once I'm done."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "They'll just run away."

She snickered as she formed a water string out of thin air and had it wrap around the ganster whom she had just healed. "There. Now they won't be able to escape so easily."

Alto snickered. "You're weird."

The young woman's face flushed under Alto's light. "Go already!"

He laughed again and started to run. "Bye..." He stopped and glanced behind him. "The name's Alto. What's yours?"


Sonata? That name sounds... familiar.

"That's a beautiful name. See ya around, Sonata!" Alto said, waving.

The girl smiled back. "Thanks." She reached into the grass and pulled something out and threw it at him. "You forgot these!" Alto caught a pair of white sneakers in his hands. "Those are bound to cost a lot. Try not to lose them."

Alto smiled gratefully and sped away, leaving Sonata alone with the gangsters.


"Sonata, " Alto repeated the name to himself as his dull apartment complex came to sight. He closed his eyes and thought about the emblem on her white coat. It was of two foxes. One red and one white. The emblem belonged to those who attended or worked at Kyuu Seishin. He smiled. "She truly is an interesting girl."

Alto tossed and turned. He pulled the navy blue blankets over his body and then tossed them aside. His hand ruffled his hair to calm down his roaring stream of thoughts.

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