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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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-"The thunder rumbles as lightning flashes across the sky, shaking the heavens and earth."

"How was training? Who did you fight?" asked a blond haired five-year-old boy as Lei and Yen entered their house as the sun faded behind them.

"It was good, but I still got a lot more practice to do, " Lei said, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. "I had battles against Wanikiya, Yen, and Zelde. Sadly none against Hikaru, who was too tired by his matches against Wanikiya. Seriously, that guy need to work on his prana control."

Yen grinned. "I won, of course. As did Zelde in her match against him."

Lei narrowed his eyes at his sister. "I'll beat you one of these days. Anyway, I am going to shower and head out."

"Where to?" Yen asked, raising an eyebrow. "I don't recall the others inviting us to any events."

"I want to find this Nyima girl and return this to her, " he said, holding out the I.D. he had found.

"Why now? It's already late, " the five-year-old said, directing his blue eyes toward the sky seemed as if it were on fire.

Lei messed up the child's neatly combed hair. "I'll be fine, Shandian. Don't worry, I got my magic to light up the darkness of night."

Yen put her hands on her hips and shook her head. "I'll accompany you just to make sure. It won't hurt to have two of us searching for her."

"Sounds good, " her triplet said, putting his hands behind his head and grinning. "But don't wonder off far from me. You don't have lightning magic like me. Nor fire or light for that matter."

"I know. I plan to keep a close eye on you. Actually, doesn't that I.D. say where she lives?"

He glanced at the I.D. "Yeah, it says that she lives on the other side of town, the western section to be exact."

"The other side of town? That girl must be rich then. Hey, think that she'll repay us for returning it to her?"

"Look at you, thinking of money, " Lei said, matching over to the stairs. "I'm returning this because it's the right thing. If we get money as a reward then that would just be the icing on the cake, not the objective."

Yen scoffed. "Alright, I got it. I just hope that she'll be there or it'll be a waste of time."

He turned around and stared at her sweat covered face. "You won't be taking a shower? You worked up as much of a sweat as me. If we're going to a fancy part of town, you might scare off the locals."

Her face flushed and she ran past him. "Of course I am! You think that I'm a pig?"

He adverted his gaze from her. "Well, your habits kind of resemble one, " he said in a low voice.

Wind danced around Yen. "I heard that you brat. Honestly, you lack tack when it comes to speaking to girls."

Lei narrowed his eyes. "You aren't any better with guys. If you continue acting the way you do, you will scare off Hikaru."

"Hikaru?" she asked, this time it was her turn to advert her gaze. "He's just a friend. Plus he's not even my type."

He followed after her. "But you're trying to turn him into your type, or do you think that I haven't noticed?"

"You two, " Shandian said, laughing nervously. "Stop arguing, you sound like kids."

The two looked down in shame, being told off by their five-year-old brother like that when it should've been the other way around.

"Think that I can accompany you two? Mama and Papa won't be arriving for several hours and I'll be all alone. I mean, I was alone previously, but you two were outside so I could call upon you..."

"Sure thing!" Lei said. "It'll be like a family adventure. We should invite..." He gasped and looked away.

"Invite who?" Shandian asked, blinking.

"Never mind what I said, " the young mage said, rushing off to his room.

"I guess that I'll use my parent's bathroom, " Yen said, turning toward the left.

Shandian watched as the two walked away, an aura of melancholy swarming around the two. He turned his gaze toward his right. Hung on the turquoise wall was a portrait of his family from when he was an infant. He was held in the arms of a purple haired woman, his mother. While Yen, Lei, and a second boy were in the forefront, bearing wide-smiles.

"Did they mean him?" Shandian asked himself as he stared at the boy who looked identical to Lei except for his hair being parted toward the left instead of the right.


Lei's right hand crackled with azure lightning as the three siblings flew through the night sky. Well, more like Yen and Lei flew. Shandian had to be held by his two siblings.

"Are we almost there?" Shandian asked, looking down.

Yen looked through her phone with her free hand. "Almost there. It's only a few more miles toward the northwest. Ah, we're almost there!"

"You there, descend now and identify yourselves!" a voice roared from below.

Lei sighed. "Seems that security here is as tight as expected."

Yen shot him a look as if he were crazy. "If you figured that, why didn't you say so earlier?"

"You didn't?" he asked, amazed.

Shandian sighed. "Don't argue in mid-air while holding me you two. I am too young to die."

Lei nodded. "Of course we won't let you fall." He glanced at Yen who nodded and soon the three descended to the ground. Waiting for them was a blue-haired man holding a rather thick book.

Shandian and his other siblings looked at the guy's clothes. He wore a button up blue shirt and white pants.

"You aren't security, " Lei said, giving the man a funny look.

"And you are a bunch of kids, " he said, crossing his arms.

Lei grumbled. "I'm not a kid! I'm fifteen! I'll be turning sixteen in a few weeks."

"Is that so?" he said, turning h

is back to them. He snickered. "You two should be lucky that I discovered you instead of a real cop."

"Yeah, real lucky, " he said under his breath.

"Lei, " Yen said, yanking on the sleeves of his tai-chi shirt. "This is the location."

Lei glanced up at the navy blue building which glistened in the artificial light casted by the street lamps. He looked forward at the man as he entered the apartment complex.

"Wait up!" Lei yelled, chasing after him.

He stopped and turned around. "Something wrong?"

Lei nodded. "I found this I.D., " he said, showing him the silver card. "I thought of returning it back to its owner. Do you know where I can find a Nyima Taiyang?"

The man gasped and smiled. "Nyima, huh?" He extended his hand out toward him. "Here, I'll take it to her. I know exactly where her family lives."


He nodded.

Lei smiled and handed him the card. "Thanks a ton! I appreciate it. Please tell her that Lei, the future Magus Maximus, returned it."

Yen narrowed her eyes. "Oh, why do you wish for her to know your name? Fell for the girl? Here I thought that you only had eyes for Yuzuki. It appears that you're a player."

Lei's face reddened. "It's not like that." He turned toward the man. "Tell her that Yen and Shandian also brought it alongside him."

The man nodded and tucked the I.D. into the pockets of his pants. "Will do." His blue eyes drifted down toward Shandian. "You all seem familiar. Where are you three from?"

"We come from the eastern part of town, " Yen responded. She tilted her head. "But no idea as to why we would seem familiar."

He waved his hand. "Forget it. It's just that seeing that young one reminds me of a certain electric-blue-eyed guy with azure lightning."

Lei gasped. "Do you know my dad? His name is Feng."

The man snickered. "So you are the children of Harmonica and that guy. Those two were the neighbors of who is now my wife." He waved. "I better get going as I got a lot of work to do. Be careful on your way back!"

"Bye, " Lei said, waving.

"Wow, imagine us meeting an old acquaintance of our dad here, " Yen said, crossing her arms.

Shandian smiled. "The world is smaller than one thinks."

Lei ruffled the kid's hair. "True that. I wonder who else we'll meet in the next few days. I'm dying for the test to begin already! Gah, I should do more training!"

Yen shook her head. "You will train now by find us a way back home without us getting detained for flying at night, unsupervised by an adult."

Lei grumbled. "Well, the only option is to run there. Hey, I got an idea!" He glanced around the street which had several sports cars parked by the side of the road. As soon as there were no cars driving he signaled at the two. "Come, I'll tell you my idea on the way to the bridge!"

Yen sighed. "This better be a well thought out idea."

Shandian snickered. "Got any suggestions, sis?"

Lei smiled at their sister. "Yeah, got any?"

She rubbed the back of her neck. "Yes. I can run at the speed of sound by..." She gasped. "Wait, is that your idea too?"

Lei snickered and nodded. "Yup!"


[Dawn Tower-- Room 300]

"Welcome back home!" Nyima said as a navy-blue-haired man holding a thick book entered the apartment.

"Daddy!" yelled a blue-haired girl around Shandian's age.

The man smiled and squatted down to pat the young girl's head. "How have my favorite girls been?"

"We've been fine, " said a red haired woman as she came out of the kitchen holding a blue haired toddler. "Though it seems that Nyima here lost her identification."

Nyima scratched her head. "I can't find it anywhere. Have you seen it? Wait, that would impossible as I had it this morning after you went off to work." She sighed. "It appears that I lost it while I was out looking for Mahpiya's location!"

The father snickered and took out a silver I.D. "Actually, I did. A young man called Lei brought this back. Well, he was accompanied by his siblings Yen and Shandian too."

The young woman snatched the card. "Thank the Goddess. I wonder how it ended up in their hands."

He shrugged. "No idea, but you should be more careful with your stuff. You're lucky that a nice group of siblings found it instead of someone sinister."

Nyima glanced at the silver card and smiled.

I will need to thank this Lei kid and his siblings if I ever get the chance to meet him.

"Lei you say?" Nyima's mother said, putting a finger against her lips. "That name, where have I heard it before?"

"He is Feng's child. It appears that he dreams of being the next Magus Maximus." He glanced over at his daughter who smiled back. "He won't reach that title easily, though."

Nyima scoffed. "I am thankful to this guy, but if he thinks that he'll one day be the emperor of this realm then he is dearly mistaken."

Though he sounds like an interesting youth. I wish to meet him even more now, this 'Lei'. If he seeks to become Magus Maximus then I'll surely run into him at the exam for Nine Petal Academy or at some other event. Ha. Will his name one day ring throughout the realm like chorus of thunder ever echoing throughout the eons or will it be but a mere squeak swallowed by the passage of time?

**Character Section**

JaxCreation made the following image for me upon request (she has a request thread which is currently closed, but consider checking it out when she makes a new one for the new year ^^).

**Solar Note: What did you think of Nyima Taiyang? Think that she'll be one of the rivals that Lei desires to use as 'stepping stones' toward his dream?**

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