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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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-"Protect what is precious with all you've got, or else you might find yourself with nothing one day."

[Nine Days Left- Caelum Beach]

"Come on, Lei, Think!" The boy grumbled to himself as his hands tangled within his honey-brown hair. "I have to start with a plan...First, I'll...No, that won't work. Maybe I could--wait, that won't work either!" His voice raised to release his built up frustration. "Oh Goddess, what should I do? Nine days isn't enough time!"

He jumped out of his frustration to listen to the advice of his approaching look-alike sister--well, technically she was his triplet, even though most label them as twins. Her matching turquoise eyes met with his as she casually leaned against the desk Lei was hovering over. "Less planning, more training. It's as simple as that, " she said.

He sighed after accepting her idea, following up with his approval. "You're right, as usual. This is a waste of time, I need to stop worrying and train." He closed his green notebook and pushed it away from him while leaving his seat. "I need to get some fresh air."

"You realize this NOW? Seriously, Lei, you've been an anxious mess since you woke up." His sister groaned.

Lei broke a half-smile. "Yeah... If only I could be as calm as you." He turned his head to the notebook he'd just abandoned as familiar words echoed through his mind.


"You, Magus Maximus? Ha! Like you'll ever be." With the words came the actions of the navy-haired bully. The image was crisp and fresh, as if it were really occurring. The bully's shoe shoveled sand in the direction of Lei's face, to which he shielded himself from with a strong gust of wind.

"You're wrong. Four years from now, you'll take that back. I will be admitted into Nine Petal Academy and outdo you! Then at the end of the three years there, I will surely have the upperhand. You will have come face to face with my true strength!" He yelled.

"You're such a loser, Lei." The boy sighed, completely disregarding Lei's promise. He threw his thumb over his shoulder toward the park. There were kids running around but there was no sight of Lei's family. "See that? Even your older siblings don't think you're worth being saved."

Lei struggled to his feet, not noticing the white sand sticking to his tear-streaked face due to the excruciatingly painful bug bites that dotted his arms. "They'll come, they will! But that doesn't matter, I can handle this by myself!"

The bully dismissed his threat with a wave of his hand as he turned to leave. "Yeah, yeah. You know, picking on you has gotten boring. Your words never mean anything, and the result is always the same. Destroying someone so weak over and over is just too cruel, even for me."

Lei tensed as his hands crumpled into fists and his lips curled back to reveal his clenched teeth. "You'll pay for this..." The agony from the bugs forced him back into the cold sand, tears of frustration turning the grains into a damp shade of grey. "My words are not meaningless...I won't stop until you and the rest of the world can vouch for that."

The sting from the disgust in the bully's blue eyes was deeper than that of the bug bites. "Come on, loser. Give up. You're worthless! You don't stand a chance at becoming the next Magus Maximus, just look at your talented siblings. Destiny chose for you to be nothing more than a weakling. You don't even deserve to share the same face as them. Speaking of, tell them that their efforts are just as pitiful as yours. I will be the Magus Maximus, and there's nothing you, nor your siblings can do to stop me."

The shaking in Lei's knees subsided abruptly. "I told you before, I'm not giving up! This is MY dream! My fate is my choice! I will shape it to what I desire!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. The rage that boiled inside him made him forget all about the pain in his arms as the sand around him spun in a flurry of wrath.

The bully glanced over his shoulder and let out a slight gasp. Lei's eyes were growing green.

"I won't be made less. I... I... will be the king of all magicians one day..." With those words, everything whitened.


Lei shook his head, pushing aside the memory. He picked up the notebook and ran out of the house.

It's been almost four years since then, yet what do I have to show for it? I still haven't defeated Ayawamat. No matter, I still got three years until his promised defeat. He will rue the day he messed with Lei Lan!

Lei ran out of the small two-story house and stride toward the edge of a cliff overlooking a pristine beach. He jumped and landed several feet from the cliffside. He grinned and ran on ahead and opened up his notebook again.

Closing his eyes, he called upon the four winds. Sand spun around him like it had that day at the park four years ago. He was careful not to get a single grain on him.

"Let me see, the test will focus in part on prana control so first I should focus on that." He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. He could feel the funnel of wind moving around him. It moved unevenly, that he had to fix. He moved the direction of the gales, straightening out their wavy movements. However, the waves quickly returned. Commending the wind to his complete will wasn't going to be easy, but it was the best task for practicing prana control.

"Focus. Don't lose focus Lei, " he said to himself over the roar of wind around him.

"I'm going to go call the others to come here, " Yen called out from the other side.

"Hey, don't distract me!" Lei said as the wind dispersed. He opened his eyes. Encircling him was a ring of finely ground sand.

Yen smiled shyly. "Ah, sorry about that. Well, I'm off to Hikaru's place to meet up with him and the others."

Lei smiled. "Hanging out with Hika again, eh?" He leaned forward.

His sister narrowed her eyes at him. "What's with that tone, mister?"

"Tone? What tone?" Lei asked, adverting his gaze. A smile dotted his face.

"Whatever. I'm out. I'll come back to check on you later. Good luck with whatever it is you're doing!"

Lei waved goodbye and returned to his prana practice. He kept at it for two hours straight.

"Alright, think that's good for now!" he exclaimed to himself as he wrote down what he had done on his notebook. "Next up, some physical practice."

He touched his chest.

Hopefully I won't be short of breath once I'm done with this.

Lei moved around and sliced the air with his hands as if practicing some kind of martial arts. Blades of wind were emitted from his hands with each slice—blowing away the salty water and fine white sand around him.

He stopped and stared at the various circles made up of two-foot dunes that he had formed around himself.

This is still not enough. I need to become stronger and faster. The Nine Petal Academy entrance exam is only nine days away. The other students are bound to be better than this. If I can't make myself stand out, they might not admit me.

"Lei!" he heard his sister call out.

Lei turned around and jumped out of his circle of dunes. Running toward him was Yen.

Lei wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "What's wrong, sis?" he asked, making his way over to her. "I thought that you were training with the others."

"I was an

d still am. Why don't you join us? You're all alone here, it'll be better if you practice your magic with someone else, " she said, tilting her head to the side. "Or is it that you're avoiding us?"

He shook his head. "No, no. Why would I even do that? I mean, none of you have rubbed me the wrong way. I just needed the extra space for practice. I didn't want to get sand on you."

She stared at the dunes and then back up at him.

Lei avoided her stern eyes.

"You shouldn't kick up too much into the air, or rather punch too you know what I mean. You know what'll happen to you if you accidentally breath too much of that stuff in."

Lei put on a hand on his hips and scoffed. "I push it away with a veil of wind. You know me. I've been doing this for years. I'll be fine."

Yen furrowed her brow and sighed. "Alright, just don't let your guard down. Also, can you come join us? Wanikiya could use a new sparring partner, since Hikaru is exhausted."

Lei snickered. "I'm surprised that you're barely asking. Hika must've lasted longer than usual."

"Haha, very funny, " said a scrawny brunette teen as he made his way toward them. He collapsed into one of the sand dunes several feet away from them. His arms hugged the dune as if it were a giant pillow.

Yen ran toward him. "You're right?" asked, still a good distance away. She was trying her best not to laugh.

"I am surprised that Wanikiya has so much stamina, " Hikaru said as he watched the pair of siblings come his way. Yen held her hand out to him. His face flushed deep crimson as he took her hand that he had to advert his gaze. "Thanks."

Lei crossed his arms. "You know the reason."

Hikaru let go of Yen and nodded. Their small group of friends knew the secret behind the prince of Wahkan having a multitude of prana at his disposal. But all of them had promised never to speak of it in public.

"Wanikiya has already prepared the field for your match, " a girl called out. They turned around and saw a crimson-haired girl make her way toward them—Zelde. Leather sleeves consisting of long strings danced in the wind with every step she took.

"Cool!" Lei yelled. "Uh, no pun intended." He ran off like a bolt of lightning and saw a part of the tropical beach—including parts of the sea itself— covered in ice. Standing in the middle of the ice was young man with short white hair and icy-blue eyes—prince Wanikiya.

Lei slowed himself down with the wind, but he danced on the ice. "Wah!" The wind mage spun around in circles, trying to regain his balance and sense of direction. "Wind!" A vortex of wind spun around him, preventing him from falling face first on the frozen sand.

"Watch your step, " Wanikiya said as they walked toward a two-foot tall pillar of ice. "I don't want to end this before casting a spell."

Lei grinned at his friend. "Oh? Did seeing me slip cause you to gain a burst of confidence? Not that it matters, I'll win anyways." Azure lightning covered Lei. "Ready?"

"Wait for us!" Yen yelled as she the other arrived. Hikaru, Zelde and she surrounded the two boys in a triangular formation.

"Prana Prism!" the trio shouted in unison. A light blue barrier covered the entire frozen area. Though Hikaru's side of the barrier moved like the walls of a bubble about to burst.

"Alright, you may start now!" Yen said.

Wanikiya's smile faded. The look in his eyes changed, as if he had aged several years. "Ice Diamond!" Wanikiya chanted as he clapped his hands together. Seven unevenly sized icicles in the form of swords formed from the ice around him. He flung one of the icicle swords at Lei without even lifting a finger.

Lei ran past the icicle with ease. What is Wanikiya planning? Or is he fighting erratically? He got closer to the circle of icicles, ready to dodge the next one when Wanikiya suddenly dropped the six remaining ones. The impact of the six icicles hitting the frozen ground, and shattering all that ice caused a chilly wave of ice magic to envelop Lei and the entire inside of the barrier.

Ice even spread across the prince's right arm and left leg. He had managed to get Lei, but couldn't keep all of the chilly air away from himself.

He turned around as a crackling sound echoed in the mist covered interior of the barrier. Lei wasn't there. He glanced around in every direction. Did my attack not freeze him? It was omni-directional, it should've gotten him. Not willing to wait for Lei to strike first, he formed another set of seven icicles, this time with their tips pointing outwards instead of toward the ground.

An icicle shattered as yellow and blue sparks caused the icy mist to sparkle. Lightning came at him from all directions, shattering each of his remaining icicles.

I knew it, he wasn't frozen. This time he won't escape. Wanikiya weaved the ice prana inward and circled it around him. "Gather around me and guard me, Ice Shield." A thin, but hardly transparent barrier formed from the mist covered him in a 360 degree bubble. Despite having gathered some of the icy mist, it was thicker than ever. Lan...of course Lei would be good at moving around in the mist. He closed his eyes and extended his hands outward. The mist gathered around his barrier.

"Léijī, " Lei's voice echoed. Chains struck the barrier with the force of lightning. Lightning bolts were emitted from the chains causing the ice to shatter instantly.

Wanikiya kneeled down onto the partially frozen floor. The ice was spreading up his leg and arm. "I won't give up so soon!" the prince yelled.

Lei emerged from the mist, holding a single butterfly sword. Blue lightning crackled across the silver blade, giving it an extended reach.

The ice mage waved his hand, sending swords of ice at him.

Lei redirected the swords by blocking with the side of his butterfly sword. The sword flew past Hikaru's part of the triangular barrier, causing an entire side to shatter. Though they didn't stop there. Lei watched with horror as the sword curved downward, straight toward a ocean-blue-haired girl. She was busy listening to music and texting away without a care in the world.

"Hey! Look out! Pay attention!" Lei shouted, moving as fast as he could. He jumped to the top of the seven foot sea-cliff and spun around as the ice sword came a few inches from the girl. Suddenly the ice sword dissolved into water.

"You should be more careful with these."

Lei spun around and watched with awe as the blue-haired girl moved the once frozen sword around. "So you were paying attention."

"Of course, I was, " she said, dropping the water and returning to her phone. "Thanks for trying to save me, though. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find this Mahpiya high."

"I know where it is!" Lei said.

She glanced down at his friends. "I can find it myself. I did live in this part of town once. Also, you should finish your match with that ice mage." She put back on her blue earphones and walked away.

Lei watched as she walked away.

If she's looking for Mahpiya high, then that must mean that she plans to take the test to Nine Petal Academy too.

"Is she really alright?" Wanikiya said, jumping up the cliff.

Lei nodded and jumped back down. "Seems like it. Let's continue this match!"

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