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   Chapter 76 NO.76

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The sun had just set and no one have come to our rescue yet.

Aeris is humming Luna's song "Fruity Fruity Love" by the bonfire, I'm gazing at the ocean still hoping for someone to come rescue us and Ace is throwing flat stones at the ocean and making them skip.

"That's it!"

Ace shouted and stop what she was doing.

She walk towards us.

As she was on front of me, she gave me an order.

"Linel! Let's build a raft!"

"Didn't you say that was a bad idea?"

"It's better than sitting here waiting for nothing."

"Let's be smart here okay?"

"Being smart is doing what's necessary."

"No, being smart is using logic."

"You're absolutely right."

"I'm glad that you understand."

"Yes! I do. So, let's build a raft!"

"Wait! What?"

"My logic says that we should build a raft."

"That doesn't make any sense at all."

"Waiting here doesn't make any sense either. It's illogical as well."

"What's illogical is risking our lives."

While we are in the heat of argument, Aeris calls out to us.


We turn our attention to Aeris.


"What is it?"

Aeris points towards the ocean.

We look at the direction of where Aeris is pointing at.

As we did, we saw two shimmering lights from a distance.

"Th-those are-"

Ace finish my sentence.



"This is bad!"

I said to myself.

All of a sudden, I heard two familiar screams.


"BAT MAN!!!!"

I look at the two who screamed at me.

It was Wren and Clarissa.

The two demand an explanation.



I look at what's behind them and saw two leviboats with Eri and Feini on it.

"I explain later!"

I said and carry Aeris like a paramedic.

(Note: Princess carry.)

The two became furious when they saw me carry Aeris but I have no time to deal with them.

I brought Aeris to the leviboat where Eri is at.

"We have to go! Now!"

I shouted.

Eri took a glance at Aeris.


She said.

After that, she tells the others that we should go immediately.

The others boarded the leviboat and we immediately set sail.

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