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   Chapter 75 NO.75

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We went back after we've gathered enough firewood.

As we arrived, we saw Aeris gazing at the ocean.

I couldn't tell what kind of expression she's making because of the hood is over her head but for some reason, it felt really sad.

Maybe the heat is getting to me and it's messing up my emotion.

As we are approaching Aeris, she seemed to notice us.

She turn towards us and greet us with a smile.

"Welcome back!"

Aeris looks better than she was earlier but her face is still a bit flushed.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

I responded.

After that, I place the firewood that I'm carrying on the ground.

Ace did as well.

After we settle the firewood down, Ace arranges the firewood in a cone like structure and place some stones around it.

After she was done arranging, she ask me a favor.

"Can you light that up? I'm not so good in using heat synthesis."

"Yeah! Sure!"

I said and vibrate the molecules of the firewood.

As I did, the firewood was instantly set ablaze.


After that, we just sat and wait for rescue.

It have been awhile since we've set out a smoke signal and there is no sign of a rescue party.

Aeris who is probably bored starts a conversation.

"Doesn't this remind you of our finals exam?"

"Yeah! How nostalgic!"

Ace answered cheerfully.

"Please don't bring back horrible memories!"

I beg the two.

Ace and Aeris broke into laughter.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Hi hi hi hi hi hi!"

They both laugh and laugh until they hear the sound of a stomach growling.


Their laughter quickly turned to embarrassment.

"Are you two hungry?"

I asked.

Ace look at me angrily while Aeris avoids my gaze.

Ace scolds me.

"That's rude Linel!"

I defend myself.

"What? I'm just trying to be considerate."

"You could have just said it in a roundabout manner you know!"

"If I did, we would be playing mind games right now."

"Better than being rude."

"What's so rude about that?"

"Rude is rude!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Once again, Aeris broke into laughter.

"Hi hi hi hi hi hi!"

Aeris' laughter was so contagious, we broke into laughter as well.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"He he he he he!"

We laugh and laugh until it was broken by the sound of stomach growling.


Aeris and Ace quickly became embarrassed.

I am hungry as well so I decided to get

Aeris smiled at me.

"I'm glad that you like it."

I gobbled up my entire portion within three bites while Aeris gracefully eat hers in nibbles.

I waited for Aeris to finish before setting out to get more grub.


Ace who is diving under water spotted a school of edible fish.

Ace stops her movement, remove her presence through brainwaves in order not to scare the fish away and point her left hand at the school of fish.

As she did, she synthesize an ice pike and quickly control them to pierce the fish using brainwave manipulation.

Dozens of fish got pierced.

They struggled a bit before meeting the inevitable.

The pike zooms towards Ace and she caught it with her left hand.

(Back to Linel…)

We just got back from collecting and saw Ace roasting the fish using the bonfire.

The smell of roasting fish made my stomach growl.

Ace greets us.

"You two took your time."

I answer her.

"We had to gather as much as we can to fill our stomach."


Ace said with a hint of suspicious.

I'm not in the mood to try and figure out what Ace meant by that.

I just wanna eat.

I place the hoodie sack near the bonfire.

As I did, Ace got a couple of mushroom, pierce them with a twig and place them on the bonfire.

Aeris got a couple of mushroom as well, pierce them with a twig and place them on the bonfire.

As for me, I tried to grab one of the fish that is being roasted.

Before I could grab myself a fish, Ace speaks to me.

"It's not cook yet."

I slowly pulled my hand away and settle for some fruits.

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