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   Chapter 74 NO.74

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Lying on the shore of an uncharted island is a lifeless Linel and an unconscious Aeris.

Aeris soon regain consciousness and slowly gets up.

As she was seated, she took a look around slowly and saw Linel.

When she saw Linel, she panicked and rush over to him.

As she was right beside Linel, she gently turns him over making him lie on his back.

After that, she leans her head over to Linel's chest to hear his heartbeat.

As she did, she hear no heartbeat.

She quickly got up and open Linel's mouth.

Aeris performed CPR.

No matter how hard she try, she couldn't resuscitate Linel.

She got so desperate in saving Line, she had no choice but to turned to using brainwaves.

The reason why she didn't use brainwaves first because it is dangerous and a slight miscalculation can be fatal.

She gather brainwave energy carefully on her left hand.

When she gathered enough brainwave energy, she touches Linel's stomach with her left hand and touches his chest with her right and hope for the best.

When her left hand touches with Linel's stomach, the stomach contracted creating an intense pressure.

As her right hand touches Linel's chest, she poured brainwave energy to make his heart start beating.

As a result, Linel was resuscitated.

Linel opened his eyes and spew out the sea water that was preventing him from breathing.

"Cough* Cough*"

She sigh in relief and exhaustion.

I slowly got up and saw an exhausted Aeris who is trying to catch her breath right beside me.

My whole body aches like hell especially my stomach and chest.

It feels like someone punched me real hard in those areas.

Anyways, seeing Aeris exhausted and remembering what happened earlier when I woke up made me realized that I have drowned and Aeris have just saved me.

I expressed my outmost gratitude.

"Thanks for saving me."

Aeris who is still trying to catch her breath tried her best to give me a warm gentle smile.

Seeing that made me feel guilty.

I want to help her in return but I do not know how to make exhaustion go away other than resting.

I guess the only thing that I could do to help her is find out where we are.

"Rest up here. I'll just take a look around."

I try to stand up but as soon as I did, I fall right back to the ground because of the pain.

Aeris quickly catches me by embracing me.

I feel embarrassed and guilty at the same time.


Aeris didn't say a word and just kept silent.

My body in pain so I couldn't enjoy her embrace.

That's not the only reason why I c


"Ace is right! Leave that to us. Just wait here and rest."

I pull the hood over to her head so that her head be cooled off.

Aeris reluctantly accepts.

"A-alright! If you say so but if you need help, don't hesitate to call me."

"We'll let you know when we need you."

I responded.

"Go get yourself some rest."

Ace said to Aeris.

After that, Ace and I head over the tropical forest to gather up some firewood.

Inside the tropical forest…

Ace and I picked up any usable twigs and wood that we could carry.

My body still hurts until now but I don't want to be a burden to everyone so I man up and endure the pain.

While we were gathering wood, Ace suddenly stops what she was doing and speaks to me.

"You look like crap."

"What do you mean by that?"

I asked and pick up a chunk of wood.

"You could barely stand and you're sweating like a pig."

"Oh that? That's just the heat."

"Really now?"

"Yes! Really!"

I pick up another chunk of wood.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah! I'm sure!"

I pick up a twig.

All of a sudden, Ace dumps her load to me.

Normally I could take it but since my body hurts like hell, I lost balance and fell while dropping all the firewood we've gathered.

"That doesn't look alright to me."

"You caught me off guard."

Ace sighs.

"I admire your manliness but there's no shame in admitting that you're in pain."

"Thanks for the lecture but now's not the time for that."

I picked up the firewood that is scattered on the ground.

"It's your funeral."

Ace picked up the rest of the firewood that is scattered on the ground.

After we picked them all up, we continue our search for more firewood.

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