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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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How do you have fun on a beach?


I really don't know.

Surfing is not my kind of thing and I'm not in the mood to go swimming so what else is there?


Not really hungry right now.

Beach ball?

We have enough players for that but well, almost everyone ran off to do their own thing.

Building a sand castle?

Only kids do that.


I don't wanna get a tan and not to mention my tolerance to heat is really low.


What to do?

While I was thinking to myself, I was suddenly ambushed by Clarissa who grabbed my left hand.

"Let's go play Bat Man. Just the two of us."

She said seductively which made me flustered.


She drags me to the ocean.

I offered no resistance.

While I was being dragged away, someone grab my right hand which stopped our tracks.

I turn towards the person who grabbed right my hand.

It was Wren.

Wren looks so angry that she might burst to flames any second now.

Wren demands an explanation.

"Where do you think you two are going!?"

Clarissa answers Wren obnoxiously.

"None of your business! Why do you care!?"

Sparks started forming around Wren.

Crackle* Crackle* Crackle*

I don't want my entire arm to burn off so I try to slip away from Wren.


Wren shouted and pulled me away really hard to the point that I was separated from Clarissa but because the force was too strong, I crash into Wren and we both fell to the ground.

I fell right on top of her.


Oh crap! I better get off her right now or I'm dead!

I raise myself up by pushing myself against the ground with my hands and bend my legs till they are kneeling.

As I did that, I saw the look on Wren's face.

Wren looks like she's in shock while her face is flush red.

It's my first time seeing Wren like this so I couldn't help but to stare at her.

All of a sudden, I felt a cold chill coming up from my spine.

"Oh Bat Man~"

I slowly back away from Wren and stood up.

As I did, I turn to Clarissa.

Clarissa has a dark expression on her face.

She synthesize a crystal around her right fist.

"Could you kindly explain to me why you didn't get off her immediately?"

Fear wells up inside me as I look at her fist covered in crystal, it made me

h her.

Favion and Mathias are enjoying themselves by relaxing on a beach bed under a beach umbrella while being adored by a crowd of women of all ages.

Kana is enjoying herself by taking selfies with her products and uploading them on her various social media accounts.

She got thousands of response from her followers right away.

Sophie, Harumi and Louise are on the water playing "splash" with each other.

Sophie forced the two to play with her.

Sophie cheerfully splashes the two while the two awkwardly splashes back at her.

Viola, Crisselda and Shirley are hanging out by the outdoor beach café while drinking their favorite cold drinks.

Teenage and college boys who are in the outdoor beach café couldn't help but to be mesmerized by their beauty.

Some of them who has the courage approaches the trio and ask them if they could hang out with them.

The trio painfully rejected all of them.

Isaac and Leane are leisurely strolling around the beach while holding hands.

The couple attracted a lot of attention and envy from single men.

The couple didn't care about the attention they are getting and just enjoyed their time together.

Wren, Eriline, Clarissa and Feini are desperately searching for Linel.

Wren who felt really guilty and worried asked Eriline for help in the search and Clarissa who felt really worried of Linel's safety and well-being, ask Feini to help her.

Each of the pair rented a leviboat and a couple of gadgets to aid in their search.

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