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   Chapter 72 NO.72

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Planet Neotopia

Tropical Parcel

Beach Haven Resort…

Blue skies, white sand, blazing hot sun, girls in swimsuits…

I gotta say, the beach is not as bad as it seems.

Well, it may be hot as hell but hey!

I get to see girls in swimsuits which is totally worth it.

Speaking about girls in swimsuits, the girls are sure taking their time changing.

It's been an hour now that we boys have arrived at the spot where we would meet and the girls haven't arrived yet.

I understand that it takes a long time for girls to get dress but the longer they take, the more excited I get.

I wonder what kind of swimsuit they are gonna wear.

I hope it's something cute and flashy.

What will Ace wear?

Will she even wear a swimsuit?

I hope she does, she have a good figure after all.

Speaking about good figure, all of the girls have a good figure.

Well, what to expect since half of our subjects involves exercising.

Even I myself gain quite a bit of muscles.

Speaking about muscles, Roc and Favion are both heavily built.

Their body don't even seem to belong to a teenager.

As for the rest.

Mathias have lean muscles so as Zack, Lokki barely have any muscles and Professor Einstein don't seem to have any muscles at all.

As for me, I'm quite above Lokki.

Anyway as for our swimsuits.

I'm wearing a black gray trunks and an open black hoodie.

My hoodie has a cooling regulator which keeps me from having a heat stroke.

I have low tolerance to heat.

Lokki is wearing a black sports swimming trunks and a swimming goggles.

He kinda looks like an athlete.

Roc is wearing a white and blue checkered swimming trunks.

Even though his swimming trunks looks plain, his muscles makes him stand out.

Zack is w

bikini top, a blue miniskirt and a flower necklace.

She looks like a classy rich girl on vacation which is what she is since she is a noble.

Shirley is wearing a two piece swimsuit which is an orange top and a white bikini bottom.

Her swimsuit looks like it came from a well-known brand.

I'm not saying that's bad but well, it reminded me of that slave driver Brea.

Anyway, if these three weren't so crazy about Luna, they would be in my strike zone.

Feini is wearing a two piece green swimsuit that resembles a cheer leading outfit.

Well… How do I describe this?

It's not bad, it's not great either so plain I guess.

Her swimsuit doesn't give much of an impact like the others.

Ms. Leane is wearing a black bikini that emphasizes all of her assets.

All I could say is "Wow".

Professor Einstein, you lucky son of bitch!

And Finally, Eri.

Eri is wearing a white one piece swimsuit.

It's not just an ordinary one piece, it's a one piece that an adult would wear.

I'm not used to seeing Eri wearing something that shows too much skin so it's overwhelming.

As the girls are on front of us, Ms. Leane asked us a question with a cheerful smile.

"Are you all ready to have fun?"

We answered like a good soldier with a salute.

"Yes Ma'am!"

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