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We visit a couple more attractions in Wonderland which are all creepy except for the mansion where everything in there is so huge that you fell like an ant which is fun by the way before riding a flying steam powered train to Cyberland.

While we're on the flying steam powered train, we were able to see a panoramic view of the entire amusement park.

Everything looks fantasy like except for Cyberland.

Cyberland looks like a modern entertainment district that you can see in any space city.

The flying steam powered train stops at Cyberland Station which is our stop.

We got off the train.



Just like I saw earlier on the train, this place looks like a modern entertainment district full of arcades, net cafes, karaoke joints, console rental joints, sports stadiums and race tracks.

We didn't come here for the net cafes, karaoke joints, arcades, console rental joints nor the race tracks, we came here for Airball.

So, we made our way to the Airball Rack.

We waited in line for a long time till we finally got our turn.

The line is so long that it reaches the Spaceball Stadium.

Well, what to expect with a popular sports?

Anyways, while we're waiting in line, we were watching the match that is going on inside which is being shown by a giant holoscreen on top of the Airball Rack.

Watching the matches makes me impatient and more excited.

Anyways, those who is interested with Airball lined up with me which are Lokki, Maple, Roc, and Favion while the others wait for us at a nearby net café and karaoke joint.

As we were about to enter the Airball Rack, a bunch of jerks wearing a forest camouflage military get up complete with a helmet who are carrying a pair of steel brief cases cuts in line.

"Move noobs!"

One of the jerks said.

"Hey man! We were here first so back off!"

Roc told them off.

"Veteran rights losers!"

One of the jerks answered.

The others supports him.

"Yeah losers! Veteran rights!"


"Losers! Hahahahahahahaha!"

After that, they walk in like they're the king of the universe.

Roc looks like he is about to pull one them and pick a fight, Maple is cracking her fist ready to fight, Favion seems calm and collected while Lokki is trying to unfastened their belts and pull their pants using Brainwave Manipulation.

We can't cause an incident that will make Ms. Leane treat us like prisoners again.

The only way to solve our rage is to settle it in an Airball match.

I call out to them.

"Hey! Why don't we have an Airball match?"

The jerks ignores me.

I guess I have to use their pride against them.

"Are you guys running? Who are the losers now?"

They stopped on their tracks as they heard me say that.

Roc Lokki and Maple who seemed to get what I'm trying to do, taunts them.

"Veteran my ass!"

"They are veterans! Veteran losers!"

"Veteran Losers! Bwahahahahahaha!"

They twitched as they heard the insults.

Favion adds fire to the fuel.

"Everyone, don't waste your time and energy on these losers. Let them have them our turn so they could feel like winners."

They took the bait.

"That's it! You're asking for it!"

"We'll beat your ass!"

"Don't cry to your mommy when you lose!"

"Bring it on losers!"

"LFMAO! This losers will regret picking a fight with us. Hahahahahahahaaha!"

They all laugh together like a bunch of idiots.


We enter the stadium together.

Before we entered the playing fields we grab some gear in the locker room which is a portable barrier device, a protective smart glasses that displays the Barriers life gauge and the number of bullets left and of course, guns.

I place the portable barrier inside my pocket and put on the protective smart glasses.

As I put on the protective smart glasses, it turns on and the life gauge of my barrier could be seen at the top left corner of my vision.

After I put on the protective smart glasses, I head for the steel table where the guns are at.

There are varieties of guns and ammunition to choose from, there are different types of hand guns, sub machine guns, assault rifles, shot guns, sniper rifles, magnums, revolvers and so on.

According to the rules of Airball, we can only use two guns.

I took a hand gun and a sub machine gun from that are being displayed on the steel table because they are the easiest to use.

As I pick them up, the number of bullets appeared at the bottom right of my vision.

The current number of bullets that is being displayed is zero which means, the guns that I got aren't loaded.

So I have to load them up by getting their respective ammo at the shelves full of magazines.

After I got the ammo, I load them up and as I did, the number of bullets that is being displayed changes from zero to max.

After I load them up, I tried pointing the guns at no one to see if a cross hair would appear and it did.

It is not my first time using one of these smart protective glasses so I knew that a cross hair would appear if I point the gun.

In fact, I used them during our supplementary class in Fire Arms Training so I can improve at shooting.

Ms. Leane is not a fan of using smart protective glasses but she had to let me use it because I really suck at guns.

It improve my aim but I still couldn't handle the recoil which is what makes me miss.

The guns of Airball doesn't have much recoil to the point you can barely feel it so I'll be alright.

How did I know that? Well, I asked gramps if there's Airball in the Silver Wing Academy and he said no.

I ask him why and he told me that Airball guns are nothing compared to real guns to the point that you can barely feel any recoil which is pointless to have since you won't learn anything from it.

Anyway, after I tried pointing the guns, I place the handgun in my right pocket since I don't have anywhere else put it and carry the sub machine gun like a badass.

As for the rest, Roc took an assault rifle and a sub machine gun, Maple got a magnum and a sniper rifle, Favion got a revolver and an assault rifle and Lokki got himself a pair of hand guns.

I'm guessing Lokki is going to attempt dual wielding which is so cool by the way but not practical unless you're an expert.

After we geared up, we went into the playing field.

The playing fields is full of bunkers and walls to shield ourselves from fire.

They are also crates full of ammunition scattered everywhere.

Since were not allowed to carry extra magazines with us, we would have to run to the crates in case we ran out of bullets.

The problem with the crates is that they are out in the open which is hard to get to with all the bullets flying towards us.

The jerks who are at the other side of the playing field are each carrying a matching assault rifle with a scope that is painted in a forest camouflage pattern with a matching black handgun as their side arm.

Instead of wearing the protective smart glasses, they wore thermal goggles.

If you ask me, they look like a bunch of military fan boys.

The jerks looks at us like we're a bunch small fries.

We don't want to be rude so we return the favor.

I wonder if I look intimidating enough.

Anyway, we wait for the buzzer which is the signal to start.

While waiting for the buzzer, I refresh myself with the rules.

We have fifteen minutes to kill each other.

In order to win, we have to eliminate each and one of them or at least most of them.

To do that, we should shoot them till their barrier's life gauge reaches zero.

Whoever's side have the most men remaining wins.

We're not satisfied with just winning so our plan is to crush them by eliminating all of them.

Besides the condition of winning, those who are eliminated should act dead and they are not allowed to attack any members of the opposing team or aid their own team.

If we broke that rule, our team automatically loses.

That's the gist of it.


The buzzer have sounded and we all ran to find cover.

As we found cover, we start shooting each other.

Bang* Bang* Ratatata* Ratatata* Chchchchchchg* Bagoom* Bagoom*Ratatatata*

Thanks to the low recoil and the cross hair, my shots are stable.

Bang* Bang* Ratatata* Ratatata* Chchchchchchg* Bagoom* Bagoom*Ratatatata*

We've been shooting each other for a while and I'm running low in ammo.

My sub machine gun is empty while my handgun have only three bullets left.

The closes crate to me is around ten meters away.

I need some cover fire.

"Hey Roc! Give me some cover fire! I need to get ammo."

"Copy man!"

After hearing Rocs response, I run to the nearest crate.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

Roc did a good job in giving me cover fire to the point that I was able to reach the crates at ease.

"Get m

we were able to find all the treasure chest and the right path that leads to the boss room which is the top floor of the tower.

As we reach the boss room, we were suddenly attack by a big bad scaly dragon.

He attack us with his fire breath.

We were able to dodge the attack.

After that, we started attacking.

The dragon is so hard to beat with all the AOE (All Out Enemy) attacks spamming which is so hard to dodge by the way so we had no choice but to use atomic synthesis.

We eventually beat the dragon and conquer the dungeon but since we used atomic synthesis, we had to fight him three more times and each time, he's stronger than ever.

It was really exhausting.

Anyway, when the dragon disappeared, a big treasure chest appeared in its place.

We opened the treasure chest and saw what was inside it.

The treasure chest is full of gold coins.

The gold coins is too much to the point that it filled up all our anti-gravity bags.

After taking all the gold coins, we rode the elevator that is behind the treasure chest, went back to the entrance and left the tower.

As we left the tower, an old geezer that is dressed up as a king congratulates us while his subjects threw confetti at us.

They said that we're the first one to ever conquer the dungeon.

After they congratulated us, they took a commemorative photo of us then after that, we left for the souvenir shop.

While we're walking to the souvenir shop, the other tourists are staring at us with full of envy.

We reach the souvenir shop with a sign board on top that say "Loot" and enter it.

As soon as we entered, we bought a lot of stuff.

The others bought the latest gadgets, Wren bought herself a giant stuff toy while Aeris, Maple and I bought a ton of snacks that we can munch on back at the ship.

We had to rent a hover cart to carry all the stuff.

After we bought all the stuff, we left the souvenir shop while feeling happy and returned all the equipment, empty potion bottles and anti-gravity bags.

After we returned all the stuff we borrowed, we head for our final destination which is Carnivaland.



Carnivaland looks like a huge ancient carnival full of booths wherein we can buy street food and play carnival games.

At the center of all the booths is the iconic Ferris wheel that shines brightly.

Its night time by the way so this place really looks amazing with all the lights.

We ate a ton of street food and played a lot of carnival games before heading for the Ferris wheel.

We decided that after riding the Ferris wheel, we will head straight home.

Anyway, only four people can ride each cart.

Clarissa strongly suggested that we should ride by pairs and she also strongly suggested that I should ride with her.

Wren strongly disagreed with the idea and the two end up arguing.

We just left the two and head for the Ferris wheel while deciding ourselves who should ride with who.

The four (Zack, Maple, Lokki and Roc) will ride together, Favion will ride with Eri and Mathias, Aeris will ride with Ace, Harumi will ride with Sophie, the three Luna fanatic trio will ride together, I will ride with Louise and lastly, Feini and Kana will ride by themselves.

When it was my turn to get on the Ferris wheel, someone bumped into me and we were pushed into the cart.

That someone was Aeris.

I was shocked to see her and she was shocked that she was pushed in with me.

I know Aeris is not the type to bump into people so I look around to see who it was and found Ace waving at me.

The door of the cart closes.

Why would she push Aeris here with me?

"I'm sorry about that…"

Aeris sincerely apologizes.

"No worries, is not your fault."

I said to her.

She apologizes again.

"I'm sorry…"

"Y-you know what? Why won't we sit down? Since we're already here and we can't get out so-"

Why am I so nervous right now?

She nods her head softly and sat down across each other.

We're almost at the top of the Ferris wheel and we haven't spoken a word to each other.

Aeris is staring at the window while I'm trying to think of a topic that we could talk about.

Damn it! I couldn't think of a topic to talk about except for Luna.

Meh! I'll just sit here like a dumbass till this is over.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

Aeris murmured with a gentle smile.

I look at the window as well to see what Aeris meant.

As I did I saw the whole Funtasyland glimmering with lights which looks like ocean of stars.

That was really poetic even for me.

"Yes it is."

I answered her.

After that, there was silence again but it was soon broken by the fireworks that shot up and exploded which lit up the sky.

Whistle* Boom* Crackle* Whistle* Boom*Crackle* Whistle* Boom* Crackle*

Since it was so silent until now, it spooked me so I couldn't help but to jump like a frightened cat out of reflexes.

Aeris who saw that giggled.

"Hihihihihihi! That was so silly! Hihihihihihihihi!"

Aeris laugh is contagious so I end up laughing as well.

"Hahahaha! Yeah! Hahahahahaha!"

While we're laughing I look at Aeris.

As I did, I saw the light from the fireworks lit up her silky smooth skin.

When I saw that it made me realized again that Aeris is really pretty.

Aeris stares back at me and I quickly look away towards the window out of reflex.

I'm pretty sure my face is as red as a tomato right now but thanks to the fireworks, Aeris couldn't see it.

I don't know why but I need to look at Aeris one more time.

So I did.

As I did, I saw Aeris staring straight at me with a warm gentle smile.

What does this mean?

I was racking my brain for answers and before I knew it, the door of the cart opens and the ride is over.

When Aeris and I got out of the cart, Clarissa and Wren screamed at us and bombarded us with questions while the others just laughed at us.

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