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1st Group...

We pass through the entrance and what greeted us is a wall made out of a large bush that have flowers growing on them and hallways and giant mushroom in the middle of the grass with different colors that creates different kinds of patterns and shape.

Just like the forest that we passed earlier, there are also creepy looking gnome statues scattered everywhere whose eyes are staring straight at you.

They kinda resemble those possessed statues in a horror movie that I watched before.

Just looking straight at them gives me the chills.

"Last one to the exit is a rotten egg!"

Maple screamed like a hyper active little kid and starts running.

"Hey! No fair!"

Lokki screams and runs after Maple.

"Wait up man!"

Roc runs after the two.

"Come on Louise! Let's go catch up to them."

I said and start running.

"Yes young master!"


After few minutes of running, we were able to catch up with the three.

The three is standing still while staring at a scary looking pink macho bunny who is as tall as a professional wrestler with red demonic eyes and a sharp teeth who is carrying a freaking chainsaw with blood stains on the blade.

Besides the massively bloody chainsaw, the macho bunny is wearing a wooden placard that is dangling on his neck that says "Gardener".

Since it doesn't seemed to be moving, I'm guessing this is just another creepy statue.

For a statue it's pretty well made.

I'm impressed.

Anyways, what are this three idiots up to?

Since I'm curious, I asked.

"Hey! Why are you three standing there like idiots for?"

"Shush! Don't move Linel!"

Lokki whispered like he was hiding from someone or something.


I asked while being dumbfounded.

"You will wake the Gardener up!"

Lokki whispered.

"I'll wake what now?"

"You'll wake the Gardener up! The Gardener!"

Lokki said while swaying his head towards the statue.

The other two supports Lokki while swinging their heads at the direction of the statue.

"You serious?"

I asked with disbelief.


"Yeah man!"

"Yeah! Yeah!"

The three whispered.

Is Lokki serious?

There's only one way to find out.

I took a step further from Lokki and the two.

As I did, the macho bunny pulls the throttle of the chainsaw which terrified me.

Vroom* Vroom*

"Holy Sh-"

Roc quickly covers my mouth and pulls me back.

As he did, the macho bunny stops moving.

After waiting for a while to see if the macho bunny is gonna move again, Roc let go of me and we sigh in relief.

Then after that, we turn around and took some steps back till we hit an intersection.

We went to the right intersection and start discussing what we should do.

When we couldn't see the macho bunny in sight, we settled down and discussed what we should do.

"Should we look for another route?"

I asked.

"We already tried man! That's the only route that doesn't lead to a dead end."

Roc answered.

"I'm pretty sure a macho bunny holding a chainsaw is a dead end."

I retorted.

"Hey guys! How about we send someone to find out if the Gardener is gonna attack if we get too close to him."

Lokki gave a suggestion.

"Sure as long as you'll be the one to do it."

I said to Lokki.

Maple raises her hand in support.

"I vote Lokki!"

Roc also raise his hand.

"Ditto man!"

Lokki tries to reason with us.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Do you think my skinny arms and skinny legs could handle a beast like that? I'll be killed for sure! If anyone could survive that beast-"

Lokki looks at me.

"It is you Linel."

The two agrees with Lokki.

"Ooh! That's right! Linel is so sturdy and strong."

"You right man! If anyone can survive that, it would be Linel!"

"Alright! Who is in favor of Linel?"

Lokki asked and raised his hand.

The two raise their hand.

"Me! Me!"

"Totally man!"

"Hold it!"

I shouted.

The three looks at me.

"Aren't you ruling out someone?"

I asked.

The three responded.

"Ruling out?" (Lokki)

"What?" (Maple)

"Who man?" (Roc)

"Who else?"

I asked and look at Louise who have been silent all this time.

"Oh! Right! The head maidbot!"

Maple said in realization.

The two looks at me in disappointment.

Lokki clicks his tongue repeatedly.

"Linel! Linel! Linel! You dare send a girl into the beast's den?"

Lokki said exaggeratedly like he is some kind of medieval gentleman.

"You're so cruel man!"

Roc screamed like he was being betrayed.

Maple who has nothing else to do, joins in.

"Yeah! Yeah! Linel is a meanie!"

This is really irritating.

"If you three are so worried about Louise's well-being then why don't you morons band together and do the test yourselves? Besides, you three are Brainwave Users, you can just blast him away when he tries something funny or did you three forgot how to use Brainwaves?"

I refuted them.

"Yeah Linel! Go blast him away with your awesome Super Duper UIltra Mega Hyper Air Canon Buster Punch if he tries something funny."

Lokki said like he was encouraging.

I couldn't help but to react on Lokki's stupidity.

"Super Ultra Mega what now?"

"You know! Your signature move where in you blow your enemies away by punching them with a hurricane of doom!"

Lokki said while poorly executing a jab.

"Oh! You mean this!?"

I said and synthesize a compressed air on my right fist and ready myself to punch Lokki with it.


"Ch-chill out Linel! No need to get so feisty!"

Lokki said trying weasel his way out.

The two urges me to do it.

"Kick his ass man!

"Come on! Do it! Do it! DO IT!!!"

Lokki looks at Maple and Roc.


He shouted.

"What are you waiting for? Kill him!"

Maple shouted like an angry sports fan.

I just meant to scare Lokki with this but I can't let their expectations down can I?

Oh well! I'm sure Lokki can take a punch.

He's a student of the Silver Wing Academy after all.

When I was about to punch Lokki, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

Vvvvvvb* Vvvvvvb* Vvvvvb*

Judging by the nonstop vibration, someone is calling me.

I dispersed the compressed air on my fist and took my phone out to see who is calling me.

As I did, I saw Louise's caller I.D flashing on my screen.

Why is Louise calling me?

I look around and saw that Louise is nowhere to be seen.

She's gone...

I answer the call.



"Young master, it is safe to pass by the Gardener."

I couldn't hear what Louise is saying because of the noise in the background.



"It is safe to pass by the Gardener young master."

Still couldn't hear her.



"Would you excuse me young master? I will inform you via text message."

Toot* Toot*

Louise hanged up.


I received a text message from Louise.

I read the message.

Young master, it is safe to pass by the Gardener. He wouldn't attack you when you are right beside him even if you touch him.

I see! Louise took the initiative and tested Lokki's suggestion.

If Louise says it's safe, then it's safe.

I put my phone back in my pocket and make my way towards the Gardener.

"Hey! Where you going?"

Lokki asked.

I answer him without looking at him.


Lokki screams.

"Hey! Wait up!"

Most probably Lokki ran after me.

"Pffft! That's it? Boring!"

"Move your ass man! We'll be left behind!"


Here we are in front of the Gardener.


No matter how you look at him, he is definitely scary.

Louise who is right beside the Gardener pokes him.

I'm guessing it's her way of showing that it's safe.

The three behind me who are scared as hell to the point that they might crap their pants so obviously they wouldn't go first.

Since we have other attractions to visit and we've wasted so much time, I decided to get this over with.

I walk towards the Gardener.


The Gardener's chainsaw is on full throttle which is scaring the hell out of me but seeing Louise beside the Gardener poking him, makes me feel assured.

Before I knew it, I've walked past the Gardener.

Never felt that scared in my entire life...

Oh, Wait! The occult club's welcoming initiation is worse, worse than fighting an army of police rebels with no barriers to protect us or my mom's scolding.

I guess it wasn't that scary.


I heard Maple screaming which got my attention.

As I turn towards the direction of Maple, she already ran pass me.

The two followed Maple's example by running hysterically while screaming like idiots.



Hearing Lokki screaming like a girl made me laugh.


The two successfully made it to our side.

As they did, I just realize something.

Damn it! I should have recorded it!

We rest up for few minutes before resuming.


While we are walking, I receive a text message from Sophie.

I heard your girly scream! Is the maze scary?

I text Sophie back.

That wasn't me that was Lokki and yes. It is.

After few seconds, I got a reply.

OMG! I can't wait for my turn. Hurry up and finish!

I text her back.

Easier said than done.

While I was texting Sophie, Lokki is telling Maple off.

"Hey! Quit poking me!"

"I'm not poking you!"

"Yeah right!"

"I'm not poking you! I swear!"

"If it wasn't you then who is it?"

"If it wasn't me than its Roc! Duh!"

"So you're the culprit!"

"Hell no!"

"I know it's you! Confess!"

"Why the hell I'll poke you man!? That's just gross!"

"What's so gross about poking me?"

"Who cares man!?"

"I care!"

"Bwahahahahaha! Lokki is gross!"

"No, I'm not!"

"You suck man! Hahahaha!"

"You're the one who sucks!"

"You're asking for a fight?"

"See! You always react with violence. So you suck!"

"You're asking for it man!"

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

They're so damn annoying.

I can't take this anymore.

I turn towards them and shout.

"WOULD YOU THREE knock it off..."


"I see now why this is Luna's favorite attraction."

Viola mumbled to herself.

Kana fixed her glasses in place while staring at the Gardener.

A tiny smile could be seen on her face.

"Now then! Shall we get going?"

Eriline asked cheerfully while clasping her hands.

"Yeah dude!"



Zack, Viola, and Kana responded.

After hearing their response, they start walking but was quickly interrupted by Favion.

"Wait! Allow me to go first!"

"Are you sure about that?"

Kana asked.

"Yes! As a gentleman, it is only natural for me to leap into danger and it hurts my pride as a gentleman to allow such atrocities for a woman to be put into danger."

Favion answered in an impressive manner.

"Hey dude! I'm a dude too!"

Zack complained but was ignored by Favion.

"I see. Try not to get yourself killed."

Kana said to Favion.

"Be careful!"

Eriline said to Favion with a smile.

"Have fun."

Viola said unenthusiastically while chatting with her fellow Luna Fan Club members on their Spacebook group chat.

"Okay Dude! Take care!"

Zack said to Favion.

After listening to each of their responses, Favion turn towards the Gardener and took a step forward.

As he did, the Gardener pulls the throttle of his chainsaw.

Vroom* Vroom*

A droplet of sweat dripped down on his forehead as he witness that.

He tries to disregard his fear and man up.

He took another step.

Vroom* Vroom*

Tension arise within Favion but he subdue it and took another step.

Vroom* Vroom* Vroom* Vroom* Vroom*

Favion is terrified but his pride won't let him stop and admit it.

He took another step.

The Gardener pulls the throttle harder.

Vrooooooooom* Vroooooooooom*

Paranoia and fear wells up in Favion.

He reached for the handgun that is in the inner pocket of his jacket which he was able to smuggled pass the Spaceport.

He continued walking.

Vroom* Vroom* Vroom* Vroom*Vroom* Vroom* Vroom* Vroom*

The Gardener pulls the throttle repeatedly in a fast rhythm while Favion unlocks the safety of his gun and pulls the hammer.

Click* Chck*

As he was near the Gardener, he slowly removes the gun from his inner pocket and point it at the Gardener while the gun is still hidden within the jacket.

The four who are watching him find his action strange but didn't bother asking about it.

When he is right beside the Gardener, the Gardener is on full throttle.


He slightly squeezed the trigger waiting for the Gardener to attack.

He passed by the Gardener without any trouble.

Favion sighs in relief.

He push back the hammer of his gun, locked the safety and put it back in the inner pocket of his jacket.

Then he turn towards the others and shouts.

"It's safe everyone!"

As he did, the others walked passed him while Kana is taking selfie pictures with the Gardener lifelessly.


Chaching* Chaching* Chaching*

After she took some selfies, she posted it on her Snapgram and walks pass the Gardener like nothing has happened.

She got immediate responses from her followers.

Seeing that made Favion felt that his efforts was in vain.


While they are walking in an intersection, a clown sneaks up behind them.

The clown quietly giggles as he tip toed his way to Kana.

The clown thought that she is the perfect victim because she is behind the group and she is busy using her phone.

He also thought that this quite girl will give the best frightened reaction.

The clown is right behind Kana and is about to poke her.

All of a sudden, Kana's phone transformed into a gun.

Click* Clank* Zit*

Then she point the gun at the Clown who is behind her and pulls the trigger without hesitation.

A bluish beam of light shoots out of the gun and hits the clown.

Pshoo* Bzzt*

As the beam of light hit the clown, he was electrified.

He collapse to the ground and writhes in pain till he lost consciousness.

The gun quickly transformed back into a phone and she opened her Snapgram.

Then she took a quick selfie with the collapsed clown and uploaded the picture.

The others who are on front of her turn towards the direction of the clown and Kana.

They ask what had happen.

This is Kana's response to their question.

"I have taken care of a pest."


The five came across an area where there are hands that looked like they came from a corpse springs out of the hedges.

Zack and Eriline is amaze by the sight, Favion is a bit shaken, Viola is disgusted while Kana is taking selfies with the hands who is giving a victory sign and posting them on her Snapchat.

After a while, they move along.


The little girl who is covered in blood riding a tricycle pedals towards them from their behind with an eerie music.

"wHeRe iS mY mOmMy?"

She asked in an eerie voice.

Besides Favion who is quite shaken, none of them are interested with the little girl so they ignore her.

"wHeRe iS mY mOmMy?"

She asked again but then again, was ignored.


The little girl screamed hysterically.

Kana pressed an icon on her phone and the floor opens up beneath the little girl like a trapped door.

Click* Thud*

The little girl fell within the hole and the ground closes.


Every monsters that appeared before them while they are making their way towards the exit, they were either being astonished by Zack and Eriline or tazed and taken selfies with by Kana.

They were able to reach the exit.

The little girl in gothic clothing appeared before them and told them about the souvenir shop.

Upon hearing that, the five decided to go to the souvenir shop.


4th Group...

Crisselda, Shirley, Sophie, Feini and Mathias enters the maze.

Before they could even do anything, Mathias says the magic words with full of passion.

"I am a big fat cry baby who still suck on my mama's tittys, please get me out of here!"

While Mathias is saying the magic words, Shirley and Crisselda reacted.

"What the-"


"Hey! What did you do that for!? We haven't even started yet!"

Sophie complained.

"Because it's so sexy!"

Mathias answered with a charming smile.

The little girl in gothic clothing appears before them.


"Please follow this pathway towards the exit."

The little girl said to them politely while pointing at a hedge.

As she did, the Hedge opens up like a trap door and reveals a path way leading to the exit.

"Good job Twinkle Hunk!"

Feini said to Mathias sarcastically.

"Praise me more!"

Mathias screamed out passionately while hugging himself.

Feini who is not interested in the maze anymore walks to the pathway that leads to the exit while the other three went back to the entrance to redo the maze.

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