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"Welcome come to Funtasyland! Where dreams and hopes come true!"

Children and the girls started flocking around the life size teddy bear wearing an old fashion red military and a bushy wig with an old fashion rifle strap to his back and an old fashion sword strap to his waist.

I think the sword is called a "Cutlass" if I remember correctly from all those RPGs that I played.

By the way when I meant girls, I mean girls from our group.

That includes Ace, Kana and Louise.

Ace along with the other girls who is fond of the teddy bear tries to touch it while Kana and Louise are just curious by it.

I understand Kana's curiosity but Louise?

Now that I mentioned it, Louise was curious about the horror movie that Sophie and Harumi was watching when we're in the yacht heading towards Dessert Island.

I thought Louise don't have emotions but seeing her all curious makes me think otherwise.

Anyways, while the girls are flocking around the teddy bear, we boys are just standing here like idiots.

"Aw! You're so cute!"

"Stop it!"

"You're cheeks are so soft!"

"I said stop!"

"Your voice is so cute!"


"Your fur is so fluffy!"

"Quit touching me!"

"Your gun looks so scary!"

"Don't touch that!"

"Your ears are so soft and small..."


"Your clothes is so cute!"


"Is that a real sword?"

"Hands of my sword!"

Roc blurts out.

"Man! I wish I was a teddy bear."

"Me too..."

Lokki sympathized with Roc.

"Dude! I'm hungry!"

Zack blurted out.

"You just ate didn't you?"

Favion refuted Zack.

"I feel so sexy!"

Mathias expressed himself.

Since everyone is expressing themselves, I don't want to feel left out so I express myself as well.

"How long will this take damn it!?"

Favion refutes me.

"A true gentlemen knows how to wait."

Mathias agrees with Favion.


"Does being a gentlemen includes looking like idiots?"

I asked.

"Yes! If it is for the sake of women."

Favion answers with pride.

"Then I rather not be a gentlemen."

I answered.

"That's your choice."

Favion said to me.

"Hey man!"

Roc calls out to Favion.


Favion answers.

"Can you get a lot of chicks by being a gentleman?"

Roc asked.

Everyone closes in to Favion to hear his answer.

Favion took out his phone and fidgets with it.

After that, he gave his phone to Roc.

"See for yourself."

We close in to Roc to see what Favion wanted to show us.

As we did, we saw a contact list full of girl's name.

Lokki and Roc jaws dropped as they saw the contact list, Zack doesn't seemed to care and Mathias competes with him by showing his contact list which is also full of girl's name.

Wait a minute! Why does Mathias have a lot of phone number of girls?

I thought he isn't interested in girls!

As I look at


"Dude! Hahahahaha!"

"Being disgusting is the new sexy."

The little girl clears her throat to get our attention.

"E-hem! Welcome to "The Maze of Wonders" where your wits and bravery would be tested. If you wish to proceed into the maze, you have to group yourselves first. Only one group may enter the maze per turn. Now, please group yourselves."

We start grouping ourselves.

It was hard for us to decide who goes with who so we decided to use the ever famous Random Selector app for the groupings.

This is the result of the group.

1st Group: Linel, Louise, Lokki, Roc and Maple

2nd Group: Aeris, Ace, Wren, Clarissa and Harumi

3rd Group: Kana, Zack, Eriline, Viola and Favion

4th Group: Crisselda, Shirley, Sophie, Feini and Mathias

It was a coincidence that I end up with Louise or maybe she rigged it.

Well, there's no use thinking about it, time to enter the maze.

Before we entered the maze, the little girl give us a reminder.

"If you wish to quit, all you have to do is say these magic words."

She inhales deeply.

Watching her do that makes me feel intense.

Hopefully it's not something like "Abbrah Cadabbrah "or "Hocus Pocus".

Those lines are cheesy as hell.

"I am a big fat cry baby who still suck on my mama's tittys, please get me out of here."

"What the hell?"

I couldn't believe she just said that elegantly without batting an eye nor stuttering.

The others are all fired up.

"Bring it on!" (Lokki)

"Who the hell are you calling a cry baby!?" (Roc)

"I'll make this maze my bitch!" (Maple)

Louise talks to me.

"Young master, if you are uncomfortable of saying the magic words, please allow me to do it for you."

"I doubt it will come to that."

I said to her.

"Now then! You may enter."

She said with a smile while gracefully pointing at the entrance with her hands like she was inviting us in.

We enter the maze.

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