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   Chapter 66 NO.66

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Yesterday, I was sick so I wasn't able to come with the others to Technoland.

So everyone decided that today we would go to the place of my choice which is Funtasyland.

I've been wanting to come here ever since Luna bragged about it and not to mention it's my first trip to an amusement park.

According to the website of the Funtasyland that I'm reading right now through my phone's browser, it says that there's an attraction wherein you feel like you're in a dungeon of an RPG called "The Dragon's Den".

I'm so checking that out later.

Besides "The Dragon's Den", there is also a killer roller coaster here that jumps of the rails.

That's definitely on my bucket list to visit later.

There is also a place where you can play Airball which is totally out of place since Funtasyland is a fantasy-themed amusement park but what the hell? Airball sounds fun!

I've been wanting to try Airball since I was a kid but you know my mother, she's so much of a worrywart.

She wouldn't let me ride a bike without training wheels let alone let me play a game where you shoot each other with guns loaded with air bullets which she deemed really dangerous.

There's no Airball in the Silver Wing Academy, only real guns and different types of bullets so it's kind of a disappointment.

I know real guns is so much better than a toy but hey! Fun is fun.

Besides the attractions that I mentioned earlier, there also a ton of other attractions that looks interesting like the role play pirate free fall ride, a fun house, a maze, an air bike track, an air kart track and so much more.

I wonder if we can go all through these in one day.

As I was done doing my research, I heard my name being called through the speakers of the visitation procedure office.

Mr. Linel Silvercrest! Please proceed to room 108. Mr. Linel Silvercrest! Please proceed to room 108*

Finally! It's my turn to do the visitation procedures.

I've been waiting for at least five hours now, no joke.

Well, it is to be expected since this place is jam-packed with people and not to mention Funtasyland is so damn popular to the point that its rank five in the intergalactic tourism charts.

"What are you waiting for weirdo!? Let's go!"

I forgot to mention Wren is with me today.

The reason why she's with me is so that she could request to the authorities not to give her the grand welcome and treat her like an ambassador.

So from now on until the end of the trip, Wren will come with me to the immigration office to do the visitation procedures.

"We shouldn't keep the authorities waiting."

Aeris is here with us as well.

As to why she came along, I really don't know.

Well, the story is we ra

"He isn't cute at all!"

Wren who is blushing said irritably while squeezing the teddy bear's cheeks.

"Hey, Mr. Bear? Do you mind me patting your head?"

Aeris asked the teddy bear politely.


The teddy bear flatly rejects Aeris but despite the rejection, Aeris go ahead and pats his head.

This is so unusual and hilarious, I couldn't help myself but take a video of them.

I walk towards an angle in between them where I could see Wren, Aeris and the teddy bear's face.

I point my phone towards them but before I could even press the record button, the teddy bear burst into anger.

"Hands off me!!!!!!!!"


We were able to make it out thanks to the teddy bear.

Wren looks grumpy as ever while Aeris looks cheerful and satisfied.

We went back to the ship while the two talk about the talking teddy bear.

Wren seems to be criticizing the teddy bear while Aeris is praising it.

As for me, well...

Since I'm not interested in their conversation so I just kept quiet.

As we arrive on the ship, we went straight to the pantry to get some grub.

It's the Luna fanatic trio's turn to cook so I'm expecting something great since well, they look like they can whoop up a meal or two.

Hopefully, they cook some burgers because right now, I'm in the mood for burgers.

I was eating crap all day yesterday so I want to eat something greasy and meaty.

We arrive at the pantry and saw our breakfast.

How do you describe this?


Well, everything looks good it's just that there's no greasy meaty meal on sight let alone burgers.

There's just salad, bake fish fillet, rye bread, more salad made out of fruits and tea.

Just looking at the food makes me feel like I'm on a diet.

Damn! I should have told them to make burgers before I left.

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