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   Chapter 65 NO.65

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Inside the dim lit R&D lab, Isaac is tweaking with a machine that looks like a black microscope.

As he was tweaking, Leane enters the room with a mug of hot coffee and approaches Isaac.

When she arrives beside Isaac, she places the mug of coffee on the desk next to the machine that Isaac is working on.

"Thank you."

Isaac said and picks up the mug of coffee and takes a sip.

"That's what lovers are for."

Leane said like she was boasting.

Isaac smiles.

"It's great to have a lover."

Leane blushed as she heard that.

Isaac takes another sip of his coffee.

Leane recovers from blushing and looks at the machine that Isaac is working on.

"So, that's the grand project that you are working on?"

Isaac places the mug of coffee at the desk and answers her question.


After that, he starts tweaks with the machine again.

"So, what is it?"

Leane asked.

"It's the closest thing to a teleportation device."

Isaac answered.

Leane was shocked to hear that so she couldn't help but to react.

"Th-that's a teleportation device??"

"Well... Somewhat."

"Isn't teleportation impossible?"

"In theory, it isn't. In practical, well... We just have to find out ourselves."

"How does this device work?"

"Are you familiar with black holes?"

"Those swirly black things in outer space that sucks and spews out random junk?"


"What does teleportation have to do with black holes?"

"Are you familiar with the multiverse theory?"

"Is that the theory about multiple universes that exist in the same time?"


"What does that got to do with black holes and teleportation?"

"Will you believe me if I said that those black holes are actually gates to the multiverses?"

"I did see a documentary on T.V about that but it wasn't really prove

on on his face.

Leane who wants to do something for Isaac tries to cheer him up.

She taps on his right shoulder.

"Don't sweat it! You have a lot of time to get this project done."

"True but recently, I don't have a lot of time on my hands because we have a duty to guard the children on this trip."

"I tell you what, How about you and I work on this project all day tomorrow while we let the kids go have fun on their own. How's that sound?"

"Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of us coming here?"

"It's just for one day! And besides, I'm pretty sure the kids know how to handle themselves. I don't think anything dangerous would happen at Funtasyland."

"True... The only danger in Funtasyland is exhaustion from excitement."

"So? How about it?"

"I'll take you up on your offer."

"Great! In exchange, I want the both of us to have our very first date when we get back to the academy."

"I was actually planning to have our very first date in one of our destinations."

"Don't we have to guard the children?"

"We can't let them have all the fun now, can we? Besides, like you said earlier, they can pretty well handle themselves."


"It's decided then?"

"It's a date."

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